Do Platform Beds Need Box Springs?

To answer this question about whether platform beds require box springs or not, let’s clarify what a platform bed is in the first place.

What is a Platform Bed?

A platform bed is a low-raised bed with wooden or metallic slats designed to eliminate the need for a foundation. One can put their mattress directly on the platform bed without necessarily budgeting for additional support.

Unlike traditional bed frames, platform beds are closer to the ground, and typically lift your bed about 12 inches off the ground

Yes, a platform bed will need slats.

what is a platform bed

But why are platform beds so low?

They are so low because that is how they are designed. The purpose of such a design varies. Some of the reasons for low height include the following:

  • Aesthetics: About 80% of owners of platform beds say they value bedroom aesthetics. They give bedrooms timeless style.
  • Minimalist bedroom design: Expert interior designers claim that platform beds are minimal in appearance. Because of the low height, the beds make rooms appear more spacious. Typically, these beds are also less bulky.
  • Stability: Also, due to that low height, the beds are much more stable and less squeaky. Short people also prefer platform beds because they are easy to climb in and out of bed compared to the traditional bed frame.

Do Platform Beds Need Box Springs?

Platform beds do not need box springs because they are designed to look that way. Moreover, the beds can support a mattress on their own without including a box spring.

And because they have slats, they do not require box springs to raise the mattress to a more comfortable height.

So, if these beds don’t need box springs, why are they quite popular?

a DIY platform bed

Many people prefer memory foam mattresses. Due to the nature of memory foam, a stable foundation is often needed.

Platform beds provide this sturdier foundation, which is a perfect solution to mattress care.

The very first types of platform beds were often made of clean, natural wooden hues or other decorating items. But more recently, the styles for platform bed designs have changed, with some beds coming with beautiful headboards and well-fitted storage spaces.

Overall, platform beds are built to function without box springs but that is not a rule prohibiting box springs entirely.

Sometimes, preferences change and you might want to have a high-raised bed.

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What is the Point of a Platform Bed?

People usually buy platform beds when they understand the significance of low-raised bed frames.

An example of a platform bed is shown in the image below.

Do I need a box spring for my platform bed

You can notice that the height of the platform bed is significantly lower than the regular bed frame.

Unlike the regular bed frame, which is usually a couple of inches above the floor, platform beds are way closer to the ground.

How to Raise a Platform Bed

Rather than going for a box spring, there are other alternative ways to raise a platform bed.

How do I make my platform bed higher?

You can raise the platform bed by a couple of inches using bed risers. These bed risers are usually 2-6 tall.

Therefore, you may consider finding those that suit your preference.

The reason I love this approach of raising platform beds is that it is simple and cost-effective.

Typically, bed risers can be made of plastic, wood, or metal. You place them under the four legs of the bed and that’s all.

Do I Have to Use a Box Spring on a Platform Bed?

You do not have to use a box spring on a platform bed. Platform beds are designed to be stable on their own and adding a box spring will void the warranty. If it is a DIY platform bed, then nothing limits you from considering a box spring.

Furthermore, most memory foam mattresses can provide enough height on top of the 12-18 inches platform to give a decent sleeping height.

As a standalone support, any platform bed is okay on its own and will help you save space in the bedroom.

You will also save a few extra bucks that might have spent buying an unnecessary box spring. But this does not mean that box springs are worthless. There are many circumstances when having a box spring makes a lot of sense.

If you have a platform bed, just know that you can spend the money you intended to use for buying a box spring on something else.

Can I Use a Box Spring on a Platform Bed?

With a mattress that already has this stylish, short foundation, do not worry about having to acquire a box spring.

If you were required to purchase one with your new mattress due to warranty issues, it may be advisable to consider a box spring. Under these circumstances, the answer would be yes, of course you can as the platform construction provides great support for anything you place upon it, but you may want to consider a few factors before putting it into use.

Also, when you eventually get tired of a low profile bed and you want to change your experience in the bedroom during sleep, it might be time to add a box spring.

You must have in mind that some mattresses may not support the box spring but rather work properly on the original support base alone.

But since platform beds are made to work without the need of any other type of support- as they were created to address the needs of mattresses that are unable to use a box spring- head or footboards may also be of lower profile. If this is the case, by raising the profile of the bed overall, you may cover up any head or footboard that is part of the decor.