7 Problems with Split King Adjustable Beds

All types of beds have their advantages and disadvantages. Split king adjustable beds also have their problems too. Whether it is small size or difficulty finding appropriate size bedding, it is important to take time deciding when what type of bed to buy.

The main problems with split king beds include seam in the middle and trouble during the time-consuming assembly of the bed. It is also difficult to buy split king bedding because they are rarely in stores. Other cons of the bed are that split king is expensive and does not provide room for a baby as the third sleeper.

These disadvantages are discussed briefly in the next section.

In this article, expect to learn about the following:

  • What is Split King
  • What’s the Point of a Split King Bed?
  • Pros of Split King
  • 10 Problems with Split King Beds

Today’s innovative ideas in bed technology have undoubtedly improved our sleeping conditions. Humans have gone a long way from straw-filled cotton sacks on wooden slats to modern day’s more supportive mattresses, moisture-wicking sheets, and adjustable bed foundations. However, these advancements have introduced a few complexities in sleeping. When it comes to picking an appropriate mattress and bed, there are many considerations to make, and with those selections come a lot of new phrases.

“Split king” is one of those popular bed names (and frequently misinterpreted) terminologies. Most people recognize it is a form of bed, but what precisely is it, and why should you even consider owning one?

What is Split King?

What is split king bed

A split king is a type of bed with a split right in the middle to give room for people to customize each side of the bed. It is two twin XLs attached side by side.

It allows you to use two split adjustable bases.

When you use one twin XL, only a single person can sleep on it, but attaching two Twin XLs allows a couple to share the bed even when they have different sleep need.

There are many problems with split king beds.

Problems with Split King Adjustable Beds

1. Seam in the Middle.

The big gap or seam in the middle is one of the most common concerns because it can be an uncomfortable nuisance. It may make you and your partner feel disconnected.

Pros and Cons of Split King Adjustable bed

2. Trouble when Buying Split King Bedding.

Another common complaint comes up when buying split king sheets and other bedding. These special sheets to fit two twin XLs are difficult to find compared to one king flat sheet. Moreover, split king sheets will be more expensive.

3. Assembly Required.

Another drawback of split king is that the adjustable bed frames will take up some time to assemble. Unlike other bed frames whose assembling is straightforward, split king can be intimidating.

4. Expensive to Buy.

By being a complex bed, manufacturers of split king use a lot of expertise in designing the beds. Making one split king will require more time compared to regular beds. Therefore, split king adjustable beds typically cost more.

5. Split King Mattress is Expensive

One king size mattress is cheaper compared to two Twin XLs that you will need for the split king. If you factor in the adjustable frame, the bed will even be costlier.

6. No Room for a Baby.

A typical king size bed should accommodate a couple and their baby. Unfortunately, this is not possible for a split king.

The gap in the middle does not allow optimal usage of king size bed surface. This means that people can only sleep on either side of the gap. No baby will be able to sleep in the middle.

However, you can overcome this problem by sealing the seam using special bed sheets designed for that purpose.

7. Entire Bed Moving Forward when Raising the Head

Split king adjustable beds are also known for the problem of positioning.

As you raise the head of adjustable bases of some split kings, the whole bed may move forward. This can eventually leave you far from the nightstand.

Some manufacturers such as GhostBed make adjustable bases with wall-hugging technology to ensure that you remain close even while moving/adjusting the bed.

Not everyone is bothered by these disadvantages of split king beds. To some, the seam in the middle is never really a problem.

The best way to find out about these problems with split king beds is to buy brands that will allow you a few months of trial. A minimum of 90-100 days of trial should be enough to help you make up your mind.

Pros of Split King

  1. Sleep preferences. Split king bed accommodates two people with entirely different sleeping preferences.
  2. Space and barrier. Split king has a built-in barrier in the middle to prevent mid-night sprawl over one person taking too much space.
  3. Motion transfer. The bed also minimizes motion transfer, meaning that the tossing and turning of one person won’t disturb the sleep of another.
  4. Repair and cleaning. It is possible to repair or clean one foundation when necessary without considering the whole bed.
  5. Different mattresses. You can select and use different mattresses. One side can have a firm mattress while the other could have a softer mattress depending on the preferences of those sleeping on it.
  6. Motion control. It offers greater motion control between the two distinct sides means that split king can improve your sleep quality.
  7. Easier to move. It is less hectic to move split king than one king sized bed.
  8. Pairing with an adjustable base. Split king beds pair perfectly with an adjustable base.
  9. Transporting. Split king bed and mattress are easy to transport when you’re relocating. This is a big advantage for people who have tried moving large beds and felt how challenging it can be.

If you want to truly take your sleeping arrangements to the next level, consider placing a split king mattress on top of a split king adjustable base.

Look at it this way: with an adjustable foundation, you and your spouse may position your mattress whatever angle or direction you want, whenever you feel like it.

Is your husband getting ready to go to bed, but you want to remain up and watch TV?

Do you want to read while sitting up, but they prefer to zone out in zero-gravity mode? You can both relax in great comfort with a split king adjustable base. When it’s time to cuddle, just sync your settings and everything is set.

What is the Point of a Split King?

The point of split kings is to allow couples with different sleep preferences to share a bed. Two individuals sleeping in the same bed get to adjust their sides without disturbing each other. This is unlike traditional king-size bed that aren’t split in the middle.

Is Split King the Same as Twin?

Split king is not the same as twin. However, a split king bed is two twin XLs put together to form an actual king. Although the exact measurements of split king can vary, most of these bed types combine two twins of 38″ x 80″ each.
To get a split king, you need a form of connector to ensure that the split looks good rather than make the bed uncomfortable.