Who Makes Marriott Pillows?

Are you interested in knowing who makes Marriott Pillows? In this article, we will go through all the details. We will cover quality of the pillows, whether you can buy them or not, sizes, and how comfortable they are. Like Marriott mattresses, Marriott pillows largely guarantee luxury and comfort for guests.

Apparently, the most common type of pillow used in 5-star hotels is down pillow. But who makes those pillows for the hotels such as the Marriott?

Who Makes Marriott Pillows?

Pacific Coast makes Marriott Pillows. The company is located in Boca Raton, Florida and specializes in supply of premium down pillows for hotels. Pacific Coast Feather Down is the leading brand of down and feather bedding in America and has been providing bedding to major hotels for over 125 years.

You can see they’ve been in the business for so long. The company has improved its game and is considered among the very best in terms of hotel pillows and other bedding.

Pacific Coast uses Duck feather and down combined with at least 75% Goose down.

What type of pillow does Marriott use

By now, you can see why Marriott Hotel Pillows make sense for many high-end hotels.

Their products signify luxury and ensures sleepers get utmost comfort. The pillows are uniquely constructed to provide strong body support. Every individual pillow has its unique features and filling that guarantee maximum relaxation regardless of which hotel you spend your night in.

It won’t be a mistake choosing Marriott Down and Feather Pillow as your next dream pillow. You’ll surely change your sleeping experience.

Can You Buy Marriott Pillows?

Anyone can buy Marriott Pillows from the website ShopMarriott. You will be able to find their down and feather and down alternative hotel pillows. Even when you need other types of luxury options such as Euro Pillows and bolster pillows, they are available for purchase.

There is something about hotel bedding that we all agree on – their bedding are so cool.

  • Their pillows are comfy and look great.
  • In fact, I have personally wished my pillows would the plump and fluffy as those in hotels.

And they are not even expensive. Almost all their pillows cost less than $99. The feather and down pillows below cost lest than $100 at the time of writing this article.

Can you buy Marriott Pillows

And when you consider 5-star hotels, the luxury even goes a notch higher. Fortunately, we can recreate these hotel-standards at home. It has become much easier because companies that make these luxury bedding also sell to individuals.

Previously, only large 5-star hotels like the Fairmont, the Marriott, and the Ritz-Carlton could afford the luxe hotel pillows. Today, production processes have improved and the bedding are much more affordable.

Yes, you can buy Marriott Pillows and bring them to the comfort of your bedroom.

What Type of Pillows Does Marriott Use?

The types of pillows Marriott Hotels use are Feather and down made by Pacific Coast. What is Marriott Feather and Down Pillow anyway? This is probably the most popular Marriott Pillow. It is made from white duck feathers in the inner core for firmness and a combination of white duck down and feather around it to make the pillow luxuriously soft.

Most importantly, these Marriott Feather and Down Pillows are free from any allergens. Their covers are 100% cotton. And what does it have to do with who makes Marriot Pillows? It is all about providing comfort and great customer experience.

Moreover, the manufactures use double-stitched edges to ensure sleepers get maximum comfort and longest pillow lifespan. Usually, when it comes to pillows, people are interested in comfort.

That should take us to the next question people might ask: are Marriott Pillows comfortable?

Are Marriott Pillows Comfortable?

Are Marriott pillows comfortable

Marriott Pillows are among the most comfortable pillows you will find around. They are made for luxury and no customer would enjoy low quality pillows. To ensure their guests have restful nights that they look forward to next time, Marriott Hotels use the Marriott Feather and Down Pillow.

It provides a high degree of comfort because it comes out on top with our firm inner core that is wrapped with luxuriously soft and allergen-free down.

This ensures that your head and neck are supported all night long.

The standard size is 20″x 26″ and this offers customers the most restful sleep. They feature a 230 thread count, barrier-wave 100% cotton fabric. As always, the fabric is extremely lavish and soft to touch.

What Makes Marriott Pillows so Good?

Multiple things make Marriott Pillows incredibly good.

  1. They have a unique pillow-in-a-pillow construction. This adds another needed layer of feathery bounce to its design.
  2. For back sleepers, the support these pillows offer is astonishing. You can sleep all night without experiencing irritating pressure on your neck and shoulders. It keeps the body perfectly during sleep, particularly when on the back.
  3. Marriott Pillows also feel good on the skin. And I mean, they’re literally friendly on the skin. Their unique dual-chamber design offers sleepers with a seamless mixture of supportive feather filling and cloud-like soft down. The inner chambers comprise of 90% waterfowl feathers while the outer chamber is made of 30% lyocell + 70% white down. All these combinations maximize comfort levels.

Marriott Down Alternative Pillow

If you don’t want to Marriott hotel pillows, there are Marriott Down Alternative Pillow for guests like you. It uses polyester balls, keeping it soft as down without losing its actual, traditional shape over time.

You need to know that the Marriott Down Alternative Pillow will only be available in exclusive for the hotel’s feather-free rooms. 

Which Marriott Pillow is the Best?

There is no universally-agreed on Marriott Pillow that can be considered the best. No one can specify and label any of these pillows to be outstanding in terms of comfort and luxury. However, it would make sense to know the Marriott’s signature pillows. Based on that, we can judge which one is the top.

So, according to the Director of Design and Development of Marriott International, their natural fill and synthetic fill pillows constitute their signature pillows.  

The natural fill, which is quite popular, is made from high-quality and hypoallergenic down and feather. Synthetic fill alternative is made of the best polyester fibers and offer the same level of luxury. We hope the article has answered your question “who makes Marriott pillows?”