9 Bedroom Wall Mirrors (Circular, Rectangular & with Lights)

Even though many people feel that mirrors should not be placed in the bedroom, 8 out of 10 bedrooms today have mirrors. There is no problem with putting a mirror in the bedroom. You only need to avoid placing it where it directly faces the bed.

Instead, put bedroom mirrors in the wall opposite a window and cover it with a veil at night.

Make sure that it is not facing the bed because that could prevent peaceful sleep.

Other tips for placing mirrors in the bedroom:

  • If your bedroom is smaller than 100 square feet, go with an oversized mirror to open up space.
  • Even with a large bedroom, place a few standing mirrors to ensure you can move them freely without having to always patch bedroom walls.

The ideas for bedroom wall mirror presented in this article can be used for boys’ or girls’ bedrooms.

Bedroom Wall Mirrors

1. LVSOMT Full-Length Mirror

Wall mirror with light

Check the store price via the link.

What features does it have?

This mirror is 47 by 14 inches. It comes with LED lights with touch buttons for smart dimming. If you’re worried about power, it safe and consumes less power due to its humanized design.

Most important is that this frameless mirror is large enough for one to see their entire outfit while dressing.

You might want to consider it if your bedroom is predominantly black, grey or rustic.

So, if you’re looking for a very clear image and perfect reflection during makeup, I would recommend this full length mirror because of its safety and luxurious look.

2. Round Wall with Colors of Light

The brightness of the lights are adjustable and on top of that, you get a bedroom mirror that is waterproof and anti-fog.

Round bedroom wall mirror with LED light

Find this product through this link online.

What sets this bedroom mirror apart?

It’s not just hotel rooms that are supposed to own this mirror. You can own one and put in your bedroom to improve luxury in your sleeping space.

The backlight design for the mirror is dimmable and can be controlled via a simple round touch button. The button increases or decreases light intensity from normal to brightest setting.

Don’t forget that it also possesses anti-fogging property that will allow you to dress up and apply makeup seamlessly.

3. Ornate Glass Framed Venetian Wall Mirror

Ornate bedroom wall mirror

If you think we’re done with circular mirrors then you’re wrong. The elegance of these mirrors for your bedroom wall is inspiring, especially if you have an antique room.

It’s available on Amazon.

In deed this attractive circular wall mirror with shimmering crystal beads will brighten your bedroom. The metal frame helps to add texture to the sleeping area. Its ornate glass frame makes it quite unique and beautiful.

The best places to put it are the vanity table or over a complementary console table.

4. GIKPAL Vanity Mirror for Bedroom Wall

Vanity mirror for bedroom wall

Isn’t it gorgeous? Use this link to check whether it’s still in stock.

This Bluetooth makeup mirror with light is ideal for modern bedroom décor. Mentioning Bluetooth shouldn’t scare you because it is quite easy to use. It has a USB interface on the right side.

The LED lights provide warm, natural and cold light. All these can be changed through its three-tone setting.

Who should get it?

The mirror is a perfect gift for ladies because it is just incredibly beautiful and women appreciate beautiful stuff. Even when they are not techy, do not get worried because it only takes a few minutes to familiarize with the functioning of the mirror.

Once everything is set up, your bedroom will never look the same again. It will be a notch higher in terms of comfort and coziness.

5. Cut-Corner Vanity Wall Mirror

Beautiful bedroom wall mirror ideas

This 31-inch wide bedroom mirror matches white or grey walls.

For a dazzling addition to your bedroom, the rectangular wall mirror is your perfect option. Its beveled mirror glass design is accompanied by a nice frame made of 8 separate cuts of glass.

An interesting part of the mirror is that its versatile accent and frame allows you to hang it either horizontally or vertically.

It comes with hangers pre-installed at the back to help you install it much faster.

6. Vertical Bedroom Wall Mirror with Aluminum Frame

Elegant bedroom wall mirror with light

Like the other elegant mirrors listed in the article, I find this vertical aluminum-framed mirror quite appealing.

Interesting features

  • Aluminum frame easily matches with many bedroom decorative items.
  • Energy-efficient illumination.
  • Very modern and stylish, with no visible screws.

See its price online.

It blends nicely with white furniture and accent walls. For the floor, you do not have to worry about the color because the mirror frame fades nicely into the space regardless of whether it touches down or remains hanging.

7. Asymmetrical Accent Wall Mounted Mirror

Do you have a bunch of rustic furniture in your bedroom? If you want to give your bedroom a cabin look, this is the best wall mirror to pick. Continue the asymmetry by buying this wall mounted decorative mirror at an affordable price.

With its huge size of 19.7 x 33.5 Inches, you will be able to enjoy perfect reflections as you do your makeup of dress up.

It is also ideal to hang either horizontally or vertically depending on how much wall space you have.

Installing it only requires two anchor screws and will be finished in less than 5 minutes.

One limitation to note is that you should not suitable for humid rooms such as the bathroom. If your bedroom has a bathroom inside it, consider LVSOMT Full-Length Mirror on top of our list.

8. Culpo Rectangle Wall Mirror Silver

Seller: Target

The wall mirror is 24 inches wide making it small enough to fit into most bedroom walls.

Important points about the mirror include:

  • Classic elegance to bedroom space due to the silver frame.
  • The curved decorative frame gives it a striking look.
  • You get a wall mounting hardware to make installation simpler for you.
  • Can be used in other rooms apart from the bedroom.

When you need something else to create a stylish bedroom, it’s not a bad idea to consider this compelling Culpo Rectangle wall mirror.

9. Round Bedroom Wall Mirror with Iron Chains

Bedroom mirror for blue walls

Round mirrors also stand out in the bedroom. They not only make the room appear large but also blends well with other decorative items.

If you’re interested in this fashionable and elegant bedroom wall mirror, find out its price on Amazon via the link.

The round silver mirror has an iron chain that is used to hand it on the wall. With 11.5 inches diameter, the mirror should serve anybody perfectly. Although this one doesn’t come with lights, it still looks awesome for anyone who is considering a minimalist look in the bedroom.

You can hang it with or without that chain.

Another outstanding thing to note about it is that even with blue bedroom walls, the frameless mirror design will still portray luxury. Circular mirrors can fit well with many different decoration styles.