Do Two Twins Make a King? What about Twin XLs

If you’re asking, “do two twins make a king?” it’s most likely because you’re redecorating your bedroom. Usually, the first thing that comes to people’s minds is getting a new bed altogether. You could be sharing the bedroom with a partner who has a different sleeping preference from you. A plain old king size bed may not be the ideal solution for you.

The sleeping arrangements for the two of you might require a split king or two twin beds in case you can’t afford a split king.

What do you get when you attach two twin beds together? Would it be a king size bed?

To answer these questions, let’s have an overview of bed sizes. Twin size bed measures 39” x 75”. On that same note, a king size bed is 76” x 80”.

SizeDimension (In)Dimension (ft)
Twin38 X 75 inches3.25 X 6.25 ft
Twin XL38 X 80 inches3.25 X 6.67 ft
King76 X 80 inches6.33 X 6.67 ft

Putting Two Twins Together

Two twin XL make a king size bed

Joining two twin beds together would give you a total width of 78 inches. The length of the new bed will remain 75 inches.

We’re now comparing two beds here as follows:

  • Our new bed is 78 inches wide by 75 inches long.
  • King size bed is 76 inches wide by 80 inches long.

You can notice that the beds do not really fit into each other.

We’ve opened up a whole new set of possibilities. The new bed can be anything and we’re almost making a king size bed but it isn’t.

Do Two Twins Make a King?

No, two twins don’t make a king size bed. The new bed frame formed by combining the two is an inch wider and 5 inches shorter than the standard king. Fortunately two twin XL make a bed nearly identical to king size.

Anyone looking for a quick fix can technically claim that their bed is king size. Combining two twins almost do but they don’t fit exactly.

Why don’t two twins make a king?

There are two reasons. First, the two twins are shorter. Second, the new bed is an inch wider than the standard king, which is not something bad. The only problem that would be so obvious is the length of the bed.

Putting two twin mattresses together (38 inches wide each) would give you a much closer bed size in terms of width of king.

However, the length will still be different.

Two Twin XL Make a King

Yes, putting two twin XL beds together would make a king. Twin XL is 38 inches wide and 80 inches long.

Therefore setting them side by side will give you a bed that is 76 inches wide and 80 inches long. A typical king size bed is 75 inches wide and 80 inches long. Now you can begin to see the real picture from there.

What Bed Do You Get When You Put Two Twins Together?

You don’t get any standard bed size when you put two twins together. The closest size is a king but it doesn’t fit exactly.

Put simply, you get no bed. A queen is completely out of the equation because it measures 60 inches by 80 inches while the new bed after combining the two smaller beds is 78 inches by 75 inches.

We will give you half credit if you guessed that two twins make a king. However, it is not an ideal king size bed. Those sleeping on the new bed after joining the two will only experience comfort if they are not tall.

Choosing to combine two twin size mattresses will get you a bed that is neither here nor there. In other words, it is not a perfect king bed but it is also not any other typical bed. Whatever comes out after combining the two is just a custom bed.

All of these do not mean you cannot sleep on a bed 78 inches by 75 inches. You can sleep on the bed perfectly well and enjoy plenty of sleeping space for two people.

Overall, do two twins make a king? We have answered that question in detail. Only one more thing left – how to make two twin XLs together.

How to Turn Two Twin Mattresses into a King?

You’ve understood that two twins won’t make a king but you still insist on doing it anyway. What process do you follow? How do you combine two beds without ruining comfort?

The first step is to get two twin XLs rather than regular twin beds. They also need to be of the same thickness.

Here is a step-by-step process for joining two twin beds together:

Step 1. Begin by setting the foundation

A perfect foundation for your large mattress is necessary because it will eliminate the need for buying a box spring.

Just push the two together to reduce the gap between them. Make it as small as possible.

Step 2. Prevent slipping using a rubber pad

Most wooden bed frames are quite slippery. When you place two twin XL beds side by side, they will slide off. Adding a rubber pad will help in securing the two mattresses in place.

Step 3. Place the two twin XL mattresses together

The third step is to lay the mattresses side by side on the bed frame.

Step 4. Bridge the gap between mattresses

Combining the two mattresses will definitely leave a small gap between them. But you need a uniform sleeping surface.

Buy special foam fillers to fill the gap.

These foam fillers come in different tastes and prices.

We recommend using this very affordable bed bridge converting kit from Bedia because it comes as a full kit. It includes both the bridge to connect the twin beds and the strap to keep the two mattresses together.

Step 5. Level the mattress surface using a mattress pad

Using foam fillers could create some bumps in the middle of the bed. Use a mattress pad or protector to make the surface soft and cozy.

Step 6. Hold mattresses together using a strap

Secure the twin XLs using a strap around the edges of each mattress. Locking them together will ensure your sleep is undisturbed.

Step 7. Add cotton or bamboo bed sheets

The last steps to join two twin XL beds is to add a nice king size cotton or bamboo bed sheet. These are soft and do not increase the slippery feel on the mattress.

Once this is done, you can crown the bed. Enjoy your sleep without any worries!

We hope your question “do two twins make a king?” has been answered.