Do Box Springs Wear Out?

Do box springs wear out? That is the question we are going to answer here.

So, you just noticed your mattress is suddenly sagging, right? 

Maybe you aren’t getting proper sleep the way you used to. Have you thought about the possibility of the support structure your mattress being the source of your problems? Although the response to this question “Do box springs wear out?” may be a simple one, it’s not typically something we consider while attempting to find solutions to sleep issues or make our mattresses more comfortable.

Here’s a rundown of all you should know about your new and old box springs.

Do box springs wear out?

Yes, box springs wear out after several years, usually after 10 years. Unfortunately, low-quality box springs will become ineffective and they could start destroying your mattress. Meanwhile, a high-quality box spring will last for more than 10 years but eventually wear out at some point.

Why do box springs wear out?

After supporting weight of the sleeper for a few years, box springs will weaken due to the physical strain. Some of them are made of substandard materials and therefore, they will become ineffective fast.

Usually, manufacturers make mattresses that wear out with their box springs.

How long do box springs last?

As indicated above, low-quality box springs may last just a few years (about 2-3), whereas a high-quality box spring may serve for more than 20 years.

Most box springs will last between 8 and 10 years.

Therefore, they do not last indefinitely while you simply replace the mattress that sits on top of them.

How to Tell Your Box Spring is Worn Out and Old

There are a number of ways to tell when your box spring is out of its time.

To restore your sleep, you need to understand what happens when your box springs age. Here is how to tell your box spring is old. 

  1. First, coils inside a box spring begin to sag over time, just like the coils inside a mattress. This is because the regular pressure of use weakens the coils over time, reducing their capacity to perform their job, which is to absorb shock and provide support to your dearest mattress. 
  2. The other indicator that your existing box spring has outlived its usefulness is when it squeaks a lot weight or pressure is applied to it.
  3. If you notice the steel grid bending or damage, it is probably worn out.
  4. If you’ve had them for more than ten years old, they are most likely beginning to wear out.

Do box springs last longer than mattresses?

Typically, box springs will last longer than mattresses? Box springs outlast mattresses because their typical lifespan is roughly 10 years. On the contrary, the average lifespan of a mattress is just about 7 years. In most cases, a box spring and a mattress should age together and replaced together.

However, in their later years, most box springs provide just some average to mediocre support, which might damage a new mattress.

Therefore, if you’re considering buying a new mattress for your old box springs, quit that thought and find an alternative.

Should you buy a new box spring?

You do not have to buy a new box spring if you have a modern mattress or prefer to have a low bed. Alternatively, you could ask if replacing your box spring on a regular basis, regardless of whether or not you have a new mattress, would be beneficial.

Are box springs outdated?

Yes, box springs seems to be outdated. The reason they are a thing of the past is alternatives such as adjustable beds, wood foundations, and platform beds are all better and long-lasting compared to box springs.  So, though box springs used to be a practical and functional part of regular bed design, they’ve basically gone obsolete.

There are now more alternatives to pick from!

While quality foundations no longer fulfill the exact role (including wire coils) that they once did, they are far from useless. Modern mattresses are thick, technologically advanced, and crucial to getting a good night’s sleep.

When it’s time to replace your mattress, don’t forget to think about the advantages of a new foundation.

A box spring would be a better solution for improving the comfort of your bed for a good night’s sleep if you prefer a typical innerspring mattress. If you don’t mind a lower profile, platform beds, which are compatible with all mattress varieties, are a fantastic option.

Professor Coggan believes box springs are outdated

Design trends come and go, of course. However, bed historians (yes, there are such people) believe that the classic box spring, which was first developed in 1869 and evolved into a conventional 9-inch-high hardwood frame with steel coil springs, will never be fashionable again.

Prof. Coggan states that after the industrial revolution, the new standard was a box spring that came paired with some lightweight, upholstered mattress an individual could flip on their own.

According to the professor, that is no longer fashionable.

However, bed historians (yes, there are such people) believe that the classic box spring, which was first developed in 1869 and evolved into a conventional 9-inch-high hardwood frame with steel coil springs, will never be fashionable again.

As the International Sleep Products Association states, modern manufacturers produce way too many mattresses than box springs. Last year in 2020, manufacturers supplied approximately 43% more mattresses (totaling 33.3 million) than support layers across the United States (23.3 million).

Traditional box springs are no longer sold in many stores.

“What happened to the old-fashioned box spring?” Russell Jelinek, the senior director of engineering at Casper, a business that sells seven different mattress types but no box springs, was the one who answered my question.

Mr. Jelinek stated, “Mattresses are considerably better than in the past, when a box spring was required for comfort and support.”

Memory foam, a substance developed by NASA to cushion astronauts’ seats, was the ultimate game-changer in mattresses.

Memory foam, a high-density material that distributes body weight more evenly than steel innersprings, was first used in mattresses in the 1990s. Fast forward to today, when durable hybrid mattresses with both innersprings and foam layers don’t need additional layer of springs to support a sleeper’s body pleasantly, according to Mr. Jelinek.

As a matter of fact, in a modern bed frame, a box spring can seem absurd. A buddy of mine who works as an interior designer recently purchased new beds for a project. When she went to put in the box springs and mattresses, she discovered that they were so tall that they covered a major piece of the headboard. It was necessary to return the box springs.

When should a box spring be updated, as well?

When you replace your mattress, it’s a good idea to update your box spring as well. Your old foundation might be fine, but it’s not always easy to tell if your box spring is worn out. Plus, if it’s on the older side, it might only survive a few more years. Replacing them all at once extends the life of your new mattress.

As a result, do you really NEED a box spring?

Because mattresses were so much thinner back then, box springs were designed to help absorb shock. For stability, all you need is a firm foundation beneath your mattress.

Here is the overall FACT for you: You do not need a box spring to have a decent bed setting.

What about replacing them when you buy a new mattress?

It isn’t necessarily necessary to change your box spring when you replace the mattress, but it is generally a good idea. Mattresses and box springs wear out at the same pace. Box springs have a 10-year lifespan, which is significantly longer than that of a regular mattress.

Can old box spring destroy your mattress?

Yes, old box springs will destroy your mattress. If a box spring has serious flaws, such as broken slats or sagging, it will not provide appropriate support and you will need to replace it. Box springs that are worn out can cause your new mattress to sag and cause discomfort. If you utilize a broken or sagging box spring, your mattress warranty may be canceled.

You should consider getting a new box spring:

  • You do not have a box spring or platform bed that fits your mattress.
  • Your box spring’s slats are broken.
  • You bed has sagging box springs.

Are box springs necessary?

Personally, I feel you don’t need a box spring unless your bed frame still uses slats for stability. Because mattresses were so much thinner back then, box springs were designed to help absorb shock. All box springs do these days is elevate the profile of your bed. So, if you want to seem like a princess, start stacking. Otherwise, it’s just an extra, pointless expense. For stability, all you need is a firm foundation beneath your mattress.

Does a box spring add comfort?

As a result, the Box Spring is introduced to make your mattress softer. You may add extra comfort layers without a Box Spring nowadays with new foams, latex, and memory foam. Because you are on a springy surface, a Box Spring often adds additional movement to your mattress.

What do you do with old box springs?

If you want to get rid of your old box spring in one piece, you’ll need to call your local city waste department or a recycling business and request that they pick it up. You can also transport it to a landfill that accepts them if you have a large enough truck.

Can a box spring ruin your mattress?

Your mattress can be bent or folded. All of these items can be harmed or even destroyed if they are bent or folded. One of the most common mistakes individuals make is using their mattress and boxspring without an appropriate bed frame to support them. The box spring will begin to bow, sag, or even break if it is not supported by a frame.