How To Cool Down Hot Feet at Night (16 Methods)

The following are 16 methods for how to cool down hot feet at night. These techniques of cooling your feet should include improving blood circulation to mechanical methods.

1. Use a Bottle of Water

Take your hot water bottle and fill it with cold water. Add some crushed ice and then place it next to your feet. You can rest your feet on it occasionally to enjoy the cooling and soothing sensation.

This practice is recommended by Jenneh Risheh, a registered nurse.

using hot water bottle to cool down feet

Certain risks exist with this method, such as the possibility of knocking the bottle off the bed in the middle of the night, in which case you would wake up from the noise, which would contradict the entire goal of the exercise.

However, if at all possible, keep a cold water bottle or pad filled with cold water near your feet to keep them cool.

You could even rest your leg against the bottle but not over it.

2. Adopt Lifestyle that Keeps Feet Cool

Hot feet can be caused by a variety of disorders that might be linked to daily activities. It is possible that making tiny adjustments to your daily routine will assist to progressively improve the sensations of hot feet.

Some lifestyle modifications that may be beneficial include:

  • going for regular strolls
  • trying to stop smoking if you are currently a smoker
  • consuming a well-balanced diet
  • refraining from excessive alcohol consumption

Consult with a healthcare professional to learn more about healthy lifestyle choices that may be beneficial to you.

3. Improve Circulation of Blood in the Foot

In some cases, hot feet are related with decreased circulation. Try the following exercises to increase blood circulation in your feet:

  • Put on a pair of comfortable shoes and walk about all day.
  • Put gel inserts in your shoes because they are beneficial to circulation.
  • Before going to bed, soak your feet in Epsom salts for 15 minutes.
  • Using a bed wedge, raise the level of your legs to the level of your heart.
  • Wearing gel or compression socks all the time during the day or at night can help to reduce swelling.
  • Before going to bed, massage your feet.

4. Sleep Close to, or on, the Ground

Warm air rises, so if you have the option, hang a hammock in your room (which allows air to circulate completely around your body) or just transfer your mattress to the floor.

5. Sleep in Lyocell Bedding

Lyocell bedding are made from Eucalyptus wood pulp, in a process where the pulp is dissolved and pushed through spinnerets to create lyocell fibers which are then woven into this sustainable fabric. 

The advantage of using Lyocell fibers for bedding is that hot sleepers will be able to enjoy a great sleeping experience free from heavy sweat. Lyocell sheets are incredibly soft, with a silk-like feeling at a more affordable price than silk (and more sustainable). This, combined with its moisture absorption, makes it great for even the most sensitive of skins. The lyocell fibers are smooth & elastic and resist any wrinkles while also keeping clean for longer, meaning that products made with them will not be damaged by frequent washing or get ruined by regular use.

Lyocell bedding for hot feet at night

Naturest stocks our favorite lyocell sheets that will keep you cool while sleeping.

Check out their online store.

6. Maintain at least a 10-inch distance between you and your Partner

Keep some space between you and your companion as you sleep rather of snuggling up together to help you stay cool.

It helps, of course, if you have a bed that is large enough. Additionally, if it is essential, you may experiment with utilizing separate beds rather than a single cover.

While some people enjoy sleeping with their pets on the bed, it is important to remember that they are effectively four-legged hot water bottles. It’s fantastic in the winter, but not so great in the summer.

7. Put on a pair of Frozen Socks

Toss some socks in the freezer and wear them before going to bed.

What’s going on? But, I’m serious, that is something that people genuinely do.

Put your socks in the freezer for an hour before bed and you’ll have the perfect chilly nightwear for your feet, which will help your body cool down more quickly and achieve the optimal temperature for sleeping in the next morning.

It may come across as a little goofy, but it sure beats being awake all night. If you prefer, you can choose a product that has been specifically made for your condition, such as these Cold Therapy Socks.

8. Apply Topical Creams and Ointments 

A variety of topical treatments are available to assist relieve burning feet. Once again, it is dependent on the underlying source of your problems.

If you have athlete’s foot, antifungal foot lotions and other topical ointments may be of assistance in alleviating your symptoms.

Another approach is to use capsaicin cream. It contains a chemical component that is present in hot peppers, which makes it spicy. Symptoms of peripheral neuropathy may be alleviated by using capsaicin cream, according to a study published in 2014.

8. Go the Egyptian Way

No, I’m not referring to sleeping with a dead bug or painting your eyes in the manner of Cleopatra. The Egyptians employed an ingenious means of keeping cool in the scorching heat of the night, and given that they slept in the desert, I’m quite sure they were well acquainted with the discomfort of being too hot.

Instead, they would dampen a piece of fabric (you may use a towel or a sheet for this purpose) and place it below their body to keep them cool while they were sleeping.

If you’re concerned about getting your mattress wet, you can place a dry towel below it to prevent this from happening.

For those who only want to get the feet, you may simply utilize the same procedure, but only for the feet region, and you’ll have your own DIY feet coolers. If you follow these instructions, you should get the same effect that the Egyptians did: a calm night of restful dreaming!

9. Drink Plenty of Water

During the summer, you will sweat more than usual, and this will include sweating at night. Drink a small glass of iced water before bed and keep it on your bedside in case you wake up feeling parched to avoid dehydrating yourself even worse.

Drink plenty of fluids first thing in the morning to refill your fluid levels after a night’s sleep.

10. Wash Your Feet Regularly

You’ve probably already showered, but it’s been several hours, and your feet are likely to be cold and clammy when you finally retire for the night. However, there are a variety of reasons why people wash their feet shortly before going to sleep.

Remember that in Ayurvedic medicine, the feet are related with the fire sign, which you can see here. These parts of the body are known as “fire parts,” which implies that they can become extremely hot when exposed to extreme heat.

Additionally, it indicates that they are the source of the heat that is heating the rest of the body. By sprinkling water on the flames, you’re not only cooling the feet, but you’re also cooling the rest of the body.

This, without a doubt, conjures up a pretty appropriate mental image in your mind.

The scientific rationale for washing your feet before night is the same as the one we mentioned previously in the article: feet need to cool down in order for the rest of the body to do so as well.

It is possible that they accumulate heat, and that by washing them, you are dispersing not just their own warmth but also the additional degrees that have accumulated within the rest of your body.

Taking a chilly shower before night will assist to lower your blood temperature. Pay close attention to your feet, as keeping them cool can also help to lower your overall body temperature.

11. Use a Cooling Mattress Pad

There are various mattresses, toppers, and pads on the market that are advertised as being cooling. In addition, while some of them may be more permeable than others, many of them do not actually provide active cooling; instead, they simply allow you to sleep cooler than normal fabrics.

Even that, though, can assist to reduce the amount of heat that accumulates beneath your body, and the ones that have active cooling can make a significant difference.

Consider my analysis of cooling mattress pads for a glimpse at the variety of high-tech bedding solutions available.

You should try with different surfaces if you currently sleep on or use a memory foam mattress or memory foam mattress topper. I propose that you experiment with different surfaces if there is one available.

Because memory foam is known for retaining body heat, you may find some respite if you remove the topper when it is really hot outside.

Whether you have a guest bedroom with a bed that does not have memory foam, you might also try that bed to see if it sleeps any cooler than the others.

12. Invest in a Foot Fan

When using an electric fan, lay an icy bottle of water or a bowl of ice in front of it to keep the air circulating. The fan will circulate the cold air throughout the room, allowing you to be more comfortable.

There is such a thing as a cooling fan that has been carefully developed to gently blow cold air over your feet while you sleep.

Set at a temperature but not too low to bother other body part or make you feel uncomfortable, yet high enough to provide your feet with the optimal comfort….

13. Open the Doors to Your Bedroom

By opening the bedroom door, you can allow fresh air to circulate (if appropriate). If your window is also open, this will also generate a through-draught, which will help to keep the air moving around the house.

14. Try Using a Cooling Pad

Alternative options include investing in a customized mattress cooling pad, which you simply place over your mattress and set to keep your body at the optimal temperature while you sleep.

how to cool down hot feet at night

There is no equipment that is specifically designed for the foot. These bed cooling gadgets, on the other hand, can be utilized to effectively manage the temperature of your bed and to give a cool sleeping environment throughout the night.

15. Cooling Your Bedding Just Before Going to Bed

Before retiring to bed, place your linens in a plastic bag and place them in the freezer for a few hours or overnight. Then pull them out and wrap them in a piece of fabric to make a mini fabric cooling cocoon.

This may seem strange, but it can really assist in keeping you cool for the brief period of time it takes for you to go off to sleep.

16. Apply Deo on the Soles of Your Feet

This is actually a fairly clever idea — if your feet tend to get overheated a lot at night, why not try spraying a little deodorant on them to keep them from sweating as much during the day? However, it will not keep you cool, except for a small period of time, thus it is only effective if you are excessively perspiring.

Overall, Healthline recommends these three methods of cooling your feet:

  • Sleep with your feet exposed, rather than under the covers.
  • Make sure you have a little fan at the foot of your bed.
  • Fill a hot water bottle halfway with ice water and set it next to your feet for comfort.