Blanket Storage Ideas 2022

Bedrooms are where the real clutter hide. Some of these storage ideas are cute and most of them are just too easy to implement. I’m sure most of you could be using tried-and-true folding of the blanket and throwing it over the back of the bed. But today, I will share with you some of my favorite ways to store blankets around my home.

So, what are these blanket storage hacks we’re talking about?

It doesn’t matter where you live or what season it is, most homes usually have an extra blanket hanging around somewhere.

Finding a creative and beautiful way to store these extra blankets in the bedroom or in the living room can be tough, especially for those who live in smaller spaces.

Blanket Storage Ideas

1. A Blanket Ladder

The good news is that you make the blanket ladder on your own.

a ladder for storing blankets

Why does this DIY blanket ladder make sense to us? First, you can make it as tall as you want to carry as many blankets as you need.

If you make it broader toward the base, you can accommodate even more blankets.

Second, the process of constructing it is so simple and anyone with a hammer and nails is good to go.

Third, if you live in a place where you cannot easily find wood, you can make the ladder using metallic frames.

You can also find ready-made ladders in shops. Once you acquire one, you will be able to store your blankets in any room, including the living room and bedroom.

So, blanket ladders are not only a great way to store blankets but also to display them in a simple, creative way.

What I May Not Like

There are some things that I don’t like about blanket ladders and that is why I do not prefer to use them in the living rooms.

  • They leave blankets exposed to so many things if the intention is long storage.
    • Pets such as cats that like to climb
    • Dust
    • Playing kids who could stain the blankets

2. Baskets and Storage Trunks for Living Rooms

A simple but effective blanket storage solution in the living room is a basket.

For a majority of people I’ve interacted with, baskets are the most loved way to keep blankets for a long time.

using a basket storage for blankets

In case you have a large set of blankets to keep or if the blankets you wish to store are quite huge and thick, consider putting them in a larger storage unit, such as a storage trunk. Many storage trunks have appealing vintage accents such as antique handles and faded typographic motifs. The correct storage trunk may be both a lovely addition to your living room’s decor and an efficient blanket storage option.

You can shop for such storage trunks here.

With a nice, big basket, you will be able to add some great texture to the living room or bedroom where you’re storing the blankets.

Baskets make it easy for one to grab and put away bedding without having to take too much precaution.


  • Although baskets are exquisite, they can usually hold only 3-4 blankets. You might have to get a much bigger and expensive one to store more bedding.
  • Some baskets are easily damaged and you may need a replacement just way too soon.

3. A Fixed Blanket Wall Rack

The next idea on the list is a quick and easy solution to improve your blanket storage without breaking the budget. Instead of adding another piece of furniture to your living room or bedroom area, take it to the wall with this beautiful rack.

blanket storage idea using wall rack

I like this idea since it is so customizable; you can customize the rack to match your home’s décor while maintaining the same usefulness. Having a plan to save some money? You can go ahead and create it yourself out of 1×2’s.

4. Wire Baskets

This lovely gold basket is a simple and inexpensive way to spice up your blanket storage.

wire baskets to store blankets in living room

If these ones interest you, check them out here.

I should also remind you that such a geometric basket may be found online and used inside any room at home. Alternatively, a basic wire basket and some gold spray paint may be used to build one (this will save you a few dollars).

5. Under-bed Storage Bins

With bedroom’s storage units aren’t large enough to keep all of your blankets, try investing in some storage boxes that fit snuggly beneath your bed.

underbed storage for blankets

These storage units are ideal for keeping your bedroom neat without taking up important floor space. Some are more attractive, for instance, the galvanized bin blanket storage suggested above. At the same time, others such as latching plastic bins and vacuum-seal under-bed storage bags are known to be more functional.

6. Keep a Blanket by folding it at the End of the Bed

This is probably the coziest way to store blankets because you will fold it and leave it at the end of the bed.

folding blankets to store

What else gives the bedroom a beautiful hotel-like feel than a nicely-folded blanket that rolls over the lower edge of the bed? After all, blankets are supposed to be used in bed.

Therefore, the method of storage gives you easy time retrieving the blanket when it is time to warm yourself at night.


  • You’re gonna have to be cautious to avoid putting too many blankets over one bed. Otherwise, it will look messy and less cozy.

7. Storage Ottoman

If you’d prefer keep your blankets concealed, consider adding an ottoman that serves as a trunk to your living room or bedroom. These understated furniture pieces contain a lot of storage space.

Ottoman storage for blanket

Shop one tufted storage ottoman here for living room. For bedroom, check out this other alternative ottoman bench.

Storage ottomans are smaller and more attractive, whereas storage benches are bigger and offer greater storage space.

8. Stackable Storage Crates

If you’re looking for long-term storage, say a couple of months or a few years, then you might want something enclosed.

That is why this stackable Tote Storage Box available on Amazon is one of my favorite options.

stackable storage crate

These boxes come in 2 pieces.

The PP material is quite strong and sturdy. On environmental friendliness, this is a yes because the crates are recyclable.

You will love the large practical design that allows you to easily stack the two crates together.

9. A DIY Wall Rack

And for our number nine, we have a do-it-yourself wall rack that takes less than a day to put up yet will last a lifetime.

This rack takes up just a small floor space, allowing you to keep blankets without taking up too much space.

wall rack to store a blanket

Make a basic frame the width of your wall, then proceed to place wooden dowels at regular intervals (a few inches) down the edge.

If your blankets are mostly colored and you work with a lot of fabric, the storage idea here would be a great one for the bedroom.

10. Simple Steel Stand

This straightforward approach to blanket storage evokes a feeling of pride back from the days I spent at the beach as a small boy, which is exactly what the design accomplishes.

With a blend of well curved steel and soft blankets rolled inside it, this could be your be the next cute blanket storage in the living room.

Findings something ready-made and exactly similar could be difficult. So, you can talk to a welder who might make it for you in under 2 hours if you have the materials ready.