Canopy Bed Ideas 2022

Looking for beautiful canopy bed ideas? Here are 19 awesome designs you can consider while acquiring a new one. A canopy bed refers to a decorative bed that has additional overhanging fabric supported by either posts at each of the four corners of the bed or a cantilever frame extending from an adjacent wall or ceiling.

Scroll down to see the pictures of beautiful canopy bed ideas that we have compiled. It is one of the most common beds today and comes in different sizes.

Meanwhile, the roof gives a canopy bed frame a non-traditional appearance. And people love canopy beds for their sumptuous design.

Typically, the bed has four posts that feature fabric draped over the top and even on the four sides of the bed.

This type of bed can be as simple as that with sheer surround to an over-the-top lit à la polonaise. They all make an amazing night’s sleep due to their luxurious appeal, warmth and privacy.

Canopy bed is not a four-poster bed

It is common to use ‘canopy bed’ and ‘poster bed’ interchangeably. However, these two terms mean different things.

A canopy bed has an overhanging thin fabric roof. It usually has curtains hanging down on its sides. These posts do not necessarily have to be situated at all the four corners of the bed.

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On the other hand, a four-poster bed has to have a single post at each corner of the bed.

Parts of modern canopy beds

The individual parts of a modern canopy bed frame include the following:

  • Canopy – This is a framed roof-like structure raised over a bed by bed rails.
  • Canopy crown – This is the tip or apex of a raised canopy.
  • Finials – Finials are decorative end caps placed on each bed post, and used to hold the canopy in place.
  • Schrooms – Schrooms refer to the decorative fringe of material placed round the edge of the canopy

1. Golden Perch Canopy Bed

This canopy bed is an exclusive one. Out of all the beds listed here, the Golden Perch Canopy Bed is my favorite.

What I think is missing here is just a loosely hanging parrot cage at the apex. My imaginations aside, this custom-made bed is made from quality iron.

Get a good craftsman to make this bed for you and give it either a silver or gold leaf finishing. You will end up with a gorgeous full, queen or king.

2. Beechmont Queen Size Canopy Bed

The bed has an incredible upholstered studded headboard. It brings an essence of sophistication to the bedroom.

The queen size version of this canopy is a dazzling focal point to any potentially gloomy room.

I also love the minimalist structure. Others may love its neutral colors and the sturdy iron frame.

3. Thick Arm Brushed Gray King

The masterful thick arm brushed gray king canopy bed above is so welcoming to the eye. The ‘fat’ posts gives the bed a natural feeling of strength.

This bed is configurable and is fit for master bedroom. Putting one of these in a children’s bedroom would be a bad idea.

A wealthy couple that’s looking for class must find a way to get this bed as soon as possible.

4. Slender Brushed White Metal Canopy Queen Bed

I just mentioned kids’ bedroom in the canopy bed above.

For a child’s bedroom, this bed is the mother of all beauty and simplicity.

It is designed with a deliberate and clean silhouette, making it an eye-catching piece. The stunning bright white finish is timeless and fits nearly all settings.

5. Silver Lightman’s Angle

I love the angles of this bed. The elegant play with metal curves looks simple but generous.

The bed could be decorates with silk cloth or chiffon. The color of the cloth can be changed depending on what season you are in. So, your canopy will be timeless.

Just to let you know, this bed has a middle combination installation to protect you queen or king mattress from sliding.

6.Enchanted Forest Canopy Bed

Nothing says ‘forest in bedroom’ like this forest canopy bed.

This bed is paradise because it has its own chandelier. It is perhaps the most creative canopy bed I’ve ever seen.

The twisted timber and free-flowing branches alongside the hand forged leaves creates the spectacular actual forest canopy.

7. Umbrella Baby Princess

Love your little daughter so much? This canopy twin bed is perfect for your princess.

8. The Picardy’s Dark King

This canopy bed is greatly influenced by European antiques. The detailed looping and tufted upholstery combine to bring true splendor into the bedroom.

Other than the traditional style, the bed has an oversized scroll leg and base, which all let it speak comfort and pride.

9. Dreamland Neck-Chock Canopy Bed

Just like the name suggests, this canopy bed is a sketchy beauty whose canopy has a neck-like apex.

This is one of the coziest canopy designs in this list for women who love to have some good sleep.

10. Crate & Barrel Arched Black Full Bed Canopy

The bed creates signature style that feels like inside a car. The canopy gives the sleeper the most secure sleep out of all items here.

11. The Mandalay Traditional Canopy Bed with Upholstered Headboard

This canopy queen bed adds luxury to the bedroom with its baroque style. Its four posts provide an intricate steel with button tufted leatherette headboard.

Its finishing in a warm two-toned brown cherry finish is eye-catching. This design may not be readily available in many furniture stores but a good carpenter can replicate the design very quickly for you.

Even if you need a king size bed, this canopy design still serves great. However, for smaller bed sizes, the thick posts may make the bed look overloaded with the canopy.

12. Lansford Transitional Queen Canopy Bed

The appeal of this queen canopy bed is undeniable. It leaves a huge room for possible decoration and drapery.

And you can’t help but to think of fables and fairy tales when you see the iconic posts and beams encasing a bed.

The antique white finish gives it a nice charm. This bed makes your bedroom looks like it aged to perfection.

13. Dark Brown California King Canopy Bed

The bed has a rich traditional design whose details come together to create a majestic style of canopy. Its opulent brown finish flows nicely over its decorative pilasters to give your bedroom the most elegant atmosphere.

14. Hollyridge Canopy Bed BASALT GREY


15. Gray Cube California King Canopy Bed

The cube-like canopy of this California king bed blends beautifully against the white smoke theme in this bedroom.

One more interesting thing about this design is that the platform bed is dismountable from the canopy. So, you can turn it back to a regular California King bed any time you wish to.

16. DHP Rory Metal Canopy Queen Size Bed

The exquisite gray finish on this queen bed embraces the metal frame canopy in an unimaginable beauty. The gunmental gray frame gives this kind of bedroom a brand-new lively appearance throughout.

The canopy bed is designed for white curtains that can be placed all round.

17. Dauphine Canopy Bed

This bed is a statement piece. With its sleek, elegantly crafted Louis XVI style, having one of these will bring utmost serenity to your slumber.

The hand carvings depict olive leaves tied with twin. This bed can still be assembled either as a regular bed or a canopy bed.

To give your bedroom the best amount of tranquility, adding some white flowing curtains will make it the best place to rest relax and recharge.

18. Island Estate King-Size West Indies Canopy Bed

Welcome to another vacation-like bedroom once again.

The texture of the canopy gives a safari-like feeling or a vacation in the Maldives. Nothing in it speaks concrete.

A theme demonstrated in this bed feels lively, fun and timeless.

19. Minimalist Cubic Queen Canopy

For those who hate cluttered bedrooms, having this ultra-modern minimalist canopy bed exudes confidence and freedom.

Also, notice that the canopy frames will add height and contemporary feel to your bedroom. When you find some beautiful linen sheeting and mix it with a couple of textured pillows, you get the ultimate bedroom guru effect.

One can either have it as either a queen or king size.

Disclosure: The canopy bed ideas listed here are not accessible in any furniture store as we have decided to exclude links. The list is only meant to provide you with possible great ideas.