How to Move a Memory Foam Mattress (in 6 Steps)

Let’s find out some useful tips related to moving your memory foam mattress. How do you fold and move a memory foam mattress when relocating.

These tips will not work with other types of mattresses because the materials used to make them are not similar to memory foam.

Being that it’s a memory foam means that it contains squishable air that will allow it to fold.

If you purchased the foam mattress, it is most likely that it came in a tiny box. You then had to let it out of the packaging and your mattress came back to its original shape and form as expected.

So, how do you move a memory foam mattress without causing any damage to it?

What you will need

  • Ratchet Straps
  • Plastic mattress bag/shipping carton
  • Duct tape

How to Move a Memory Foam Mattress

1. Remove Bedding from the Mattress

As obvious as it may sound, I’ve seen so many people trying to move their mattresses with all sheets, mattress protectors, and so on.

Ensure that you take off all these things and leave the mattress completely bare.

2. Put the Mattress in the Bag

Slide in the mattress into the right size bag. This should be easy if the bag is large enough.

Spending $12 on a mattress cover for moving to try to keep your mattress as clean as possible is worth it.

Check out my recommended queen size mattress bag here.

3. Seal it Up

If you chose the sealable bag, you’ll be more impressed since the mattress will be lot easier to handle.

By this time, ensure sure the mattress is securely fastened inside and the open side of the bag is properly sealed. Even if you use a sealable bag, the edges should be reinforced with duct tape 2 to 3 times.

You should additionally tape the valve from the vacuum bag such that it attaches on to the regular plastic. Proceed to cut a small hole through the plastic to allow the valve to extend to the mattress surface.

Tape the hole as tightly as you can so that once you begin vacuuming, it is airtight enough to suck out all the air.

4. Vacuum the Air Out

Connect your vacuum hose to the valve, start it and let it do its work. The vacuum will suck all the air out of the bag and allow the mattress to compress to the right size within the bag.

5. Fold Up the Foam Mattress

Flatten the mattress out as much as possible. Fold the mattress into two halves. You may keep the vacuum running to suck out all the air that might have been trapped.

6. Strap It

Use your ratchet straps to secure the mattress.

Can you even move a memory foam mattress?

Yes, you can move a memory foam mattress and transport it folded. It does not form any creases when folded. However, most people prefer transporting it flat.

Some of the things you can do when moving the mattress include the following:

  • Putting the memory foam mattress in a breathable mattress bag.
  • If you don’t have a mattress bag, consider wrapping it using a cloth sheet, or something similar.

Do not wrap memory foam mattress using plastic material because it traps moisture that could destroy the mattress.

how to compress a memory foam mattress

As you can see from the image above, there is no problem at all folding your memory foam.

You can find a good 15ft strap similar to the one used for tying the mattress above here through this link.

Some people decide to fold it like a taco while others go ahead and refold it once again. Using the ratchet strap to tie down the foam mattress is very simple and you can do it by yourself.

You will end up with a handle just as demonstrated in the image below.

strip for moving a mattress

Can You fit a Memory Foam Mattress in an SUV?

Yes, once you fold it in half or into a square, your memory foam can then fit into an SUV.

can you fit a memory foam mattress in an SUV

With an SUV, you get plenty of room, but you’ve got to fold the backseats.

But sometime, you may have a big, bulky memory foam mattresses that is just difficult to safely bend to accommodate during a move.

What do you do?

You will need to find a way to compress that bulky mattress into something that can still fit into the car.

How To Move a Memory Foam Mattress Using Shipping Carton

  1. Find a mattress shipping carton that’s ideal for the size of your mattress (see example here).
  2. Seal one side of the shipping carton with packing tape (check it here).
  3. Lay your shipping carton on a clean floor with its open end near one end of the mattress.
  4. Slide the open side of that shipping carton into the selected end of the mattress.
  5. Keep sliding until the entire foam mattress has gotten inside, while lifting and adjusting other parts as necessary.
  6. Once the mattress is fully inside the box, seal the other open end.
  7. You can fold it in half if it is not a very heavy or thick foam mattress.
  8. Transfer to the transporting vehicle. If it is a large car, you can transport memory foam mattress flat.

What Could Happen if You Pack Foam Mattress Carelessly when Moving?

When dealing with memory foam mattresses, you should remember that they are more flexible than regular mattresses, and you would believe that they are also simpler to transfer. However, they still need careful packaging and handling to avoid damage during shipment. Two or more layers of foam are layered together to give the comfort that you find in most foam mattresses. Improper packaging and handling can cause those layers to come apart and the foam to break.

Even though most foam mattresses come compacted into a tiny packaging from the manufacturer, you should not try to repack it in that original container by folding, compressing, or rolling it while moving. Unpack the mattress as soon as possible when it arrives at your place.

When it is time to move again, take new approaches to compressing it.

How To Compress a Memory Foam Mattress

The solution is to transporting a very large mattress is in compressing it. But how do you compress a memory foam mattress?

Transporting a huge mattress is one of the most frustrating aspects of relocating. They’re heavy and cumbersome, and moving them often requires the involvement of two individuals. Mattresses take up a lot of space in a moving truck, and if you just have a vehicle, you’re probably racking your brains for the best method to attach that sucker to the roof.

But hold on a minute.

If you have a memory foam mattress, you may recall that it arrived in relatively small box.

Surely there’s a way the manufacturer compressed it back down to the size it was when it left the factory. Unfortunately, the manufacturers use big machinery to fold the mattress into the neat, small bundle that is delivered to your door. The good news is that compressing a memory foam mattress yourself is still possible and quite simple.

Follow these steps to fold the memory foam mattress into a small size without having to pay someone or bribing a friend to help you in the process.

It is as simple as described earlier. To remind you again, here are the steps to compress your memory foam mattress:

1.     Set up the Mattress

2.     Place the Mattress in a Bag

3.     Attach the Vacuum Valve

4.     Vacuum Up the Air from Inside the Bag

5.     Roll Up the Mattress

6.     Tie It Up