What is Bedding?

What is bedding? Bedding are materials associated with a bed and often laid above the mattress for hygiene or other purposes including warmth and decorative effect.

While a bed and a mattress are rarely washed, bedding is removable and washable in rotation. People change their bedding seasonally for several reasons.

Some of them include removal of stench and preventing potential breeding of tiny organisms such as lice. The overall goal of having clean bedding is to ensure sleep comfort.

The standardized measurement for bedding are rectangular. However, some sets of bedding are square-shaped while others are circular. The sizes of bedding vary for children and adults.

In the United States, a bed, bed frame and a mattress are not considered bedding. British English includes those three as bedding.

Making a general reference, a set of bedding would include the following:

Types of Bedding

  • Bed sheet
  • Bed skirt
  • A blanket
  • Duvet cover
  • Comforter
  • Mattress protector
  • Pillow
  • Throw pillow
  • Quilt

Bed Sheet

A bed sheet is a flat, rectangular piece of cloth for a bed placed below or above the bed occupant.

colored bed sheets are common part of bedding

There are two main varieties of bed sheets: flat and fitted.

The difference between the two types is that a fitted bed sheet has two or sometimes four of its sides and four corners fitted with elastic. The fitted sheet is used mainly as a bottom sheet and the purpose of the fitted bottom is to prevent it from slipping off the mattress.

The main material used to make bed sheets is cotton. Cotton dominates bed sheet manufacturing.

A blend of cotton and polyester is also commonly used.

Other popular fibers used to make bed sheets include silk, modal, bamboo rayon, lyocell, linen and olefin.

Bed Skirt

A bed skirt, also known as bed ruffle or dust ruffle or valance, is a decorative bedding placed between the bed’s mattress and box spring.

an image illustration of a bed skri

The main use of a bed skirt is to give the bed a stylish appearance without leaving the sides of the box spring too open. The bed skirt covers the space under the bed.

In case you store a lot of things below the bed, you might want to consider having a bed skirt.

Bed cover

A bed cover or bedspread is a piece of decorating clothing with sides that stretch over the bed to or near the floor.

white pillows and a white bed

The function of a bed spread is to prevent dust or other matter from contaminating pillows and other bedding during the day.


A blanket is a nicely woven covering mainly used for warmth. It is usually soft and large enough to cover one’s body.

People use the blanket while resting, sleeping or walking in an extremely cold environment.

There are different types of blankets. The following are some of the types of fabrics you will find a blanket is made from:

  • Woven acrylic
  • Mink
  • Cotton
  • Woolen
  • Fleece
  • Knitted polyester

A blanket could come with exotic crafting and material. For instance, crocheted afghan or others could come with a silk covering.

A blanket serves the same purpose as comforter, duvet or quilt. After purchasing one, the others may not be necessary.


A quit is a warm bed covering made of multiple-layers of fiber at the top, in the middle and at the bottom.

Traditionally, quilts is woven using a technique called quilting. The process of sewing can be used to form decorative element. The resulting pattern makes up an important part of the design of a quilt.

Some of the important life events why quilts are made include birth of a child, marriage, and graduations.

Also, note that modern-day quilts are not made for use as bedding. They may be used as table runners, bedroom wall hangings, among other functions.


A duvet (comforter in the United States) is a soft bedding that is filled with feathers, cotton, down, wool, silk, or other synthetic materials. The duvet is then protected with a removable cover the same way a pillow case works. This removable part of the duvet is known as duvet cover.

Down used to fill duvets originate from geese and ducks. This material is often liked for its soft plumage feel.

Duvet cover

Duvet cover is a decorative and protecting piece of bedding that covers a duvet. A duvet usually fit snugly into it.

Most duvet covers are designed to have a functioning button or tie closure at one end that can be used to remove the duvet while cleaning of inspecting it.

Bedding Colors

The bedsheets, duvet covers, pillows, and all other items in the bedroom come in different colors. Some people like warm colors. Others prefer cool colors.

For those who like cool-toned colors, introducing jewel tones is a usually a great idea. It is not uncommon to see people use earth tones or neutrals when designing their bedrooms.

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