9 Cool Ways to Keep Cats off the Bed

Cats are cute but they can have this annoying behavior of jumping onto your bed all the time to sleep on it. Nobody wants cat hair on their bedding because cleaning them will not be easy. Other people are also allergic to pet hair.

People have many reasons why they would want to keep their cats off the bed, but not everyone understands how to do it. Even if you have no idea where to start, do not give up and let the cat behave like it pays your house rent. You can stop it anytime you want to.

So, what are the best methods to ensure that your cats stop climbing the bed?

This is a process you don’t want to be super-mean about.

How to Keep Cats off Bed

1. Use Aluminum Foil

The goal is to make your bed undesirable to cats. Sometimes you try everything possible but cats just refuse to quit climbing your bed. At that moment, you should consider making the bed undesirable for them.

Cats hate the feel of aluminum foil on their toes. The noise generated by the material also deters cats.

how to get cats off bed using aluminum foil

However, you need to be aware that using the foil could disrupt your bed and how you use bedding. Take care to avoid being wasteful with the foil because you only need to put them on the cat’s favorite sleeping spot.

How to Keep Cats off Bed Using Aluminum Foil

  1. Unbox the aluminum foil and unroll a pillow-size piece.
  2. Cut the foil and stretch it across the designated spots where cats sleep. Pick their favorite locations for climbing.
  3. Select light bedding such as cotton bed sheets to cover the foil. This ensures maximum noise from cat’s toe on impact.
  4. Place random items such as pillows over the bed to reduce available spaces where the cats can roam.
  5. Wait for the cats to jump onto the bed and monitor for reactions. If they move to another spot without the foil, cut more aluminum and repeat the process.

You might want to remove these foils from the bed at night when you’re sleeping. If you sleep with the cats in your bedroom, it’s probably time to take them to a new room and shut your bedroom door.

2. Use Clicker Training Method

It’s important to understand that cats respond much better to positive reinforcement and not punishment. This is true for many dogs too.

Cats are trainable just like dogs.

Their behaviors can be changed. Any time you see the cat sleeping on top of your bed, pick it up and put it somewhere else, like in a cat bed. Start by offering cat treats anytime it gets out of the bed on its own.

A great reward can be as simple as throwing a cat toy on the floor near the bed. This will entice it off. Reward it with a clicker that releases sound. Eventually, the cat will begin associating that clicker with the reward, which you can then use by itself to lure her off the bed.

If you find the cat on top of the bed already, do not be violent or shout at it because it will only scare it rather than changing the behavior.

Leave treats on the place where you want the cat to be sleeping so that she can associate the spot with positive ideas.

3. Wash Bedding More Often

Your sheets and blankets smell like you. So, cats will always associate the bed with you.

To stop them from jumping onto the bed, clean the bedding more often so that the cat does not get attracted to your body smell whenever you’re away.

4. Use a Cat Bed

Use cat bed to deter cats off bed

Often, the reason cats jump onto our beds is because of the comfort. Therefore, getting a comfortable cat bed should be your priority when you intend to change their behavior. A cat bed will allow you to sleep with the cat together in the same room but not on the same bed.

With time and consistency, your can will learn to stay on its bed alone without bothering you.

If it does not want to use the bed, put some of your clothes on it to reassure of your presence. It will gradually begin to develop a sense of familiarity. 

5. Rattle Sounds using a Can and Coins

Shouting at the cat any time it climbs can lead to aggression. Do not do that.

Cats don’t like rattle sounds such as coins inside a can. Any time your cat jumps onto the bed, shake the coins to make a loud sound but make sure that she does not realize you’re the one creating the noise. You need to be discrete to realize positive results.

For people who are a bit techy, you can automate something similar such that whenever the cat jumps onto your bedding, the sounds begin immediately until she jumps off.

6. Close the Bedroom Door

As obvious as it may sound, not all people consider closing the bedroom door as a way of keeping cats off the bed. Close your door every time you’re going to sleep.

The cat will have all the other rooms to roam. Take its bed to the living room or some other separate room.

Keep the litter box and cat food outside your bedroom.

7. Deter Cats using a Double-Sided Tape

When you start considering this method, things are likely starting to get out of hand.

Keep cats off bed using double-sided tape

Double-sided tapes work wonders.

An example tape you can easily get online is StickyPaws

The tapes keep cats off the bed by creating a sticky feel on their toes. Place the tape where the cats land when they jump onto the bed. After landing a few times on the spot, they get discouraged and stop trying.

8. Use Cat Repellant

You may purchase specific cat repellent sprays that you can then go ahead to spray around the bedroom and on your bed to keep them off. You need to know that either Eucalyptus or Citrus scented sprays still perform well to keep your cat away due to the strong smell. These repellants will also help to make your bedroom smell better.

I would only recommend this approach if the cat is too stubborn and other methods have failed.

9. Stop the Cat When Still Young

Ideally, you should train your cat on what is and isn’t appropriate behavior in your bedroom and entire home at a young age.

If you don’t let them lie in the bed with you from the start, they won’t realize what they’re losing out on. It is more difficult to break their habit of sharing your bed when they are older and know that in the past they’d enjoyed all the warmth with you.

Teach them when they are young!

You may accomplish this by just closing your door or keeping your cat out of your room.

Can You Keep Cats off Bed using Bubble Wraps?

Using bubble wraps to keep cats off the bed will only be effective for the first few days. Cats get used to these wraps very fast and soon, they will be playing with them, contrary to the idealized deterrence. Besides, cats really know how to balance their weight to avoid popping the wraps.