Bed frames

How Wide is a Full Size Bed?

The width of a full size bed can be confusing, especially if you’re just considering buying your first bed. Fortunately, there is a simple explanation in this article that will help you understand bed sizes immediately. In this article: Full size bed dimensions Feet Inches Cm How big is a full size bed How many …

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Why Do Beds Squeak?

A squeaky bed is annoying, keeps you up at night and makes you want to sleep on the couch rather than the bedroom. The bed makes all sorts of noise whenever you turn. After you’ve had the piece of furniture for some time, it starts to get loud once in a while. This is a …

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What are Bed Slats Made of?

Bed slats refer to a series of long connected bars usually made of aligned solid wood or metal to form a base that supports the mattress on a bed. The bars stretch across the bed frame from one hook-on rail to the other and work together with the mattress to provide support. The slats are …

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