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Some of our insights are from experts while others are from random readers’ suggestions. We also work closely with a few carpenters and craftsmen to identify bad decoration habits.

What’s the most preventable reason that made your partner leave you? Some get dumped for infidelity or fatal fights, which are serious issues. Others like me get that “we’re done” text because we leave our pants on the couch or we always forget to remove our shoes before stepping on the carpet. My girlfriend Angie left me for something similar. Let me put it straight. I was dumped because my bedroom was always horrible! Any time she’d visit, it would be in a mess. As petty as that might sound, I can see why she’d quit even before I proposed to her.


While I was doing a little soul searching, I hopped onto my bed expecting to get a good rest. My eyes started wondering. That is when I realized how sketchy my bedroom was. The ceiling was plain and ugly. My walls were boring and my bed felt so uncomfortable for the first time in many years. I had dedicated much of my time to work that I forgot the significance of having a great sleep.

Hey there! My name is Opiyo Mack. A few years ago I started my first blog where I was sharing information about different types of bedding decor. I did not like how I always messed the bedroom with so many items thrown around. But a great slumber begins with an awesome environment. That is why at BedroomIdeasLog.com, we are dedicated to helping you establish the most comfortable bedroom – a bedroom that keeps you and your partner stuck like glue. Today, as a 27-year-old man, I can say that I have gathered quite some experience on what kind of bedroom would please anyone anywhere.


My mission is to save as many potential decoration fails, particularly in the bedroom. In particular, the ideas about bedroom decoration that I share here should help you improve the aesthetics of wherever you sleep.



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