What Bed Size is 50 x 60?

This is one of the questions we receive a lot. For those who’ve been in the industry for a little while will tell you an answer straight away and it’s not that funny.

What Bed Size is 50 x 60?

No bed size measures 50 x 60 unless it is custom-made to fit your bedroom. A queen bed which measures 60 inches in width does not measure 50 inches in length. In terms of bed surface, 50 by 60 is closer to twin bed, but it isn’t.

That means we need to let you know about the standard bed sizes to get the picture.

All the bed popular bed sizes include the following:

  • Twin bed which is 39’’ Wide x 75” long
  • Twin XL bed measuring 39’’ Wide x 80” long
  • Full bed measuring 53’’ Wide x 75” long
  • Queen bed measuring 60’’ Wide x 80” long
  • King bed measuring 76’’ Wide x 80” long, and
  • California King bed which is 72’’ Wide x 84” long.

The image below gives you a good idea about the variations in bed sizes from the tiny twin bed to the majestic California king.

Source: Sleepopolis

Our guide here will break down all the different kinds of mattress sizes and how to pick the best one for the best bedroom experience.

Let us get back to businesses and begin with the twin sized bed.

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The following are the 6 common bed sizes:

Is Twin-sized bed 50 x 60?

No, a twin bed is not 50 x 60. The standard size of a twin is 39’’ Wide x 75” long. This bed size is great for kids. Once they have outgrown crib mattress, the twin-sized mattress should last them through adolescence.

When looking for a twin–sized bed, make sure you look for one that is highly supportive. This will ensure that the children sleeping on the bed have proper bone and muscle development. Gentle comfort layers will be quite important.

Grown-ups can sneak onto twin beds once in a while depending on the moment of sleep, this type of bed is not suitable for adults. So, I wouldn’t recommend the twin-sized bed for adult sleepers.

The other reason why you might not want to get this bed for adults is because the twin-sized bed is not designed to accommodate more than 1 person.

Try putting two sleepers in this bed and they might have the most uncomfortable sleep in their lifetime, especially if they have always enjoyed the luxury of sleeping in bigger beds.

A big plus of this bed size is their affordability compared to other bed sizes. So, there is value in this bed for those who can handle the size difference.

Speaking of size difference, let’s jump straight into the next bed size and its dimensions.

Is Twin XL and Full the Same Size?

No, twin XL and Full are not the same size. A twin XL is five inches longer than a full, and a full is 15 inches wider. This bed is just as wide as the twin-bed, but with about 5’’ of additional leg room. So, a taller adolescent might sleep more comfortably in this bed size than a twin-bed.

Though it is not an offense to have one of these beds at home, it is common to find Twin XL beds in college dorms.

A child could go through a massive growth spurt while they are young. In that case, getting a twin XL bed could be advisable.

Is twin and full the same size

Is Full and Queen the Same Size?

No, full and queen are not the same size. A queen is seven inches wider and five inches longer than a full bed. This indicates that they vary in bed surface even though they are comfortable for two sleepers.

When compared to twin and twin xl, a full size bed is slightly larger.

The dimensions of a full size bed are 53’’ Wide x 75.” This bed is several inches wider that either the twin or twin XL bed. It is much wider that the other smaller beds. That makes it an excellent option for grownups.

Some individuals like my rich kid friend Liam got his full size bed while still an early teenager. I on the contrary had to wait until I was an adult. When grabbing a full, note that it has enough room for single person.

A major downside to the full size bed is that it is usually not quite large enough for a couple. Although if one is willing to sleep in a relatively squeezed position, this full bed is worth a try.

A positive side of a full bed is that its price is considerably lower that the bigger queen bed or king sized bed.

Overall, a full bed might work well for any person on a budget or slightly smaller apartments.

And just for fun, let’s see what happens when we blow the full bed to a queen.

Is full and Queen the same size

Is a Queen Bed Bigger than a King?

No, a queen bed is not bigger than a king. King beds are the same length as queen beds but 16 inches wider. This means that in terms of bed surface, a king bed 1,280 square inches bigger than a queen bed.

A queen bed dimensions are 60’’ Wide x 80” long. The queen bed is the most popular in the United States.

On the contrary, a king size bed is 76 x 80 inches.

To give it a proper introduction, allow me to explicitly introduce the queen bed.

When you eventually upgrade from a full bed to queen bed, you will be surprised at how much room is available for a sleeper. It also made it easier, in fact, much easier to share the bed with my younger brother. This is a huge plus in my opinion.

In general, any couple should not think twice about going for this bed even though a king is bigger. I’d recommend the queen bed form most people.

However, those who have no family members or those who are still single might find the size of this bed too large and intimidating.

Is a queen bed bigger than a king

But for individuals with small families such as two children or pets, there might be a need for even more room. That is why a king bed cannot considered the all-great option for all people. So, if the queen bed is not large enough for everyone, what’s next?

Next bed size on the list is King Bed.

Is a King Bed 50 x 60?

No, a king size bed is not the same as 50 x 60. The dimensions of a king bed are 76’’ Wide x 80” long. This luxuriously spacious mattress add a whole 16’’ of width.

King bed is huge and it knows it, inviting couples to always want to be home. The king of beds gives them all the space they could ever want.

The bed is ideal for those who love crowding their beds with pets or kids.

While a lot of room in King Bed is a nice bonus, its dimensions limits its use especially in smaller apartments with not-large-enough bedroom space. This means that only folks with true master-bedrooms may consider acquiring a king size bed.

Another downside to king size bed is that it is extremely expensive, considering that you will need a king size mattress. Even other beddings will need to come in those similarly large sizes.

Currently, I have to admit that I do not intend to fit this huge bed in my tiny little apartment bedroom.

California King Bed

Finally, welcome to the California king bed size. California king measures 72’’ Wide x 84”.

This means that the bed is shaves off about 4’’ from the width of king bed and adds another tucks them onto the length. California king is ideal for big and tall people.

California king is also quite expensive and shares a whole lot with king size bed in terms of pricing. From my experience, these beds are almost always priced the same.

Obtaining a California king mattress will also require one to dig deeper into the pocket.

How to Pick the Best Bed Size

To pick the best size for you, it is better to visit the store if you’re not familiar with sizes. Consider the amount of money you’re willing spend, the amount of sleeping space you desire, your apartment bedroom size, and purpose of purchasing the bed.

If you do not have a few hundred dollars and not living in a true master-bedroom, going for king bed or California King would not be a good idea.

Couples living together and share the same bed might also keep off the smaller beds below queen size.

Final remarks

We are almost done but I thought it would be a good idea to answer some of the most asked questions I have encountered regarding bed sizes.

For instance, what are the different bed sizes? Well, as we’ve seen, there are six different bed sizes including twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king.

Another common question is: what is the difference between a single bed and a twin bed? This is a wonderful question. Honestly, there is no difference between a single bed and a twin bed. These are just different names with the same bed sizes, which again is 39’’ across and 79’’ long.

Finally, is a queen bed bigger than a king bed? No, a king bed is larger than a queen bed. While the dimensions of a queen size bed are 60’’ Wide x 80” long, a king size bed is 76’’ Wide x 80” long.

In summary, these are the real sizes of different types of beds.

  • Twin: 39” x 75” or 96.5 X 190.5cm
  • Twin XL: 39” x 80” or 96.5 X 203cm
  • Full: 53” x 75” or 134.5 X 190.5cm
  • Queen: 60” x 80” or 152.5 X 203cm
  • King: 76” x 80” or 193 X 203cm
  • California King: 72” x 84” or 183 X 213cm

Thanks for reading and good luck deciding on your favorite bed size.