Bedroom Cleaning Checklist (15 Hacks)

bedroom cleaning checklist

Cleaning the bedroom will definitely get your spaces in order and introduce a fresh look and serenity. 

The secret to decluttering your bedroom is setting a timer each time you begin the process. It takes about 30 to 1-hour to clean a standard size bedroom with moderate effort. 

A timer will motivate you to complete the task. 

When you have something close to eat, you will not only be motivated to clean better but also will avoid distractions that come with getting out of the bedroom to get something to eat. 

Cleaning a messy bedroom will require a little bit of effort to get everything right. Here is a checklist of bedroom cleaning you can consider to tidy the room fast and better. 

  • Make a playlist of your favorite songs. Musing is powerful and can energize you through the entire hectic activity. Usually, 20 songs each going for 4 minutes should take you through the whole cleaning.
  • Have a snack. If the room is too dirty, make sure you have something you can munch on in between the cleaning process such as a bottle of water or a banana.
  • Find the floor
  • Make sure that you get everything off the floor because those are fire and fall hazards. After that, proceed to the top of the bed. Check items on top of other pieces of furniture that should not be there. A loosely sitting glass on top of a dresser might fall while you’re moving the dresser and that breakage would make the cleaning process even more hectic. So, to avoid such, clear the floor and all furniture surfaces. Work from there.
  • Get rid of utensils such as wine glass you must have put there yesternight
    • Food in the bedroom attracts flies. So, all dirty cups and dishes should be removed.
  • Have four baskets
    • One basket will be for putting things that do not belong to the bedroom. Examples of these include remote, books,
    • The second basket will be for items you plan to donate or you do not need.
    • The other basket is for putting items that you will no longer use but will throw away.
    • The last basket is for items for laundry.
  • You can have another extra basket for separating the clothes for every person if you live as a family. Kids’ clothes, wife’s bras, husband’s underwear, and all the different clothes do not have to be thrown into one basket.
  • Cleaning and vacuuming
    • This next step is where the actual cleaning begins. Dust the dressers. Wipe the vanity. Proceed to other surfaces. For sensitive items, you can wipe with alcohol. For table surfaces, a soapy cloth is usually good enough.
  • Wipe bedroom window – people ignore this (go to the outside too)
  • Disinfect bedroom door handles
  • Dust the curtains
  • Underbed (dust from mattress and bedding fill the underbed)
  • Wipe dirt (spots) on the walls
    • Do this carefully to avoid scratching the paint on the wall.
  • Wash bedsheets once a week
  • Take out the rug and dust all the dirt every morning
  • Dust the top of curtain rods and curtains themselves.
    • Mine get a lot dusty.
  • Organizing. This is my favorite part of cleaning. When organizing, have the following checklist:
    • Closet arrangement
    • Dresser drawers
      • Fold all the clothing that go into the drawers
    • Bedsheet and duvet alignment
    • Pillow arrangement

Those are the bedroom cleaning ideas for today. The checklist provided here can be used daily or weekly.