Best Rustic Nightstands: Quality and Affordable

What comes to your mind when we talk about best rustic nightstands? A clear picture of contemporary woodworking that adds plenty of beauty to the bedroom or living area.

I did a 3-hour online research to find the best and affordable rustic nightstands. In this article, I list the best 5 nightstands I found that could be useful and appeal to you. If you’ve been wanting to undertake bedroom makeover, rustic style is usually one of the best options you have.

Rustic bedroom décor lets natural beauty shine and the focus is usually to make the interiors of you house feel relaxing. After getting a rustic bed frame, the next stage would be to get a matching nightstand. Rustic nightstands not only emphasize design uniqueness but it embraces nature-inspired simple and earthy colors, textures, and ruggedness that are absolutely unpretentious and organic.

Other than pricing, the following are some of the criteria I used to assess the worth of these rustic night stands:

  • Size of the nightstand
  • Quality of wood
  • Reliability of the seller
  • Design

For size, I wanted nightstands that were neither too tall nor too short. I also kept in mind that some that not all people have 16 feet by 16 feet bedrooms. In terms of design, I had to consider the appeal and pick only items that project modern rustic styles.

So, without wasting much time, let me take you through what I found.

Best Rustic Nightstands

1. Furologee Nightstand with 3 Drawers

This is one of the best dressers you can find under $100 dollars right now.

cheap rustic nightstand

The brown, country rustic dresser comes with three drawers – one larger drawer at the bottom and two smaller ones at the top.  

What I Like

  • The fact that this is a metallic dressers makes it worth the price because it will last at least 10 years in your bedroom.
    • The superior MDF used to make the drawer makes it quite durable.
    • The drawers are removable
  • The board used to construct it makes the dresser easy to clean.
  • Since it is lightweight, you won’t struggle too much to move it into and around the bedroom.
  • It has elegant smooth metal handle on each drawer.
  • Two shelves for extra space.
  • Comes with an anti-toppling device for secure positioning.

Check its price through this link.

What I do not like

  • Small storage. The dressers measures only 22.8″ (L) x 11.4″ (W) x 24.8″ (H).
    • That means you can only store smaller items such as towels, socks, lingerie, and such.
  • The metallic frames appear too thin against the rustic wood.

2. VECELO Modern Versatile Nightstands

This rectangular, black and brown rustic nightstand is made from medium density fiberboard. There are a couple of things that immediately attracts me to the nightstand.

simple rustic nights stand under 100$
  • Its simplicity makes it ideal for both bedroom and living room.
  • It has a spacious bottom shelf that can store tall items such as bottles.
  • While cleaning the end table, you will only need a wet cloth and it’s clean.
  • With the size of 11. 8″Width x 15. 8″ Length x 21. 7″, you can easily move it to the living room at day time and back into the bedroom at night.

See the price of this affordable rustic nightstand here.

The Downsides

  • It does not come assembled. You will have to assemble it on your own.
  • Only a single drawer means that you won’t have much storage space.

3. Primo 1 – Drawer Nightstand

With this affordable, sleek nightstand, you can spice up your bedroom décor just like that. It is made of high quality oak and the simplistic, but unique design suits almost any headboard and bedroom wall color. It will surely blend in whatever bedroom you have. So go ahead and check its price here on Target.

wooden rustic nightstand

What’s more?

Other than the sleek design, you get one drawer on top where you can keep some of your dearest belongings. To me, this is a practical nightstand because it is clean, contemporary and doesn’t command too much attention even though you will still know you have a nightstand. It is one of those styles that lets your bed shine.

I like the fact that the drawer is deep enough to hide slightly large items.  

Also, you get a 5-year unlimited guarantee so you can be sure you’re getting quality nightstand for the price. It is made from particle board that withstands the test of time.

Dimensions: 19.75 Inches (H) x 22.25 Inches (W) x 17 Inches (D)

What I don’t like

  • You only get one closed compartment. The other compartment is an open shelf.
  • The delivery to your place could take a little longer because it is an imported nightstand.
  • Its size could be too small for a larger bedroom.
  • If you have a bed larger than queen size bed, this nightstand may look like its grandchild. So, its appeal is attached to smaller spaces and bed sizes.

4. Costway Rustic Nightstand Side Table

This is a multipurpose nightstand that will definitely transform how you view connection between the bedroom and the living room.

metallic nightstand

The dimensions of this nightstand are: 18 inches (L), 26 inches (H) x 14 inches (W) x 18 inches (D)

What I Like

  • The metal frame gives it a majestic stand, with lots of space beneath.
  • The top is waterproof and scratchproof. So expect to have your nightstand as clean appealing as it is in the next couple of years.
  • It has a compact design that will maximize comfort in tiny bedroom spaces.
  • An interesting feature here is that it suits the living room so well but if you want, it does not ruin glamor if you place it at the bedside.

Find out the price of this sleek nightstand through the link.

And here are a few things that you and I may not like.

  • Any item you put on and in it will be visible. You cannot hide some of your secret items in it because it lacks a drawer.
  • The metallic frame may be may be too loud as you move it around on the floor.

5. Stockport 1 – Drawer Nightstand in Rustic Brown

If you need something more rustic, authoritative and popping in your bedroom, then this is the nightstand for you. It’s appearance commands presence and for younger people, this might give your bedroom an extra sense of maturity.

Appeals of this nightstand

  • One of the things that I like about this nightstand is that it gives you a large storage space in the two drawers.
  • It has four designer pine wood legs that exudes refinement and class.
  • Speak of stability, and durability and this will be your quality engineered work.

With a size of 23.6” H x 15.7” W x 17.7” D, this rustic brown nightstand is available here online.

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