Superb Orange Bedding Set Ideas (Bed Sheets, Duvet Covers)

In this post, we will list 6 of the most exciting orange duvet cover and orange bed sheet ideas to improve your bedroom. On top of the orange bedding set, expect to find a few burnt orange bedroom ideas too.

We also talk about some burnt orange bedroom ideas to ignite amazing experience while sleeping.

The following are some of the most exciting orange bedding (queen/king duvet cover and bed sheet) ideas to pick from:

1. Deki Orange Duvet Cover Queen Size

orange duvet cover white pillows
  • Size: Queen (90″ x 90″)
  • Color: Orange
  • Material: Polyester
  • Thread count: 1800
  • Number of pieces: 3
  • Machine washable: Yes
  • Zipper closure: Yes


  • 100% Washed Cotton – Washed cotton is not the same as cotton. It is a Polyester material that has undergone a unique process. Compared to other materials, it is softer and more comfortable.
  •  It’s made up of three pieces. 2 regular style pillowcases 26″ X 90″ Duvet Cover Collection – Queen size duvet cover 90″ x 20″ (no insert included)
  • Practical Design – a concealed zipper closure and inside corner ties secure your duvet insert, quilt, blanket, or comforter.
  • Pillowcases with an elegant envelope closure that makes it simple to insert and remove your bed pillows.
  • Machine Washable & Easy Care – The duvet cover kit is machine washable and easy to maintain. Clean in a low-temperature tumble dryer. The duvet cover sets are made of high-quality materials that are more breathable and comfortable for your skin than any other synthetic bedding, and they’ll last a long time! Believing in what you’ve seen and felt.
  • This microfiber duvet cover package adds a wonderful dose of coziness to every well-made bed, despite its low price tag. This silky-soft comforter cover collection is ideal for a child’s crib, a college dorm room, or a first-time apartment. It can also be used as a fresh set for overnight visitors or as a backup set on laundry day.

Where to Buy: The duvet cover above is my favorite. If you like it, you can check its pricing here (Link to Amazon).

2. Deep Pocket Fitted Queen Orange Sheet

orange queen bed sheets
  • Size: 16’’ Queen
  • Color: Orange
  • Material: Cotton
  • Number of pieces: 3
  • Machine washable: Yes
  • Pillowcase: Pillowcase 20” x 30”


  • The sheets are made entirely of Egyptian cotton.
  • Queen Size bedroom sheet set with 2 Free Pillowcases – This 1 Pc Fitted Sheet Bedroom Bedding Set Includes – 1 fitted sheet 60″x 80″.
  • For the price, this Stripe Pattern Sheet Set is fantastic!
  • These 1 Piece Stripe Pattern – 700 TC Sheet set are some of the softest and most inexpensive you’ll ever find. They are much softer Egyptian cotton sheets at a much lower price.

Overall, this high quality orange bed Sheet package adds the perfect finishing touch to your bed and is long lasting. Since these are straight from the maker, they are comfortable, sleek, and silky high quality and durable bed linens at a very low price. On Egyptian cotton, we give an Italian finish.

Where to Buy: Deep Pocket Fitted Queen Orange Sheet is available here (Link to Amazon).

3. Swanson Beddings Tree Branches Orange King Duvet Cover

orange king size duvet cover on Amazon

This lovely duvet cover kit, designed by Swanson Beddings, will brighten up your bedroom. The Duvet Cover slides over your current duvet insert or comforter, giving your bed a luxurious new look. The bedding is made entirely of soft cotton (300 thread count). The reversible cover features a concealed zipper closure and ties at the four interior corners to keep the comforter or duvet insert tight (NOT included). It’s gentle, lovely, and long-lasting. Instructions for cleaning: machine wash cold, separately, on gentle cycle. Soak and bleach are not recommended. Tumble dry on low heat and gentle cycle. Remove the item as soon as possible. If necessary, warm the iron.


  • Made of 100% soft cotton that is breathable, eco-friendly, and of superior quality.
  • Well-made, with a secret zipper and corner links.
  • Stunning modern style, reversible, robust, and machine washable
  • One king cover (104″x90″) and two pillow shams (20″x36″+2) are included (Note: Duvet insert is NOT included.)
  • The duvet cover features an abstract tree branch canvas designed by a contemporary French artist. Many trendy background color choices are available for the bedding package.

Where to Buy: Find the latest price using here (link to Amazon)

4. Queen Size Orange Sheet Set

queen size orange bed sheets

This bed sheet is available on Amazon too, but let’s look at the features first.

  • Size: Queen
  • Color: Coral
  • Material: Microfiber
  • Number of pieces: 6
  • Machine washable: Yes


  • Deep Pockets to Easily Fit Any Mattress! Silky Soft, 6-Piece Premium Sheet Set – Deep Pockets to Easily Fit Any Mattress!
  • High-quality, well stitched queen sheet sets that doesn’t tear easily and feel smooth and comfortable against the skin. The high quality, buttery soft, double-brushed fabric of our 6-Piece Sheet Set – with four cooling, silky pillowcases for deep, comfortable sleep.
  • The fabric is machine-washable queen size fitted and flat sheet package is made of super-fine fibers that resist pilling, tearing, shrinking, and fading while remaining cool and breathable.
  • Unlike other queen-size sheets that are ill-fitting and difficult to get on the bed, our queen fitted sheets have large pockets that match mattresses up to 16 inches, allowing you to make the bed faster and easier. Even works for mattress toppers and air mattresses!

The most ideas orange bed sheet gives you hotel luxury and extra softness. It has deep pockets and it is easy to fit.

The bed sheets are breathable and have cooling effects. They are wrinkle-free.

5. Unibi Orange Duvet Cover Queen

orange duvet cover set

100 percent Microfiber Solid Color Orange Duvet Cover Queen Size 3 Piece Comforter Cover Sets, Soft and Breathable Bedding Duvet Cover with Zipper Closure and Corner Ties, 90×90 inches.

  • SUPER MICROFIBER FABRIC. This solid duvet cover is made of lighter, more comfortable brushed microfiber than other fabrics. The 100 percent soft fabric offers longevity and breathability, as well as comfort and softness.
  • The supplier provides the following items for purchase:
    • Twin: 1 (68″x 90″) duvet cover or 1 (68″x 90″) 1 duvet cover (104″x 90″)
    • 2 Pillowcases (20″x 26″); Queen: 2 Pillowcases (20″x 26″);
    • 1 king-size duvet cover (90″x 90″)
  • Hidden ZIPPER & CORNER TIES: The Duvet Cover has a hassle-free hidden zipper closure that is faster and simpler than a standard button closure, requiring no effort to get your comforter in and out. 4 corner ties on the inside to keep your comforter in place and keep you warm.
  • DESIGN: The solid color duvet cover design restores a basic and natural feeling, allowing you to relax while still adding a splash of color to your home’s decor.


Before the first use, this orange bed duvet is washed separately. Gentle washing in a WARM/COLD cycle, low-temperature drying, and hanging to dry are all recommended. Make sure the dark duvet cover is washed separately from other fabrics.

Where to Buy: The price may be different right now but check it on Amazon through this link here.

6. Minimal Style Geometric Shapes Duvet Quilt Cover

Orange-white queen duvet cover scandinavian design
  • Size: Queen
  • Color: Orange and white
  • Material: Cotton
  • Thread count: 300
  • Pieces: 3
  • Machine washable: Yes

This modern Scandinavian style geo shapes duvet quilt is influenced by mid-century modern architecture. This unisex bedding collection will brighten up your bedroom and will go with both traditional and modern minimalist decor. 3 piece collection in King or Full/Queen size, generously sized to match US comforter sizes includes one duvet cover and two pillow shams with flange and french flap opening. 250 thread count 100% Cotton twill that will become even softer with every wash. To secure your comforter in place, use a duvet cover with inside ties and a button closure. Cold, gentle cycle in the washing machine. Dry on a low setting in the tumble dryer. Just using non-chlorine products when necessary. As required, warm the iron.


  • Made of 100% cotton
  • If you want to secure your comforter or quilt in place, the duvet cover has concealed inside ties and a button closure.
  • Soft 100-cotton twill with a 250 thread count, lightweight and breathable at night
  • Rust orange, taupe, white, and dusty rose blush geometric mosaic forms reversible pattern
  • One Complete / Queen size 89 by 92-inch duvet cover and two 20 by 28-inch pillow shams are included in this 3-piece collection. A 68 by 90-inch duvet cover and one pillow sham are included in this 2-piece Twin/Single package.

Where to Buy: Check its latest price here on Amazon.

Is Orange a good color for a bedroom?

 Orange is a good color of the bedroom.  Orange is a vibrant and lively paint color that is perfect for a playroom or an exercise room walls too. However, in the bedroom, homeowners should choose a more soothing hue. They can also choose a lighter orange hue, like peach.

Still doubting whether you should get orange bedroom sheets and duvet covers? Painting your walls orange? Here is a picture to give you a hint of what to expect.

orange duvet cover, pillows, and burnt orange wall

Hope this article helped change your idea about orange bedding positively.

Burnt orange is a medium dark orange evoking visions of flames. Burnt orange, despite being formally named in 1915, may be divisive since various organizations interpret it differently. Burnt orange, for example, has a hint of blue at Auburn University but none at the University of Texas.

Some people associate burnt orange with negative emotions like selfishness, pride, or aggression, while others associate it with autumn and evoke feelings of warmth and comfort. Burnt orange works well as an accent color for dark blues and grays. For a more vibrant palette, pair it with mint green and peach.

For a more vibrant palette, pair it with mint green and peach.

We will explain the meaning of the color Orange and color combinations to inspire your next bedroom decoration.

The image below portrays the calming effect of burnt orange bedroom walls.

burnt orange bedroom wall ideas

Credit: Kremena Ruseva

The same photographer also found a nice orange bedroom wall below.

beautiful orange bedroom wall

What goes with orange in a bedroom?

What colors go with orange bedding? Orange goes well with nearby colors like red and yellow, as well as its complementary color blue and the color violet. Warm orange mixed with neutrals can be soothing, while bursts of orange in throws, draperies, and displays can brighten the overall look and even make it feel cheerful.

All of the colors that go with red are mentioned below:

Here are some successful orange bedding color combinations:

  • One of the colors that goes well with every hue of orange is white. White softens the intensity of the orange and makes the space feel light and airy. Off-white colors such as cream, vanilla, ivory, and others are better for a softer look. Individual items such as chairs, curtains, bedspreads, and carpet look best against a white backdrop.
  • Black and orange is a powerful and complementary color combination, and white is typically added to maintain balance and prevent the bedroom being too dark. This combination is very common in contemporary interiors, and it looks fantastic. The key thing to keep in mind is not to use too much black.
  • Gray gives orange bedroom interior designs a sense of peace, softness, and balance. Gray is a cool color that is often used as a backdrop for bright and bold accents and components.
  • Beige is a neutral color that works well to soften orange. It does not produce a stark contrast, unlike white, and this combination looks great in a bedroom. The interior is serene and relaxing, but it is not devoid of light.
  • Green is one of the colors that can be used to produce stunning designs. Of course, the best shades of both colors must be combined. Light green, mint, lime, olive, and pistachio are only a few of the delicate green shades that produce a relaxing and romantic atmosphere.
  • Blue shades enhance the expressiveness of an orange bedroom interior and add nuance to the overall impression. It is critical to choose a soothing blue shade that will gently contrast and cool the interior’s intensity and brightness.
  • Turquoise, a combination of green and blue, is another color that complements orange well. Turquoise adds a cheerful touch to the bedroom’s appearance without detracting from its tranquility. This mix works well in Mediterranean-style interiors as well as beach-themed decors.
  • Brown tones are a great complement to orange bedroom designs. Wooden furniture, for example, gives the interior a sense of solidity and dependability.

Why orange bedding ideas are great

Orange is a vibrant, young, and imaginative hue. It combines the warmth of red with the optimism of yellow, conveying movement and excitement while also encouraging socialization. Orange has a new, healthy appearance and can also stimulate appetite. It is often used to attract attention and signal protection because it is very visible.

Orange bedding usually go well with orange walls too.

superb orange walls on a bedroom

Orange is a vibrant and energizing color. It, like yellow and red, can be really eye-catching, which is why it is often used in advertisements.

Orange is often described as vibrant, joyful, and uplifting. However, in some cases, it can seem too bright and distracting. Orange, like purple, has a reputation for being a divisive color. People either enjoy it or despise it.

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