Are Bed Bugs Demonic?

Bed bugs are currently the plague of Western Worlds. The tiny insects have spread almost everywhere and proved extremely difficult to eradicate. And by the time you see or detect one, it’s already too late. Due to their strange feeding habits, people have thought that bed bugs could be associated with some evil. But are bed bugs really demonic?

I give my opinions why I think they bed bugs are not necessarily demonic.

Are bed bugs demonic?

Bed bugs are similar to demons in many ways. However, the nocturnal insects only portray strange characteristics such as resistance to pesticides and feeding at night. Unlike demons, bed bugs are visible, they don’t haunt (but can frustrate), and you cannot pray until they disappear. There are many contradictory opinions about it. So, they are not necessarily evil’s creation.

Below are the explanations explanations answering the question: are bed bugs demonic?

1. No Exorcism Removes Bed Bugs

The story by Cyndy Lavoie about sleeping in a home that had a lot of bed bugs in Uganda could suggest that indeed bed bugs are linked to evil powers. She traveled back to the U.S. knowing that she would go back to that same home in Uganda in three months.

It’s true that getting rid of bed bugs is quite a challenge. Three months might not be enough time to eradicate them completely, especially when they infest a wooden frame bed.

Lavoie claims that she started praying against the bed bugs. Three months later when she finally got back to Uganda, she realized that there are not more bed bugs. She remembers having a dream about three demons and as soon as she woke up, she flicked one bed bug off of her back and two others on the bed sheet. So, she woke up from a dream of three demons to three bed bugs.

She seems convinced that her prayer had shown God’s authority over creation.

Well, it would be nice if all humans had authority to command bed bugs to get out of their apartments by invoking just a few religious words.

If she claimed to have prayed until demons left a possessed Ugandan woman, I would have kind of believed it. For bed bugs, I don’t think her assumption that her prayer worked was correct.

It’s just not possible to pray until something happens with bed bugs.

2. Bed Bugs are Closer to Vampires than Demons

Bed bugs, like vampires, will wait until you’re at you most vulnerable moment at night. That is when they strike. From the demon stories I have heard and read about, they can attack at any time of the day.

3. Demons are way too Scary, Bed Bugs Aren’t

Based on stories we’ve heard about demons, those creatures are definitely scary.

Unlike demons that come to scare the heck out of your blood at night, bed bugs are clever and seemingly quite peaceful.

Bed bugs first inject you with an aesthetic when they come to feed. So, you won’t even know that they are feeding until they are gone and you wake up to an itching skin especially if you’re allergic to their saliva injections.

4. Bed Bugs Don’t Care If You’re a Sinner or Not

Demons have been traditionally associated with a curse from an evil action one did in the past. So, the presumably target specific sinners and that is only the case if we follow the religious logic.

In fact, bed bugs started bothering the earliest humans in their primitive sleeping places before the ideas of religion start 200 thousand years ago.

Bed bugs don’t give a dollar about whether you’re the most religious person closest to God. When they find a way, they will come and multiply in thousands. Suck your blood and poop on you every night.

Even keeping your house as clean as possible does not stop bed bugs from coming. Roaches would keep off if your house was spotless, but bed bugs are only interested in you, not the dirt.

5. Bed Bugs Are Not Punishment

We know stories of demons and their role in delivering punishment. Think of the Biblical Hell. Some people claim that bed bugs could also be punishment for doing something wrong.

I don’t think that is the case. In this world full of sinners, every other home would be leaching bed bugs. If it were a form of punishment, bed bug would more common than flies. They would just be floating around waiting to receive the almighty command to strike.

Unfortunately, that is not how bed bugs work.

6. Difficult but not Impossible to Eradicate

It is true that eradicating bed bugs is one mountain to climb. Some people have tried all kinds of pesticides but nothing works out. That is why they believe bed bugs could be demonic. But that is not the case.

dead bed bugs after spraying with insecticide

A simple explanation for this is that bed bugs mutate and develop resistance to pesticides very quickly. Science indicates that bed bugs have achieved this resistance by simply changing 200 amino acids in their system to make them about 250 times more resistant to the common pesticides.

Bible and Bed Bugs

God in the Christian Bible used plague to punish Egyptian Pharaohs. So, a bed bug infestation could be seen as a plague used to punish evil people. No matter how convincing that could sound, it is not true. No God sends little insects to punish man anymore.

If you are a sinner, sending little bugs to bite at night wouldn’t be a good enough punishment. Why would this be a bad punishment?

First, you can leave the apartment and find a new place where there are no bed bugs to and have a peaceful sleep. Demons on the contrary would follow you everywhere.

Second, the insect bites do not inflict too much misery. Yes, bed bug infestation is cruel. That is comparable to being demonic for some people but I don’t believe facing a small insect would be as scary as facing a real demon.

While demons can come and go, bed bugs come to stay. That is why they will lay eggs and multiply as many as possible if no eradication measures are taken.

7. Bed Bugs Don’t Cause Death

At least not all the time. Set death aside. Bed bugs don’t spread deadly illnesses. It’s only recently that scientist started thinking that they could spread a viral disease called MRSA. So, mosquitoes are horrible than bed bugs.

I must acknowledge that bed bug infestation could be stressful and cause temporary mental health problems.

In many cases, demonic possessions usually lead to the possessed person causing death or dying.

8. Demons are Invisible

The boldest statement I can make is that nobody in their right mind has ever seen a demon. Demons are invisible at least to everybody else who is not possessed.

Bed bugs are dark and you can catch one and crash it. They look like the picture below.

You can’t grab a demon. You can’t crash a demon. You can’t burn one with hot water or spray it with a pesticide.

When someone tells me about demons, no picture comes to my mind.

9. Symptoms of demonic possession versus bed bug infestation

Demonic possession, as those who are possessed claim, lead to missing memories, loss of a sense of control, distorted perception of real life, and hyper-suggestibility.

Signs of bed bug infestation are visible blood spots on bedding, visible bed bugs, endless itching after bed bug bite. Their bites also turn red. The blood strains left behind could be from the bite marks or when you roll over and crash a full bed bug releasing its belly contents.

Blood stains does not always indicate bed bugs but if you suddenly notice plenty of those spots, it is probably a good time to check out your bed closely for crawling dark insects. I don’t think demons bite, or do they? Vampires bite but demons? Could someone tell us what demons do, please?

These signs are totally different. One is physical and the other seems to revolve around the spiritual reaml. I can confidently stand by my conviction that the tiny insects do not have anything that suggest being demonic.

Are bed bugs bad omen?

Bed bugs are not bad omen but they could be bad luck. The pests have nothing to do with the cleanliness of your home or how unkept it is. They do not respect any place, whether clean or dirty, they can infest. In nearly all instances, one important conclusion is that bed bugs infestation is bad luck. Getting bed bugs is not bad omen but it always comes down to bad luck.

Are bed bugs a curse?

Bed bugs are not necessarily a sign of a curse. Just like any other insects, they look for ways to survive and that is by feeding on human blood. The reason people think bed bugs are a curse is because they attack you and last for several months, and some even resist bed bug eradication methods. Ticks feed on animal blood but do not mean they are a curse.

Even bacteria develop resistance, and therefore, bed bugs developing resistance to insecticides is just the normal part of evolution.

What attracts bed bugs into your home?

The main things that attract bed bug into your home are: introducing used furniture, living next to a neighbor whose house is infested with bed bugs, welcoming guests who may transfer bed bugs into your home, a hotel encounter with the bugs, or some crook intentionally infesting your house with bed bugs.

Can Bed Bugs Be a Spiritual Attack?

Bed bugs cannot be a spiritual attack because they are just like other stubborn pests that turn out to be a menace. Although their attack causes excessive frustrations at night, no prayer can get rid of bed bugs. If the insects were a spiritual warfare, many strong religious people would not be under attack.

Therefore, undertake the correct and effective methods of extermination and everything will be all good, with the help of a little belief.

Any Similarity between demons and bed bugs?

Yes, there is a little similarity.

Have you ever slept in the same infested bed with another person and you seem to be the only one being bitten by bed bugs. I have. When I wake up after every twenty minutes with a burning skin, the other person is deep asleep and feels nothing.

Demons also possess some people and someone close to the possessed guy may not necessarily be possessed.

However, in the case of bed bugs, it is not because they bite selectively. They bite everyone. It is how we react differently.