33 Cheap Bedroom Décor Ideas to Improve Sleep

Once you start reading over the internet, there are thousands of websites listing numerous bedroom ideas. However, some of those ideas are just too expensive to implement, or they recommend items that are not available within your area.

Here is a compiled list of clever 33 bedroom ideas that will make more sense if you’re considering affordable bedroom decoration. The goal is to ensure comfort at night without having to dig so deep into your pockets.

Note that you do not have to implement all these procedures. Your bedroom is probably missing just one or two of these, but if you’re starting from scratch, you may consider several of these ideas. Make sure to decide on what works best for you.

The following are the bedroom decoration ideas to make your bedroom look expensive.

1. Bedside Lamp with Bluetooth Speaker

Imagine having a lamp, a speaker, phones and several other items on your bedside table.

This exciting bedside lamps is available Online

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This Bluetooth speaker combines sound and lighting into one item to minimize clutter in the room.

It also emits four different white lamp levels of brightness. It features red light that could boost your sleep experience. When it is in dynamic mood light, you can tap on the metal on that featured color to lock it to a single color scheme.

Pairing the device’s Bluetooth connection to the speaker is simple, fast, and straightforward. 

2. Pug Planter

Witness the pug’s power. A pug planter is ideal for your bedroom. It is an amazing style of featuring your succulent plant.

pug flower pot - decor ideas

You only need to ensure it is filled with just a few plants that you can easily pick up.

3. White bedroom ceiling shouldn’t be the only choice

You could run out of ideas when it comes to picking a color for your bedroom ceiling.

Even then, your idea might still revolve around white despite the variations of paints.

Most people have always opted for this color as their best choice, considering it the safest.

It is okay to try exciting ceiling colors.

green bedroom ideas

Despite covering a sixth of your room space, the ceiling is hardly brightened by much of the white paint.

The ceiling color has a great touch on the room’s aesthetics. Be keen to pick the colors for your ceiling from the plethora of those at your disposal.

Generally, compared to the walls, lighter ceilings seem higher, yet painting yours in darker colors visually draw it nearer, stirring feelings of intimacy.

4. Clocky: Alarm Clock on Wheels

It is not always easy to let go of the comfort of your bed in the mornings. Good news, Clocky will be you savior.

Anti-snooze clock that runs away and makes noise from a distance forces you to wake up

Once pressed, the snooze button on Clocky sets it in motion.

It begins to wheel off your bedside stand, sending you out of bed to calm it down. This is a clever trick. By shouting from a distance, you won’t be able to press snooze without getting out of the blanket.

Clocky is an efficient gadget that also displays various colors easily manipulated

5. CCTV camera outside your bedroom door

I know you’re wondering: CCTV in the bedroom? No.

cctv bedroom security idea

Fitting an outdoor camera can give you that extra protection from unwelcome access to your private room.

It provides you with a view of your home, monitoring your children and pets just from your bedroom comfort.

6. Oversized bed? Don’t!

Be realistic about the size of your bedroom. Bedroom ideas are incomplete without the bed.

It’s quite an art to practice creating and utilizing space in your room. A king-sized bed minimizes free movement around your bedroom, interfering with the room’s focal point, especially in a bedroom that is less than 12 feet by 12 feet.

It is imperative to have in mind the size of the bed you want against that of your bedroom, making it admirable as it is the room’s focal point. Minimize coverage around smaller beds by adding comfort with bedding skirts and cushions.

Minding the size of your bed against the measurements of the room is a way of valuing your bedroom space.

7. Place air filter next to headboard

Having the air purifier close to the bed will improve the efficiency of filtering particles from bedding and bedroom rug.

Air filters are worth it, according to the EPA, as they’re an excellent way to enhance your Kearney residence’s indoor, especially bedroom air quality.

While very beautiful, these filters make a quiet statement. They never cause any distraction from the graphic art positioned on your bedroom walls. The other extra advantage of not using table lamps is the extra surface space that they would have taken up. So, should you have a small bedroom, this could be a great improvement idea.

8. Coodle: The Pillow for Cuddling

If you are a couple, this is your thing. Coodle is here for you who hates to spoon for your sleep hormones are sensitive to you cuddle buddy’s head.

Inside this pillow are braces that save your guns from the wrath of the heaviest noggins. Friendly enough, you can even safely retreat for a midnight snack and slip back unnoticed!

9. Don’t forget underbed storage

Never ignore clutter in the bedroom.

Under bed storage allows you to keep any item that may be muddling your bedroom. They can significantly improve the appeal of your bed. If you have a wooden bed frame, finishing it with the storage compartments beneath will just be amazing.

An underbed storage is a practical approach to tidy up your bedroom without having to get rid of any items you own.

10. Unicorn Lamps

Imagine unicorns brilliantly and majestically rising from the ashes. Getting unicorn lamps to shine in your bedroom is a superb achievement.

decoration idea with a unicorn bedside lamp

It’s a manifestation of hand craft that can draw anyone’s love for it from their bosom.

Unicorns may be extinct, but with little magic and this splendid lamp, their shining days near.

The unicorn lamp is suitable for children, boys, girls, or adults. It looks cool for everyone.

11. Avoid dark Bedroom rugs

If you plan on bringing brighter/bolder colors into your place of calm such as bedroom space with the addition of new pieces, it is okay to stick with darker rugs. Otherwise, go for bright green for a cozy bedroom.

Varying the degree of contrast is a means to convey a feeling or a “vibe” in a space and using neutral colors is also quite popular. You can go for a lighter palate when choosing your bed frame, bedding, and wall color.

12. Pictures that bring the best memory

Put the pictures that bring you the best memory on the right side wall when you sleep.

Why choose your best memory-triggering picture or art?

Think hard about that kind of pictures or art you’d love to see right before you rest for the night. For most people, it is usually something soothing, peaceful and colorful that brings joy.

In terms of form, most bedrooms usually have a king/queen sized bed right in the middle, as the focal point for interior design. This will be useful when planning the size of your wall art items and their position.

For the best picture-hanging in bedroom, position it at your eye level and on the right side of the bed as you roll to sleep, directly facing it. In that position, the wall decor does not compete with the presence of the bed directly. Instead, it’s available for you to gaze on while in the bed.

Another basic rule of design is to keep a balance, to unequal symmetry. Don’t feel bound to arrange the items symmetrically by having three pictures of similar sizes on each side of your layout. Instead, place one large picture on the right side and balance it with two pictures that are half the size, on the left.

Lastly, consider colors and shades too. Balance a striking bright picture on one end of the layout by several images in muted tones.

13. Use soundproof curtains if your bedroom faces a busy street

Soundproof curtains are the considered the simplest solution to soundproofing your room might want. Fortunately, they are affordable and easy to fit. Some of these curtains are up to 75% effective in blocking noise.

14. Multiway switches

A two-way or multiway switch is a device that is extremely convenient. Saving you much energy, you can control it from two distant locations. A convenient location for them include large bedrooms and long corridors.

multiway switch for bedroom

Now, picture yourself at the bottom of a dark stairway to your bedroom on the upper floor. With a two-way switch, you simply flip the switch to light it up as you walk up then turn it OFF once you’re inside the bedroom.

For a better experience, consider that long corridor or large room with more than one entrance, all with 2nd accessible locations. So, no trouble getting out of bed to operate your bedroom appliances.

For utmost bedroom experience, have one switch at the door and the other near your bed.

15. Don’t be afraid of Blue walls

Know of any dominant color? Well, Blue is among the colors reigning the globe. As the color that covers the universe by reflecting in the sky and water bodies, blue connotes qualities of peace and calmness, comfort and well-being; the bedrooms’ choice.

Painting bedroom wall blue

With serenity, blue sets in relaxation and tranquility that lift it as the best option for any bedroom wall. As it smoothly ushers in that sleep, remember that it is can at times host mold, not supportive of your appetite. Good news for a soothing sleep environment though.

16. Add a simple piece of art

Why struggle with a costly piece of art to make your bedroom look expensive when you can opt for just a simple one?

Sometimes, you might spice things up a little bit by adding romantic art.

bedroom art
You can find this beautiful art or something similar on Amazon

Always concentrate on your bedroom’s arrangement to give it that forever expensive look! It should be one of top bedroom ideas to consider.

Think about some of the dull interiors you’ve come across. Perhaps, a bachelor’s apartment or an adult’s after school initial personal space. Interestingly, such spaces somehow felt a little rough and untidy, most of their walls painted in white.

Wall art is that final touch on your personal space that can bring it together, a fresh look that would make it feel complete, competing the most expensive interior designs.

You only need to pick your room an art or another wall hanging according to your taste, a decor style that you will observe on your wall for many years beyond.

17. Three Colors in a Room

rule of three bedroom idea

Choosing your room colors works best with a standard ratio of 60: 30: 10 (60% dominant color, 30% secondary one, and 10% the accent color). This can work for all your home’s interior and exterior colors.

For example, your bedroom wall could be painted in the following combination. About 60% may be a neutral beige. Another 30% may be bold navy blue, while another 10% coral-colored throw cushions.

You could grace these with navy blue accents. If bold color combinations aren’t your taste, get a neutral from three varying shades of the same color, an extremely calming room decor. Employing this ratio will turn your room into a well-designed and appealing one.

18. Rule of three for Light Fixtures

Lighting also goes with the rule of three. This is not about your room having only three lights. You can bless your room with three variations of lighting styles.

An appealing room needs one overhead light (on a dimmer), several side table lamps, and accent lighting ranging from picture lights, track lighting, or under-cabinet lighting. Check the sample arrangement in the caption below.

By spreading these s sources of light in your room, they unite to give it a balanced look.

19. Portable Video DLP Pocket/Mini Projector

Seeking convenience while watching a movie is one thing worth considering. With an adjustable screen size, a movie night can just be enjoyable.

You can adjust the image size by simply observing 30 to 100 inches while pulling further back, the DLP. Extremely portable, this pocket-size gadget can be easily operated. With just one charge, you’re good to stream an entire movie.

20. Avoid huge headboards if the bedroom is small

Be wary of the headboard. A large headboard or bed frame can give eat up the size of a bedroom.

Headboards help balance a room. That is why you need to go for a rare shape, but but proper-sized headboard or an offbeat fabric.

headboard ideas

The role of the headboard in occupying that bedroom space is key.

In case of a lifeless headboard fabric options, ensure it is recovered just like you would a chair and don’t hold back with color!

Fancy ones can cost a lot. So, find something that communicates a sense of style without forcing you to break bank. Sometimes, all you need to do is to paint your wall the right color to make your headboard outstanding.

If you’re capable of spending some good money, go for quality rather than cheap, temporary glamor.

21. Gravity Blanket: Weighted Blanket

Why have sleepless nights? One of my favorite bedroom ideas is about bedding selection.

Gravity blanket is a great booster of quality of sleep quality by reducing stress and anxiety. As this 15-25 pounds blanket rests on you overnight or during a nap, it releases its cozy feeling. Choose your weighted gravity blanket 10% of your body weight.

22. Have a tall mirror

Fitting your room with some tall but skinny mirrors can make it vertically appealing, especially with high ceilings.

By having just a single tall and large mirror, you will open up the bedroom by reflecting more on the other wall.

23. Watch out for bedroom air quality

This is a fantastic bedroom idea because it is health-related. You can try the following tricks to keep your bedroom quality high.

Two simple ways to keep air quality within the safe limits include:

Keeping your rugs/carpets clean

Rugs/carpets are more than just your home comfort. They are by nature air filters that trap not only dust but also many other particles in their dense fibers.

Try to clean them once every week and they will do a great job improving the air quality of your bedroom by just lying there.

Try indoor plants to freshen the air

Plants are natural air filters. A few indoor plants can improve your indoor air quality while enhancing home décor. Ferns, lilies and larger palm trees can best freshen your air.

If you have an indoor air purifier, it doesn’t hurt to add an artificial bedroom plant like this one below.

artificial fake plant for bedroom
This beautiful artificial plant is available on Amazon

24. Have a small bowl of water on the bedside

A glass of water in your bedroom will increase air humidity. However, it is not a healthy practice to inhale too humid or breathe in air that’s too dry.

Sometimes, during winter, the dry air can also make one to leave some water in a saucer under the radiator.

Do not drink your bedside water. Its openness makes it absorb harmful air particles. If you choose to put the glass under your bed, some of the dead skin and mattress particles will also dip into the water.

25. Built-in Bedside Bookcase

If your bedroom is small, consider replacing that space-sucking bedside table with a narrow built-in bookcase that will conserve you much more space.

The space-saving nook will go a long way in decently hosting your favorite books and bedside essentials. It will also accommodate your accessories, vintage finds, and perfect bedroom plants.

26. Swap bedside table for something intriguing

alternative to bedside table (bedroom ideas)

Swap out the bedside table for a fresh find, probably something in the line of a trunk or wooden crate. This vintage wicker bar cart boasts two shelves for books, jewelry and trinkets.

27. No other lights except LED lighting

LED lighting is the most suitable for bedroom

It is also advisable that you psychologically ready for sleep. Avoid night bright screens such as computers or phones. Lower and soften your lighting with dim bulbs or smart lighting to catch some sleep. It’s not just about improving the quality of your sleep. Clever lighting can also help set moods, whether a romantic hue for a night in, or to simply unwind after a long day.

Light emitting diodes/ LEDs are the most fantastic durable energy-efficient bulbs for any setting.

Why LED lighting?

It’s more efficient.

LED light saves you much by consuming less energy than any traditional bulb. Switching from halogen to LED, for example, your energy bills will plummet.

It’s more versatile

LED lighting can cast numerous variants of light, enabling you to create more bespoke lighting schemes.

These different tones of LED lighting include the following:

  • Very warm white
  • Warm white
  • Daylight
  • Cool white

LED lighting is longer lasting

A LED spotlight will last up 25,000 hours compared to traditional incandescent or halogen’s 2000 hours at most. LED lighting has a longer life.

Dimmable bulbs

Dimmable bulbs are also perfect for adjust the brightness to whatever you’re doing in the bedroom. Sometimes, you want to read and need some extra brightness.

Other times, you just need quiet moments with your lover, so you turn them down a bit.

Which is the best bedroom light bulb?

The best bulb for your bedroom is either energy efficient LED or halogen incandescent light bulbs. But light emitting diodes/ LEDs are the most durable energy-efficient bulbs. They are a fantastic go-to bulb for any setting.

28. Bedroom Pendant Lighting

Some pendant light fixture to your bedroom will go beyond just a bit of flair to create some ambiance.

No need for lighting candles and dealing with wax spills when you have a pendant light fixture!

Opting for pendant light fixtures in lighting your home comes with much benefit. Remember that these are mostly for accent lighting rather task lights.

While some lighting fixtures are permanent, ceiling pendants are flexible to suit your choice of its hanging height.

They are adjustable and adaptable decorative lighting option.

29. Bug repellant

Your room could be hosting many bugs and you might want a bug repellant.

Despite the itchy struggles associated with bug bites and the risk of dangerous diseases that some insects carry, many people hate DEET bug repellents guarantee the best protection.

bug repellant ideas for bedroom
This top bug repellant is available on Amazon

The CDC recommends plant-based bug repellent ingredients below:

  1. Picaridin: This is a synthetic version of a natural insect repellent derived from pepper plants. You can find it in products such as Cutter Advanced, Skin So Soft Bug Guard Plus, and Autan.
  2. Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus (OLE or PMD):  Synthesized OLE is derived from eucalyptus leaves and is in products such as Repel and Off Botanicals.

30. Arrange Furniture Using the Rule of Three

Too many rules seem to surround furniture placement, making it a challenging task. While these may tear you down, consider our simple rule of three for your room to observe some flow.

Whether your room has one set of furniture, or two pretty seats and a fragile chair—apply the rule of three to cohesively group your main furniture.

Size and shape of furniture create a cohesive look. Together, they should complement one another when grouped, unlike your room’s visuals which can easily be adjusted in height and scale. The image below is a bedroom that is very symmetrical with a king’s bed and two large side tables. The three ottomans add aesthetic value in the correct scale, unlike a single ottoman.

31. Blackout curtains if you bedroom window faces a bright street

Bedroom blackout drapes can significantly reduce your health risk by creating a serene night. These darker drapes create complete darkness in the room desirable for comfortable sleep.

So, when you use blackout curtains, you can enjoy peaceful night sleep or even daytime nap when all the unwanted light is blocked.

32. Introduce a transparent seating

There’s just something fascinating about an item that is transparent in design.

transparent seat like this one is a great bedroom idea for design

Any transparent furniture is cleverly designed as a simple, yet visually artistic piece of décor that creates an impression in the bedroom.

For instance, an amazingly see-through chair design can change your interior spaces to looking more modern and futuristic in no time.

If you intend to put some additional sleek and futuristic decorations to your bedroom, then introducing a few of these transparent furniture pieces will definitely add the ultimate fine touch to you bedroom glam.

33. Keep work off the bedroom

The last place you want to work is the bedroom. Our last clever bedroom idea is about work.

Creating space for a bedroom desk is a common occurrence as most people extend work to their rooms of rest.

Having a desk in your bedroom is no reason for utilization of space or merely convenience. Note that this just one last commitment for ‘work’ will consume your thoughts as you try to wind down. It is advisable to delineate work and relax.