Footboard – 23 Best Design Ideas

These are some of the most creative and unexpected footboard design ideas you will ever see. We can comfortably say most of them are futuristic and just timeless. Their designers must have spent quite some time coming up with the designs and doing all the finishing work.

In case you’re wondering what a bed footboard is, a footboard is a decorative piece of vertical panel that lies across the foot of a bed frame.

The red arrow is pointing at the bed footboard on this white queen bed.

Footboard vs. Headboard

Footboard is usually shorter than the headboard. For some beds, the two can be of equal size.  

Some footboards are 30 inches high but others are low and like no footboard.

Just like their names suggest, when one sleeps on the bed, their head faces the upper side of the bed known as the headboard. Their feet face the footboard.

The purpose of a footboard is not necessarily to rest the foot. In fact most people don’t ever put their legs over the board. It is for that reason that one does not have to headboard.

Some people prefer upholstered footboards. Others love them plain.

So, without meandering too much, let me take you through some 20 exciting footboards design ideas that are just too out of this world.

1. Blaze Arena Queen Footboard

Isn’t the theme of fire embedded in this queen bed amazing? When you think about it, having a footboard like this makes one of the coolest possible houses.

The flame tongues on both sides of the bed makes sleeping on the bed feel like you’re protect from the head and toe.

Would you consider having one of these? I would, for sure.

2. Swan Queen Footboard Design

The swan is pecking its neck while while you lay down to get your long awaited nap. The peaceful night one has to enjoy sleeping on this bed is definitely immeasurable.

For those who are wondering whether the bed swings back and a forth, it doesn’t. It is well stabilized with tiny legs to ensure that your swan stays as stable as possible.

3. Curved Heavens Footboard

The correct words to describe this cuteness are difficult to find. Is it sponge bob? Or is it just a tall folding piece of furniture?

The two lights facing down as ‘eye’ gives the bed a heavenly ambience.

The design you see here has never been seen before. When I reached out to the guy who made it, he didn’t have a description for this.

4. Sky Dome Queen Footboard

For those looking for timeless class, this is the design for you. Whatever kind of bedroom you put this bed into, the footboard is always your best bet.

The secret to enjoying this serenity is the white cloudy bedroom rug.

5. Belt-on Footboard

Are you a wrestling enthusiast? Did you notice the footboard design takes the shape of a wrestling belt? Yes, that’s the inspiration for this design.

This outstanding design took three weeks to complete and the owner claims that he parted with less than a thousand bucks for it. So, despite its glorious finishing, it doesn’t cost an arm and leg.

6. Mermaid Tail King Footboard

The mysterious nature of the entire bed frame here is on another level. The footboard features a mermaid tail with two babies at the corners of the frame.

Having a bed frame like this one should be a source of joy for those who love darker stories related to mythical figures.

One goes to sleep in this bed known pretty well that they are protected by the watchful statues stuck at the legs of the bed and the babies facing the mermaid tail.

7. Bittersweet Queen Sleigh Footboard

If you’re looking for comfort and well-secured bed frame then this is the footboard for you. It is stylized with all-over country chic flair.

The footboard is made with engineered wood and is completed with a replicated pine grain finish that specifically captures some of America’s early bed designs.

8. White King-Sized Upholstered Tufted Footboard

This design may not look complex but it’s the smoothness at the edges of the footboards that makes it so luring.

9. Bronze Wings Full Footboard

You go to rest in this bed certain that an eagle is watching over you. It spreads its shiny wings to give a perfect shield.

This design of protective wings is one of the most interesting craftsmanship I have seen.

10. DIY King Farmhouse Footboard

Who said people can’t make their own footboards at home. This DIY footboard is meant for stability. It guarantees years of comfort and a pricing as low as the ground.

Yes, this design is cute because it gray finishing both on the footboard and headboard are incredibly blended for countryside living.

11. Royal Short End King-Size

Who said low footboards can’t be masterpiece? This one falls in the category of those low footboards and it is perfect – almost right for every bedroom.

Perhaps you can borrow an idea or two from this design.

12. Solid Wood Sleigh Footboard

A twin bed with a nice mahogany bed frame has a great accommodative footboard. It’s appearance may be intimidating from younger children but for those teenagers who have an understanding of class, this design is the go-to option.

13. Footboard with Storage

This king bed is designed to support plenty of storage beneath. With six storage spaces, two at the footboard, you get to maximize space in your bedroom.

For those with smaller bedrooms, this design should always be on your mind. Its flush paneled sides without drawer pull hardware ensures that the sleek modern look remains incomparable.

Some people would die for this tremendous amount of storage space underneath.

16. Gorgeous Flowery

The effect this design has on your bedroom will be so much high up in the sky. The problem I have with the golden color of the footboard is that it would be so difficult to find other bedroom furniture that blend with it.

If you’re considering going with this design idea for your bed, get a different color such as black or dark gray. I wouldn’t recommend white though.

15. Upholstered Queen

Sometimes, we just want something smooth and simple. Getting this stylized footboard made of cream linen and tufted details adds some elegant allure to your bedroom.

16. Thick Top Rail Twin

This design has a thick footboard top rail. One can comfortably rest their foot on this without feeling any excess pressure.

For those who like sitting on the edge of the bed, this is the perfect idea for you as long as your mattress is not thicker and protruding above the bed frame.

17. Tooth-like Design

I wouldn’t mind have one of these designs in my child’s bedroom. Kids only know the work of a footboard is to climb and jump. This one ensures that they break nothing of acquire injuries while play.

18. Downward Curve

The design is more of a bed frame than an actual footboard. Still, if you have a great mattress that complements the arcs on three sides of the bed, it is good to go.

Nothing complex comes out of it. The finishing makes it stand out of the many plain footboards I have seen though.

19. Baby Hand Class Headboard

The king headboard design above has a soft slippery feel that one can rest their feet on without worrying about possible scratches. It’s smooth just like a baby’s hands.

20. Berry Smooth

What a sweet, inviting look with an all-over natural cherry-finish! The traditional style of this footboard is a timeless beauty for your bedroom.

21. Silver Tail

Look what we have here. A silver tail that is the pinnacle of opulent footboard design. The little decorations across the footboard slat running across its surface are eye-catching.

The elaborate decorations make every inch of the bed frame exquisite.

22. August Grove Queen Footboard

Out of a zillion things to consider as your most stylish footboards, this should be one of them. Only a few furniture brands that stock this design.

I couldn’t locate one myself at a store but a carpenter suggested he could make one of these.

23. Russian Hook

At first glance, this bed frame may look like it is curved out of stone. However, the dried-up look is intentional since the designer was inspired by some Kremlin designs.

Low footboards like these are the new gem almost everywhere.