11 Murphy Bed Ideas for Small Spaces | Where to Buy

Murphy beds save space. They are incredibly useful for people who live in small rooms but want to maximize the use of every inch of space.

Depending on your taste and room design, here are a few Murphy bed ideas worth considering for small spaces.

Murphy Bed Ideas (for Small Spaces)

1. Simple Lori Murphy Bed

Lori Murphy bed design

Sure, Murphy beds don’t have to cost too much.

This simple-styled Lori wall bed is practical and affordable at the same time.

With it, you get everything, be it something budget-friendly, space-conserving, or stylish.

The reason why it is so inexpensive is because it was designed without a lifting mechanism.

It is these lifting mechanisms that make Murphy beds so expensive.

2. Dual function Murphy Bed

Dual function Murphy bed

This dual-function Murphy bed suits the living room. If it is your DIY project, the design can be reduced to a smaller size to ensure that it fits in almost any space.

The support, which acts as the bed frame is usable as a dining table.

Although not many people consider this, making the dining surface detachable ensures that you can use that space for other things when no one is sleeping on the bed.

3. Twin Size Murphy with Storage Cabinets

Twin size Murphy bed

Isn’t this Murphy bed with beautiful shelving units amazing?

Rather than the usual vertical design, this twin size Murphy bed fits horizontally into the wall.

Moreover, you do not even need to have so many cabinets like this to have an exquisite bed. All you need is a sturdy frame to support the impact of stretching the Murphy bed horizontally.

If you have a 12 by 12 bedroom and you’re considering adding another bed, this should be a great option.

It also leaves you with a spacious dressing area for the mirror and a small drawer for other items. You won’t have to buy a new dresser.

4. Murphy bed with Hutch and Inline Sofa

Murphy bed with Sofa

There is something about black and white that makes the colors common in luxury brands. Some people are after luxury and they know how to spot them.

This queen size Murphy bed combines a couch, a table and drawers.

If you want to give your room an advanced look while conserving space at the same time, this complete bed flanked with a tall cabinet definitely suits anybody.

To get such wonderful furnishing, you may need to spend a little more on quality materials. If you buy a ready-made Murphy bed like this, it could cost you about $3,200.

Still, it would be a great deal.

5. Mantle-Murphy for Day and Night

Mantle Murphy on the Wall

This simple design is great for hiding a bed in any type of room.

You may customize the wood and paint colors to suit your needs. Although the design may seem too basic, it is the quality of the materials you use that will add aesthetics to it.

Make the cabinets as interesting as possible.

Also, the storage spaces could be designed for various purpose. For more information on this Murphy bed, check out Stonehand.

6. Simple Old School Murphy Bed

The simplicity in this full size Murphy bed makes it even more desirable for those who do not have a lot of money in the bank.

Adding a small nightstand beside it

Inside the closet doesn’t even have to be fancy. You only need to find the right size wooden bars for the cabinet. This will serve both for the bed header and cabinet verticals.

For the colors, you are free to pick something that catches the eye but not too reflective.

7. Modern Murphy bed with Sofa

Some people also love to put Murphy beds in their master bedrooms. In that case, here is a great modern looking idea that will forever be timeless.

With it, you get a sofa during the day and enough bed space at night.

For more ideas on organizing your bedroom to save space, check the article on Styling a Small Bedroom by Carley Prendergast.

8. Murphy Bed for Office

Murphy bed for office

You’re just starting a new company and all you want to do is to save every penny you get. That is when you decide to be sleeping in the office.

Fortunately, that office space will not be small again for your bed if you can build this nice Murphy bed.

It only requires space the length of three closet doors to have your queen bed.

You will end up with plenty of storage space for your files while making use of every inch of the office.

9. Queen Murphy bed with Built-in Table

This DIY Murphy bed is one of the most flexible designs you can ever find.

One of the many reasons you should consider it is the spacious workstation and a top shelf for storing a few items. Another thing to consider is that you can transfer it from one room to another.

It is the Murphy bed that you can relocate with without going through so much trouble.

When undertaking a project like this on your own, make sure that the wood is lightweight.

10. Horizontal Murphy bed with Simple Metal Legs

Horizontal murphy bed

If there is one thing that usually complicates Murphy bed designs, it’s the legs for support at night.

This design uses hook-shaped metal legs that also serve as the pulling support when stretching the bed.

A downside that most people tend to see with the design is its lack of storage cabinets or closets. However, for a minimalist bedroom décor, this should be your top option.

11. Single Bed Bookshelf Combination

In case you’ve been wondering, yes, Murphy beds can support two sleepers, and it doesn’t have to be a single queen size.

Out of all the ideas listed in this article, this design is definitely my favorite.

It is ideal for a family where two kids sleep in the kids’ bedroom or for the guest room.

If your kids quarrel too much and don’t want to share their bed, it’s time to consider this single Murphy bed that combines three bookshelves in between. It also leaves space for nightstands on either side.

12. Queen Murphy Bed with Elongated Book Shelf on the Side

As living spaces become smaller these day, one needs to adjust and make use of them to get value for the money.

Here is a Murphy bed idea that makes your house almost complete.

Apart from the full size bed that can fold into the wall, it has an elongated shelf on one side. On the other side is also plenty of closet space for clothes.

Right beneath the bed is a three seater couch that will serve your guests quite well during the day.