How Big is a Full Size Blanket? Dimensions in Inches, cm & Feet

About a quarter of blankets sold in America are full size. That makes full size blankets some the most common size of bedding in bedrooms today. Their popularity is well supported by the fact that the size is acceptable to most adults. As for children, a full blanket does not feel so big.

In this article:

  • How big is a full size blanket?
  • What are the dimensions of a full blanket in feet?
  • How big is a full blanket in cm?
  • How many yards of fabric for a full size blanket?
  • Using a full blanket in a queen mattress/bed.

How Big Is a Full Size Blanket?

A full size blanket is approximately 80 inches wide by 90 inches long. These dimensions of a full blanket may vary slightly depending on the manufacturer. They are intentionally designed to be larger than a full mattress to provide extra space on both sides and bottom sides. 

If the width is less than 75 inches, it’s probably a twin. 

Although most full size blankets will be 80 inches by 90 inches, the beds in the same category measure 54” by 75”. Therefore, you get about 26 extra inches in width of the blanket.

At the same time, the blanket’s length will is at least 15 inches larger than a full mattress. 

Full versus Twin blankets?

Full size blanket dimensions in cm

When comparing the two, we need to consider the motive for acquiring one. 

A full blanket is about 30-40% wider than a twin blanket. 

Therefore, for adults who want a bit more space and comfort, a full blanket is usually the ideal option. 

It does not mean children cannot use full blankets. All it shows is that we have a fair bit of space on the blanket’s edges to hang over the sides to cover the mattress. The space also accounts for the displacement of the blanket when you sleep under it.

By talking about displacement, we’re referring to the surface of the full blanket that covers the top of the mattress when you cover yourself up.

Having a little extra material hang on either side of the sleeper ensures you enjoy full warmth when sleeping. Some people aren’t familiar with measurements in inches. That is why we also converted the values into feet, cm, and yards. 

Full size blanket dimensions in feet

The size of a twin blanket is around 6.7 feet by 7.5 feet. The width and length are not far apart as can be seen with smaller blankets. 

We need to put it in context to help you understand.

Full size blanket dimensions in feer

The American football field is 300 feet long. You can picture the size of a full blanket using this measurement.

Let’s take it a little bit closer to home where you can find something to compare it with immediately. 

Look at your ceiling. How high is it? Most likely, it is 9 feet high. 

You can try stretching the length of your twin bed towards the ceiling and it will leave about 1.5 feet of space. 

It is probably the same height as your regular bedroom door. 

Full Size Blanket Dimension in cm

Full size blanket dimensions in cm are 203.2cm by 228.6cm. The values are in the hundreds but it doesn’t suggest a full blanket is large. The largest twin blanket could be larger than a full bed in terms of usable fabric area.

The majority of the world’s population uses the metric system. 

We expect that some readers are outside the United States. Therefore, they would feel familiar with full size blanket dimensions in cm. 

Will a full size blanket fit a queen bed?

Yes, a full size blanket can fit a queen bed. Depending on the bedding brand, full and queen blankets can be the same width, but they will usually be different lengths. 

A full bed measures 54 inches by 75 inches, while a queen bed measures 60 inches by 80 inches 

If you choose a blanket that is one size too small for your mattress, it will be a little too short and will not hang off the sides of the bed, reducing its visual appeal. Fortunately, you can comfortably use a full size blanket on a queen mattress, contrary to twin size blanket.

How many yards of fabric for a full size blanket?

The total number of yards of fabric for a full size blanket is around 6-7.5 yards per side. A yard of fabric equals 36 inches long. You’ll need about 3 yards for the length of the full size bed and 2.5 yards for the width. 

To figure out how much fabric you’ll need to make a full-size blanket, you’ll need to do some math. Remember that blanket sizes do not really come standardized like mattress sizes. So, expect some variation in this dimension even if a full-size or double blanket measures 85 by 90 inches. You’ll need two fabric pieces that are 85 inches long and 90 inches wide to achieve this.

One yard of fabric is always 36 inches long, but its width ranges from 36 to 60 inches. Assuming the yard of fabric you intend to use for the blanket is 36 inches long and 60 inches wide; a full-size blanket will require up to three yards of fabric.

Using the blanket dimensions and fabric size, you can reach a satisfactory estimate by doing some basic multiplication and division.