Loft Bed: 33 Reasons To Buy One

Even if you might really hate loft beds, one of these 33 reasons why the beds are worth every penny. Buying these beds can never be a regret. The benefits are timeless and almost countless. It is quite uncommon to find anybody complaining about how they hate loft beds. Let’s look at some of the advantages of purchasing a loft bed.

1. Gets rid of all the boring space 

Loft beds come in many styles and most of them are totally cozy. These beds are the solution to all the empty boring spaces in the bedroom. 

These beds are still perfect for people who want to go for an exciting country or more traditionally styled bedroom.

2. It will trigger (positive) envy

Making your friends jealous is probably not a good way to frame this but picture this: your friend bought a larger bed and now claims that all her kids now have extra sleeping spaces. 

The next time they visit you and find a loft bed, they’re going to become jello and probably buy one themselves. 

3. Play space

The space beneath the bed is not just for adding more pieces of furniture. It is a good play space for kids. So, this is also another advantage of buying a loft bed.

The regular bed barely leaves a few inches for kids to jump or run around. With a loft bed, all your kids’ toys will keep them busy under this bed.

4. Designing into a concealed closet

Another obvious merit of loft beds is that they can be redesigned into exciting features such as concealed closets.

This is definitely a huge benefit that comes with the bed. The open space can be designed into a concealed closet. 

5. Contributes to the spirit of conservation

The world is increasingly becoming more concerned about the environment. Loft beds are great in terms of maximizing the utilization of space and resources. 

For instance, instead of having two separate rooms for reading and sleeping, they can be done in a single room that has this raised bed.

6. Extra perks

Another advantage of loft beds is that they come with more features. Loft beds usually come with extra perks. For instance, some come with drawers while others come with cute tents for toddlers. 

Others are designed to provide space for fancy ladders, shoe storage, mirror, and so much more.

7. Available in twin size

In case you have been wondering about it, the answer is here. Yes, loft beds come in twin sizes. 

So, you do not have to worry so much about having too much bed space for a single baby sleeping up there.

8. Queen size loft beds for adults

The other good news is that larger versions of loft beds are available. If you need a queen size bed, stores will gladly provide them.

Adults can sleep in loft beds because they are designed to carry up to about 2,000 lbs without breaking or straining.

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9. Matching your taste

Loft beds come in different designs. It is quite easy to find something that matches your taste. 

One does not have to look harder. A short encounter with the beds will prove the sense of uniqueness and capture your desire.

10. Installing a lamp for reading

The design of these beds allows you to install a lamp for a small library beneath it if you like. 

Unlike other bed types that will require an extra table for the lights, loft beds are designed to accommodate the support for reading lamps. 

11. Extra space for the dresser

The beds are not just for kid’s bedrooms. Once you have a queen loft bed, an adult can easily add the dresser beneath it. 

There is always enough space below the bed and what you do with it is up to you.

12. Extra storage everywhere

An image of a loft bed with extra storage spaces

The most mentioned reason to buy a loft bed is the extra storage spaces that come with it. 

Those spaces are nice for keeping extra pairs of shoes, clothes, bins, and much more.

Just have a look at the much space available in the bed below.

13. A sofa can fit beneath

When we say loft beds are wonderful, we mean it. Can you imagine having an extra sofa fit under the bed? Superb!

A loft bed with sofa beneath

Here is an inspiring design that proves what we are talking about. 

14. Teaching a ton of life lessons

The beds can teach people many life lessons. For example, it is possible to live with kids in small apartments.

The other lesson is also about the limitless creativity of humans in any kind of space. 

Since kids love loft beds, if it is time for them to acquire get one, you can get them to show good behavior and remain patient as you work on the plan. That way, you will train them into becoming responsible adults.

15. They add more square feet in the room

For every additional square foot in a house, there is usually a huge price tag. Others have to buy new homes or initiate major renovations. 

However, with a loft bed, you can put to use the free open higher spaces by floating the bed up there. 

Space that was once unusable is suddenly valuable.

16. Decorative purposes

Getting one of these beds adds an extra decorative feel to a room. Regular beds tend to be just plain and nothing exciting comes out of them.

If you’re considering a decorative bed, add a loft bed to your priority list. 

17. Hiding from overly playful kids

Sleeping on a regular bed, you kids will just walk in and climb up and shake every single sleepy mood out of the room.

Sometimes, kids are just overwhelming. If you want to enjoy some peaceful nap, you can climb up the loft bed and take your time.

By the time the kids come to notice you’re up there, it will be a couple of hours into your awesome nap. 

18. A secure ‘ladder’ for changing bulb

You no longer need a ladder to reach the ceiling of the bedroom. 

With this piece of furniture, you get a secure and stable surface to stand on when replacing a broken bulb. It is never a must to ever walk out looking for a ladder or something similar.

19. No more unnecessary dirt

When people like to sit on your bed, they mostly drop some of their butt dirt. 

Loft bed should save you from this problem. 

20. Extra privacy up

A bedroom is already a private place, but for those who have access to the room, not being too within their reach is a smart idea.

An elevated bed will let you do whatever you like up there without anyone necessarily bothering you due to the extra layer of private napping. 

21. You don’t have to make your bed

Being lazy is bad. However, sometimes, you just wake up with too much in your head and the only thing you see is the day’s task ahead.

On such days, leaving your bedsheets still wrinkled would be allowed. A loft bed would do the job of hiding this unmade bedding a couple of feet high. 

Nobody will even notice that the bedding isn’t made unless they climb up there.

22. No more occasional embarrassments

I hate the idea that people tend to visit me on days that my room is not made. 

With a loft bed, you can throw any random clothe up there and quickly conceal the clatter in your room. 

23. Comical moments here and there

With a loft bed, you will also enjoy a few moments of laughter when people knock their heads on it. 

Of course, I will say ‘sorry’ but after laughing at you, except where you’re seriously bleeding.

24. Fun in the bedroom becomes possible

Kids lack a proper play area? The room is too small? The simplest solution is a loft bed that will leave an extra open space below for the child to play with toys. 

So, with a little bit of imagination, a bedroom with loft bed is a fun zone in waiting.

25. Easy to change to a bunk bed

Have you come to think of it? You have one child and then a few years later, his brother or sister arrives. 

If you had a loft bed, you do not have to buy a new bed. All that you can do is to add a lower bunk and you have one more sleeping space

A loft bed is a low-key two-for-one deal. The space for a lower bed is already there. So, for a growing family, all you need is a second bed underneath the loft.

26. Bunk beds sometimes look stupid

I do not in anyway say that bunk beds are bad, but when given a choice between bunk beds and loft beds, I will always pick the latter.

Unless your house has more than one kid, bunk beds are no longer exciting for homeowners. In fact, they are often considered unnecessary. 

Once you go loft, returning to bunk will feel like demolition of your most pricey property in the bedroom. 

27. Easy to put kids to sleep

With the joy that comes with climbing up the loft bed, you won’t have much trouble trying to tell your kids to go to bed. They will climb up there before you even tell them to. 

Finding a child who hates to sleep on a loft bed is almost an impossible task. Sleeping on a loft bed is always awesome not only for kids but also adults.

28Freedom to play around with designs

A bedroom with this piece of furniture always looks very stylish. On top of this, one can adjust the bed design to reflect their preference or wishes. With loft beds, the fantasy is just inexhaustible. 

29. Awesome for cabin homes

A rustic loft bed could be the beginning of an ideal moment spent outdoors. The bedframe designs are sturdy and that means they can last many fun vacations with family and friends.

30. Buying extra furniture

Loft bed with an in-built desk will save you from buying extra tables and seats to use beneath it.

It makes a lot of economic sense to get one as soon as you can.

31. You can Do It Yourself

Some people will claim that you cannot build a loft bed with desk on your own. That is so false.

You can build the bed on your own as long as you have the right tools and material.

32. IKEA sells loft bed

Isn’t it amazing that you can buy loft bed from your favorite store IKEA? Yeah, the company stocks this type of furniture along with bunk beds and other varieties.

So, no need to worry about where you will find one of these beds.

33. Modification of stairs

Picture of a loft bed with a slide

Finally, the other advantage of loft beds is that it is possible to modify the stairs.

For instance, some people replace the stairs with slides to add an incredible degree of appeal, especially for kids.

Here are some other additional reasons to buy loft beds: