How To Wear A Bonnet (Plus Other Tips)

In this article, I explain how to wear a bonnet the perfect way, plus other cool tips to learn about about sleeping bonnets.

Sleeping in a silk or satin bonnet is great because it protects your curly hair and keeps your hair off beneath your neck and it will prolong your style if you do not like changing it often.

I will focus on how to put on a bonnet to bed.

What is a Bonnet?

What is a bonnet? A bonnet is a headgear or hat worn by tying under the chin and is held in place by ribbons to frame the face. Bonnets were mostly worn by women in the past by currently, babies and men also wear them.

Bonnets can be worn by men, women, and children.

What Does a Bonnet Do?

What are bonnets for? Bonnets do two important things. One, they protect your hair from damage by preventing friction between your pillow and hair while you sleep. And two, bonnets hold your hair in one place to prevent it from spreading all over your face.

For people with hair that is prone to breaking while sleeping, bonnets are your go to beauty tip. They are also useful for people who are prone to acne as bonnets prevent hair from rubbing against your face during sleep.

Silk Bonnets

Silk bonnets are those that are made from silk fabrics. They are the most preferred type of bonnets because silk is good for keeping moisture in hair and preventing hair damage due to dryness.

If you’re planning to get silk bonnets, it is the best decision for protecting your hair.

Wearing silk bonnets is beneficial not only for black women’s hair but all types of hair.

What Do Silk Bonnets Do?

What do silk bonnets do?

  • Silk bonnets protect hair from dryness. They do so by preserving the moisture in the hair.
  • They prevent breakage of dry hair by reducing snags and tangles.
  • Silk bonnets also promote hair growth and keep curls intact.

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Do silk bonnets work?

Yes, silk bonnets work for all types of hair. If your hair is too dry and is prone to split end, then silk bonnets helps by reducing friction between your hair and bedding to prevent breakage. Wearing silk bonnet works for all types of hair.

Now that we have seen why they work, how do you wear a bonnet to protect your hair? It is pretty simple to wear.

How to Wear a Bonnet

  • Begin the process by flipping your head upside down.
  • Use both hands to hold the bonnet open.
  • Hook the bonnet around the back of your head.
wearing a bonnet
  • Pull the bonnet forward toward the bulk of your hair.
  • Use your right hand to gently press your hair ends up to the scalp.
benefits of hair bonnets
  • Make sure you’re folding your hair straight up, almost like an accordion instead of just stuffing all the hair into the cap.
  • Ensure that all the hair is on top of your hair and end up with a look similar to the one below.
what does a bonnet do

Do Bonnets Go Over Your Ears

No, bonnets do not go over your ears when you’re not sleeping. A perfectly worn bonnet should fit like shown in the picture below. The best way to put on a bonnet is to avoid covering your ears since ears could push the ribbon allowing some hair to stretch out of the bonnet.

do bonnets go over ear

The front of your bonnet should rest just above the eyebrows.

When sleeping people prefer wearing bonnets low and over the ears to avoid rubbing on their hairline. However, you can prevent the rubbing by moisturizing the edges of your hair.

When you’re out doing your stuff, your bonnet should go over the ears.

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Benefits of hair bonnet

1. Prevents the formation of tangles

When you turn in your sleep, it is possible that your hair could become tangled more quickly.

If you have finer, straighter hair, carefully brush it out to remove any knots, then twist it at the top of your head and cover it with a hat to keep it from getting tangled in your clothes. If you have curlier or kinkier textures, avoid brushing your hair and instead gently tuck it into your bonnet.

By wearing a bonnet or silk pillowcase at night, you can help prevent new tangles from growing, which will make combing your hair in the morning less unpleasant in the morning.

2. Minimizes frizz

By wearing a bonnet at night, you helps to reduce friction between your hair and your scalp, resulting in less frizz when you wake up. Being able to protect your hair reduces stress and helps to avoid split ends.

3. Reduces dryness

As much as we adore our cotton bed sheets with high thread count, they can cause our hair to become dry as a result of absorbing moisture from it.

In addition to conditioning our hair after shampooing to help it maintain moisture, sleeping with a bonnet or silk pillowcase will benefit your hair by minimizing the likelihood of breaking.

4. Less expensive

Not only will you be able to get bonnets for less than five dollars, but they also make it cheap and easy to manage your hair in the long run, reducing the need for a lot of style products in the first place.

Lots of women spend a lot of money on hair products, especially if they don’t use any to protect their hair from the elements at night.

Because bonnets don’t absorb hair products the way cotton does, you’ll use less product to style your hair when wearing a bonnet.

Can men wear bonnets?

Yes, men can wear bonnets to bed, especially if they have made their hair for say a movie shoot. However, it is rare to see men wearing bonnets in public because women think it kills attraction. Nobody really cares what you put on your head anyway.