How Thick is a Twin Mattress? Inches and Centimeters

This article will answer the question about the thickness of twin mattress.

So, how thick are they?

How Thick is a Twin Mattress?

The thickness of a twin mattress ranges between 5 and 14 inches thick. Technically, companies use standard measurements that ensure comfort and luxury whenever one gets a new mattress.

The thicker your twin mattress is, the more comfortable it is presumed.

With a better sense of how comfortable the mattresses are, you can know the right person to use it and for how long. If it is too thin, it will probably not last too long, but that is also never the case. Some mattresses are thin but are made of high quality materials that make them last quite long.

When the twin mattress is thicker than 16 inches, it is commonly referred to as ‘extra deep’ and it will affect the height of your bed.

But what should be the height of your bed? The ideal height of the bed should be about 25 inches from the surface of the floor.

The reason for this height is to ensure that a normal height person can have their feet reach the ground when sitting at the edge of the bed. That makes getting in and out of the bed much more convenient.

How Thick is a Twin Mattress?

The average thickness of a twin mattresses ranges between 5 and 13 inches. However, some twins can be 4 inches thick while others are above 13 inches in height. Overall, they can be as low as you want to go.

The thickness of twin size mattress

Twin MattressThickness
Casper Twin10 – 12 inches
Purple Twin4 – 10 inches
Nolah Mattress Twin10 – 13 inches
Layla Twin Size6 – 12 inches

As you can notice, most mattresses fall within the same range of thickness. They only differ in lengths and widths.

How Thick are Mattresses?

No matter the specific size of your mattress, there will always be variations because there are no standard regulations that require companies to set similar mattress thickness.

  • Low profile mattresses (2 – 5 inches thick)
  • Slim mattresses (5 – 8 inches)
  • Standard mattresses (8 – 12 inches)
  • Deep/tall mattresses (12 – 16 inches)
  • Extra thick/extra tall mattresses ( > 16 inches)

Most high-quality mattresses have thicknesses between 8 and 12 inches.

The most common low profile mattresses are air mattresses and they can be found in fold-away beds.

Pros and Cons of Thick Mattresses

Thick mattresses are often softer compared to thin ones, providing a more comfortable surface for the hips, shoulders, and other sensitive areas. Thick mattresses, on the other hand, have certain disadvantages, such as being heavier and more expensive. Consider the thickness of each layer and how it affects the mattress’s feel while shopping for a new bed.


  • Thick mattresses offer more cushioning and comfort.
  • More than a single person can sleep on thick mattresses without any problems


  • With a thicker mattress, your bed will get too tall
  • Thick mattresses are also expensive compared to the others

Twin mattress dimensions

A twin mattress measures 39″ x 75″, which is equivalent to 3.25 ft x 6.25 ft or 99 cm x 191 cm. This mattress size is ideal for one person and it’s mostly meant for toddlers. They are also common in guest rooms frequented by single sleepers.

When you have two mattresses you can put them together side by side to make a king-sized mattress, albeit the length will be somewhat shorter. These twin mattress sets are so common, especially in guest rooms, because they can be split and joined at whim and provide a family with a lot of sleep flexibility at night. That’s the type of adaptability that allows many people who buy the mattresses to save money!

It may be the decisive factor in whether you choose a king, queen, or twin mattress.

If two mattresses are not properly combined from top to bottom, they may not be helpful in any way.

Can Twin Mattress Fit in Suv?

Yes, SUVs are mostly large enough to fit a twin mattress. You can also move a full, double, queen and sometimes even a king-size mattress on the roof. The only problem most people talk about is securing the mattress on top of the car.

Doing it appropriately will make it easy to carry a twin mattress even in smaller cars.

Since the twin mattress measures 39 inches by 75 inches, it is designed for small children and no car is so small that a teenager cannot fit inside lying down straight.

The mattress may not fit in the car trunk if it is not folded.

However, a van will easily carry your twin mattress without having to worry about folding it.

What about RAV4?

Indeed, twin mattresses fit in a rav4. You might only need to move and tilt the front passenger seat all the way forward. However, a slight fold in your mattress means that you will not need to worry about any of these.

If you’re transporting it on the rooftop, then it is even much easier.

Why Does Thickness Matter When Selecting Twin Mattress?

  • In a bunk or loft bed, the upper bed usually does not need very thick mattresses.
  • When planning to use a box spring, using a thicker mattress may add unnecessary height.
  • Weight of the sleeper also matters. Twin mattresses are usually for toddlers and when it is too thin, a heavy adult might find them uncomfortable.

Once you go to the market, the smallest size of regular mattress you’ll find is the twin. It fits just a single person. That is why it is sometimes called a single mattress.