6 Twin Loft Beds for Teens and Where to Buy

Even if you really hate loft beds, teens don’t. One of the reasons why the beds are worth every penny listed in our previous article should convince you to acquire one. Here is a list of best twin loft beds for teenagers. We believe these cool lofts will set a great bedroom experience for your child.

Buying these beds can never be a regret. The benefits are timeless and almost countless. It is quite uncommon to find anybody complaining about how they hate loft beds. Let’s look at some of the advantages of purchasing a loft bed.

Here are 6 cool twin loft beds for teenagers.

Loft beds for teenagers

Loft Beds for Teens

1. DHP Studio Twin Loft Bed

If you’re looking for an elegant twin loft bed with a bookshelf and a desk, this is your go-to bed frame.

grey twin loft bed

Check out its price on Amazon.

The weight limit for this loft bed is 200 pounds.

There are a couple of things to like about this loft bed. Other than being a grey bed frame that is generally a safe color for bedrooms, you will use the bed for decades because it’s made from the best quality steel.

Maximize space with the bed frame and declutter the bedroom by stocking your items in the shelves.

It is clearly designed for a twin mattress and has safety rails to prevent your teenager from falling off.

2. White Twin-size Bed with Storage

Second on our list of most beautiful twin loft beds for teenagers is this white bed frame with both slide and drawer stairs.

It is ideal for very young children, about 8-14 years.

white twin loft bed with storage

If you’re wondering where you can buy it, the loft bed is available at Target.

Unlike the previous twin loft bed, this one can carry a maximum weight of 250lbs.

With this, you’ll be providing your teens with a bed and a fun zone at the same time. The space beneath it is large enough to be used arbitrarily and can hid plenty of toys.

We love the design of the storage for this loft bed because the ladder is a visible place that kids will easily remember to keep items.

The storage is a problem-solver to mothers who have reminding their children to arrange their rooms.

In terms of safety, the bed has a guardrail and ladder with handrails to prevent falls.

Assembling this white loft bed is easy.

3. DHP Abode Twin Size Metal

This third cool loft bed is ideal for slightly taller teens. The bed has three stairs. That makes it possible to climb from almost any direction.

Metal twin size loft bed for teens

If it interests you, buy it on Amazon via the link.

One obvious thing here is that the bed is designed for smaller spaces. Also, note that it comes with a desk and shelves.

The sleep loft bed has an industrial styles, with two ladders. The guardrails add enough safety for your young ones to enjoy their sleep without the risk of falling.

What about the maximum weight limit?

This loft bed can carry a maximum of 200 lbs.

4. Tyree Twin Solid Wood Loft Bed

Your kids will also enjoy the luxury of sleeping in this white wooden loft bed. The twin size loft comes with a neatly-finished bookshelf and 4 drawers.

Find its price on Wayfair.

It is definitely worth the price for your teenage girl.

We love the bed because other than being elegant, it is designed to serve real purpose of maximizing space. You get plenty of drawers and additional shelves behind the stairs to keep items.

Any teenager who is below 200 pounds can sleep on it.

For the information on assembly and delivery, the seller will provide all the details that you can follow easily.

There may be hundreds of beds to skip but this fourth one deserves space in your teen’s bedroom.

5. Novogratz Maxwell Metal Loft Bed with Desk & Shelves

The last twin loft bed on our list is the Novogratz Maxwell Loft Bed with Desk. You not only get the desk and bed but you also enjoy simplicity and plenty of room underneath.

Black twin loft bed for teenagers

The find out more about it, check the price of the loft bed online here as listed by Overstock.

A generally appealing, clean, and minimalistic look makes the loft bed an ideal one for teenage boys who require plenty of space to move about.

The maximum weight capacity is 300 lbs. So, even an adult can sleep on it.

6. Dorel Living Harlan Wood Loft Bed

As a bonus twin loft for your teenage girl, this white bed frame made from quality wood will last your family many years.

Check its price online via the link to where they sell Twin loft beds.

It is quite sturdy and features an integrated desk and strong ladder for climbing. The seller provides a 12-month warranty.

You won’t need a box spring when using this loft bed.

Weight Limit of Loft Bed?

The weight limit of loft beds ranges between 150 – 400 lbs. Twin lofts tend to support smaller weights compared to queen loft beds. Metallic beds will ensure that the loft can also carry a heavier individual sleeping on it. Even most solid wood alternatives can carry over 200 pounds.

So, you can see that they support a lot of weight. What is the reason?

It all boils down to presence or absence of the locking mechanism of an adjustable height loft bed. With an adjustable locking mechanism, the loft usually only support less weight than a solid wood or metal bed post.