Queen Size Loft Beds | 8 Elegant Designs to Buy

Yes, loft beds come in queen size but at prices above the regular queen. Although the beds are available in the standard queen size of 60 inches by 80 inches, not so many people own them. Queen lofts can safely carry two adult sleepers weighing up to 2,000 lbs.

Just like other twin or full loft beds, those that come in queen size have enough space underneath for extra furniture and a front ladder to fit your specific needs. It’s usually easier to find twin and full loft beds than queen size but that does not mean you should not think about getting one of those special beds.

Queen Size Loft Beds

  1. Black metal queen loft with stairs
  2. Natural high queen loft bed
  3. Arca queen loft bed
  4. Creative Broad Wood Queen Size Loft
  5. Venetian Canadian Made Queen Loft Bed with Staircase
  6. Companion wooden queen loft
  7. Theo Chestnut Queen Loft Bed Frame
  8. Extremely tall queen size loft bed

Continue reading for full list of beds to pick from.

We compiled a list of designs that could give you an overview of what queen size loft beds would look like. These design ideas were obtained from large online retailers.

Some of the items may be out of stock currently but that could be an indicator of how much people love these types of beds.

In fact, I couldn’t even find one on stock at Amazon for an entire month. They are probably so much on demand that they fly off the stores.

1. Black metal queen loft with stairs

a black queen loft bed with table and chair

You can see that an adult male can comfortably sit below it and do their work without bothering about height and awkward posture.

  • You’ll require a 9-foot ceiling to fit the bed.

Tall people can still sleep on this well-built bed because its length is standardized and it can support much weight.

It is available at AdultBunkBeds but at a slightly costlier price.

I love the movable stairs on the side of the bed. It may serve other purposes apart from climbing. For instance, some people store books on the shelves located on the inner section.

The only problem is that its maker Francis Lofts & Bunks stopped selling it on Amazon.

2. Natural high queen loft bed

queen loft bed with drawer and storage space

This design gives the sleeper plenty of space both below and above the bed even for taller people.

The creators of these beds claim that the frame can support up to 2,200 pounds weight capacity.

The area underneath can remain open or it can accommodate another desk or a dresser or a bookcase.

The estimated price of the bed at the time we checked online was $1,575. That’s fairly cheap compared to other versions that we found.

It can be found at Maxtrixkids.

3. Arca queen loft bed

queen loft bed with a bench and stairs

The bed was purposely designed to cater to the needs of urbanites living in small apartments but still wanted some comfort while sleeping.

This model of loft bed features a nicely done bench beneath it. On the other side of the bench is a raised top that acts as a working desk.

All these features make the functionality of the bed dramatically high. Technically, we can say the bed is an excellent alternative to the much-loved murphy bed.

At the time of checking the item price, the bed was costing a whopping $2,815, but it comes with all the parts you need, including the ladder.

4. Creative Broad Wood Queen Size Loft

Queen loft bed with chair

Taking the top spot is this queen loft bed we found at Etsy. It has a beautiful large desk. The supply comes with matching storage shelves.

The bed is made with a staircase that is 18 inches wide. That makes the total length of the whole bed to be about 100 inches.

  • Unfortunately, the company stopped selling because they only made a limited number.

For your information, the desk is made to the standard height set at 29 inches high although the designer can customize it depending on one’s preference. Something that surprised me the most about the bed is its pricing, because it costs $8, 358 but that does not include the mattress and bedding.

I understand that a queen sized raised bed cannot be the same price as the normal queen bed frame. However, this one goes to the other extreme.

Nonetheless, the bed comes with free delivery and installation, but only in specific states such as Washington, California and Oregon.

5. Venetian Canadian Made Queen Loft Bed with Staircase

queen size loft bed with stairs

You can tell by just looking at the design of this bed that it is sturdy enough to support adults of all sizes. It is extremely sturdy and made from solid red pine. The Canadian company that makes these beds says that they come unfinished but the stairs that feature 6 drawers come built into it.

Even adults above 50 years should conveniently climb those stairs. I also love the flexibility of this bed because the stairs can be set up on your preferred end of the bed.

The price range indicated at Scanica for this bed was $2,427.00 – $4,335.00.

6. Companion wooden queen loft

a queen loft bed with drawers

Whether it is for college or high school life, it would be nice to have high lofts for two reasons. One, you do not have to make your bed each time your friends walk in and sit on the bed. They won’t be able to. Second, you can design your little space to accommodate all your belongings without cluttering the room.

The picture of loft queen bed above available at MaxTrix goes for about $1,700 and is probably worth the price. It just makes sure you get the best out of your room.

7. Theo Chestnut Queen Loft Bed Frame

yes, loft beds come in queen size like this chest nut queen

The design above is available at Houzz and costs roughly $2,900. With that price tag, you would expect that it comes with additional perks. Yes, it comes with additional features.

You get a free shipping for the bed frame.

For instance, the bed features an XL full-length desk board and strong guard rails.

Its straight ladder is a bit less interesting than the bed we’ve seen above. Nonetheless, its carrying capacity is maxed at 2,000 lbs. That ensures the queen bed supports adults of any weight.

8. Extremely tall queen size loft bed

a tall queen loft bed with light and table

The bed is simplistic and nothing much beneath it. However, one thing we can appreciate is how tall it is.

For those considering making queen size loft bed on their own, this one is worth a shot. Even the DIY ladder doesn’t require so much effort to complete.

  • Find out more about its pricing and design from the company selling it.

Try something out but make sure it suits that bedroom you have. It might work out well just like this guy did for her daughter.

Price of a queen size loft bed

queen loft bed with sofa

After checking out a couple of online stores, we were able to find the price range for beautiful queen sized loft beds. Well, I have to say they are a little pricey compared to regular queen size beds. The prices of queen loft beds range from $1,100 for low-end designs to $8,000 for the extremely modified ones.

What to do when there is no queen loft bed in the store

There are two routes to go. The first is to talk to a furniture design company and request a custom bed. The second path is to do it yourself.

  1. Many companies make custom loft beds. For instance, MaxTrix can arrange for you to get a nice queen size raised bed. Talk to them as soon as you decide you need one.
  2. If you hate dealing with companies, you can also take the DIY route. Yes, you can build your own queen size loft at home. As long as you have the expertise and tools to complete the project, it’s very much possible.

DIY queen loft bed should cost cheaper and will often fit the needs of your house better than what you’d buy from the market. A bed that is already made does not consider the height of your ceiling or the space available in your bedroom.

Doing it yourself does not mean you exclude an expert designer. You can seek help from a carpenter, welder or a woodworker to thrown in a few safety tips.