12 Romantic Bedroom Ideas for Couples

There are many ways of making your bedroom more romantic. These could range from having an accent wall to removing distractions, turning down the lights, changing to seductive bedding, and including a great sound system for music.

We compiled a list of romantic bedroom ideas for married couples to help you spice up your love life once again.

You can borrow one or two ideas from these suggestions and find out which one works for you and him/her.

Romantic Bedroom Ideas

1. Canopy Bed with Black Curtains

Romantic black canopy drapes

Yes, canopy beds are quite romantic, exciting, and imaginative for decorating.

It is possible to come up with charming designs and incorporate them into the theme that you pick. Experienced home décor specialists will tell you that a canopy bed will communicate personality into the bedroom.

Whether you’re just making use of a common four-post bed or including some fine draping, canopies can be great for creating a romantic bedroom.

Now instead of picking brighter canopy curtains, go for darker ones.

2. Black and Floral Bedding for Bedroom

Floral romantic bedroom

Thinking about raising your romantic bar? Surprise him with this immense bedroom décor idea that suggests timeless elegance.

Black and white hues and a floral print in your bedding provides a rich texture and contrast for an amazingly cool bedroom look.

When the bedroom is comfortable, romance won’t be far away.

3. Jessie Soft and Warm

White Couple's romantic bedroom ideas

To get a romantic bedroom, you may also consider this timeless braided design that introduces a beautiful white. It makes the bedroom feel calm, soft, and war. It is incredibly luxurious making the floor as romantic as the bedding.

Its gorgeous accent doesn’t have to fade as long as buy a high quality option.

Add to the mirrors and four pieces of art, you will increasingly make the bedroom a favorite place to spend time with your lover.

4. Canopy Bed with Lights

Hanging lights for romantic bedroom

You will need a headboard that looks like a stockade. Prop it with a rugged canopy to ensure that you can easily wire your light across the top.

An idea that feels like a night full of stars creates a great romantic experience, especially on your honeymoon.

The dimmer your lights are, the more romantic it will feel.

You only need to ensure that the lights are the right type to avoid creating too much heat while you sleep.

5. Dark and Moody Bedroom

Do you want a moody bedroom to improve romance in your relationship?

Accent walls are perfect for creating mysterious bedrooms. If you want to set a romantic atmosphere in the bedroom, consider accent walls, accompanied by earth tone furniture.

You need to avoid darker bedding if the wall is already dark.

In fact, it is advisable that you make even the headboard pop by choosing a contrasting color.

Bedding colors that blend well with accent walls are emerald green, burnt orange, white, and yellow.

6. Urban Rustic Bedroom for Couples

Rustic furniture pieces are known to be classic and symbolize confidence and certainty. There is nothing that makes couples experience growing romantic intensity like confidence.

A sure man is a romantic man. A confident woman is a sexy woman. Making your effort to create a confident bedroom may mean going for rustic.

It doesn’t matter what people think – an industrial style in the bedroom can be chic.

With this edgy Happy Beds Urban Rustic bed, everything with be set to convert your bedroom into the most romantic place ever.

7. Flowers on Nightstands and Ottoman

hanging lights for romantic bedroom

Even small things can turn greatly turn your bedroom into a romantic place.

Add a bouquet, orange, pink, or red are awesome for the job. Stay away from dark flowers.

Place them strategically so that they are visible from any side of the bed. That means you will need at least two on both nightstands.

If you can, consider adding another bunch on your ottoman so that every time you sit there for a moment, you’re reminded of love and your partner’s adoration.

8. Heart-Shaped Art on the Wall

Bedroom decor ideas for couples

Sticking art on the wall can also communicate romance in a fantastic way. A heart-shaped design makes it even more obvious that you couples truly love the thing you have between yourselves.

Do not overdo it because wall art sometimes make the bedroom look clunky. Moreover, use colors that are light on the eye rather than extremely bright ones.

Often times, communicating love in the bedroom requires just subtle hints rather than sending “I love you” texts.

9. Romantic Bedroom with Stars on the Wall

Dark is calm and incredible. The color can be playful and whimsical. Many people feel that black can never be a color that comes to mind when considering how to decorate a romantic bedroom.

From what we have here, it’s obvious that you can have a beautiful black bedroom wall and your partner will still love it.

It is important to include lighter elements such as white bedding in your dark bedroom.

10. Pink and White Dreamy Couples Den

Give your all white master bedroom a mini makeover to make it more romantic. Shades of pink really symbolize energy, happiness, attention, love, and sweetness. Therefore, when decorating your bedroom for improving romantic experiences, it is better to pick it as one of your colors.

Not only are pink and white positive and mood-lifting but also add a sense of softness to your eclectic-style bedroom you’ve taken time to design.

11. Earth Toned Romantic Bedroom

Earth toned romantic bedroom

If you love earth tone colors, then this design should be your preferred choice.

These colors are interesting choice for wall and also the headboard. To make the most of your earthy toned bedroom design, pair them with earth green and yellow ochre.

Even your wall art needs to work alongside the earth tones to ensure that the romantic bedroom doesn’t look out of place.

12. White Metal Canopy and Lips Paint

Romantic bedroom with white metal canopy

One beautiful option you have when creating a romantic bedroom is to borrow the idea of white metal canopy. This one does not have to include curtains.

However, a lips art above the headboard will be suggestive enough to spark a romantic experience between couples every night.

Coupled with pendant lights, it doesn’t matter whether you want your master bedroom or guest rooms to feel more romantic.