Are Bed Frames Necessary? (Reasons You Need Them)

Are bed frames necessary

Out of the many reasons why bed frames are necessary, I was able to compile only 100. Some of the issues we talk about here may not apply to everybody but this job should justify why bed frames matter and work. After brainstorming for less than a minute, here are some of the importance of having a bed frame.  

benefits of bed frames

Are bed frames necessary?

Yes, bed frames are necessary although you can use a mattress without one. A metal or wooden frame would improve airflow thereby reducing mustiness in the bedroom. Having a bed frame also makes a difference because it ensures that your bedding will remain clean for long.

In addition, bed frames can increase your mattress life significantly. Below are some 100 reasons why bed frames are not pointless, but very much needed.

The following are the many reasons why bed frames are necessary:

Benefits of Bed frames

  1. Improves airflow, which means no musty bedroom.
  2. Reduces exposure to dust.
  3. Prevents dumping of bedding when bedroom is flooded.
  4. Limits itchy and hurtful ant stings. Bed bugs are excluded though.
  5. You can do pushups on the edge of the bed.
  6. For fitting designer bedside caddies.
  7. You’re older than 60 years
  8. It’s easy to add decorative lights to the bed frame.
  9. Your joints are always weak.
  10. Increasing your mattress life.
  11. Better regulation of temperature while sleeping.
  12. Your dog would probably pee on your mattress a couple of times a day.
  13. Makes it easier to get into and out of the bed.
  14. Kanye West owns the Great Bed of Ware where he squeezed 12 celebrities into one long bed in the music video for his song “Famous.”
  15. Floors get quite cold.

Based on these, we can see that indeed, bed frames matter.

Do Bed Frames Matter?

Yes, bed frames matter. They physically support the mattress and prevent sagging. Mattresses evolve with heavier materials and more layers, and so, they need sturdy frames which are as important as ever.

  1. Aesthetics. Bed frames are cute and add a lot of beauty.
  2. Makes it easy to eliminate bad odor in bedroom.
  3. Simplifies the process of making the bed.
  4. Zoom meetings with your bed in the background is allowed.
  5. Your partner is tall and has hard knees.
  6. Hanging extras such as mosquito nets is simpler.
  7. Beddings are quite boring on their own. Have you noticed?
  8. You can play piano while sitting on the bed.
  9. The joy of dangling your legs off the sides before you finally get out of the bed?
  10. You want to wake up without severe back pain.
  11. Some of the best pranks are staged below the bed.
  12. Every person on this planet sleeps, including presidents. Where else is it better to sleep than in a raised bed?
  13. Bed peace equals hair peace.

Is it me or does anybody else agree lovemaking is weird on the floor? We are not rats. This escalated so fast. I prefer some real leverage.

Security for baby when mom is about to spank.

Bed frames are affordable, with some costing as low as $100

There are metallic and wooden bed frames. So, you have a choice.

Bed frames last like forever. They are not like tacos that you bite and swallow.

Reduces the risk of being dehydrated.

No surprise scorpions.

With a bed frame, we have ‘under the bed’ for extra storage.

Saves money that one would spend on treating illnesses related to sleeping on the floor.

For keeping towels when wife is not looking.

You have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis or lupus.

Kids can jump on beds for fun.

It will be possible to keep bedding white for longer periods.

People with acid reflux find sleep more comfortable.

Cleanliness of bedding.

Some bed frames have drawers that can be used to keep spare bedding.

Bye-bye crawling bugs due to raised bed frame. I’m talking to people in the desert southwest.

Walmart, Ikea, Amazon, Target, and other retailers have bed frames just a few clicks away.

Box springs could suck, many times.

Under the bed drawers for out-of-season clothing and shoes.

The socket is now closer to you and no worries about your phone running out of charge.

Bedside lamps look much better from the raised bed.

Bed frames support larger beds including queen, king, and cal king better than previously thought.

You can dismantle bed frames and move them around.

Bed frames reduce motion transfer.

Easy vacuuming, especially below the bed.

Bed frames are easy to assemble.

Comfort for pregnant women is also worth a mention. Easy transition from sleeping to sitting to standing.

When one is supersize. Husky men or plump women deserve the comfort of a raised bed frame.

The weaker your joints are, the more benefits you get sleeping on a raised bed.

There’s always a mattress size for your preferred bed frame.

A sturdy sleep experience as long as the frame is not squeaky.

Sticking with your mattress on the floor will make a stadium for mice to play, sleep, and poop while you’re taking your sweet time in Vermont for the weekend.

Do you want to get laid or not?

Less accumulation of allergens.

You can be nursed at home when you get sick and for some reason, you can’t leave.

No molds between the floor and the mattress. Body heat, sweat and other fluids seep into the mattress and the only way to prevent molds from growing is getting a bed frame.

Baby pee or accidental spills can seep down to the floor rather than spread inside the mattress.

You can Feng Shui the bedroom and create a positive vibe.

You’re allowed to drop onto the bed after a long day. The floor is too far.

Bed skirts are allowed.

People with fetishes can chain their lovers on something.

Reading a book is more enjoyable on top of a bed with a frame than on the floor.

Snuggling with your kid is better on top of the bed frame.

Bedroom TV is easy to set in position if you have a bed frame.

Bed bug trap. Bed bugs tend to overpopulate the bed than any other furniture in the bedroom.

Holding grocery temporarily when you have guests.

There are platform, canopy, adjustable, and many other types of bed frames to choose from.

Snacking doesn’t feel awkward in the bedroom anymore.

Makes it easy to slap a bug off the ceiling.

If caught cheating, where would you hide the philanderer without a bed frame?

A bed frame is a boost while replacing the light bulb.

One can have a cute bedside shelf for books, candles, cups, etc.

An adjustable bed riser will help you set a preferred sleeping position.

You can attach an adjustable reading clip.

Nearly one-third of our life is spent on the bed. So, why not get a fancy bed frame and respect night sleep?

A bed frame allows you to get larger duvet covers.

There is always a place below the bed to keep the spanking gear.

Dirty shoes rarely find their way on top of your bedding.

The light bulb switch on the wall is at arms-length.

Improved night sleep due to the elevation and better airflow.

A bed frame feels luxurious.

We live in modern society, not 20,000 BC.

Your kids won’t ask why you sleep on the floor.

One learns to sleep without turning and wriggling 100 times a night.

You’ll be ahead of many people without decent bed frames.

Bed frames are resalable.

You have something you can donate to a friend or family starting life when you plan to upgrade to larger bed frame.

You spend as much as you can on the best house you can lay your eyes on. Why not a decent bed frame?

Over 5 billion people having bed frames can’t be wrong.

Because I gave you 98 reasons to buy a bed frame.

And finally, there are two sample bed frames below.

Do bed frames matter

Check this bed frame at Target

image of a metallic bed frame
are bed frames necessary for bedrooms?

This beautiful bed frame is also available online

What other reason to buy a bed frame have I left out?

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