Where are Purple Mattresses Made?

Purple Mattress is one of the most popular brands today. Where is it manufactured? What are some of its unique properties that make it so popular among buyers? These are some of the important questions that I would like to answer in this article.

Where are Purple Mattresses Made?

Purple mattresses are made in Alpine and Grantsville in the U.S. The company recently opened a new manufacturing facility plants in McDonough, GA. Customers receive their products from numerous brick and mortar stores spread across America. Other than mattresses, Purple also makes pillows, cushions, and pet beds in those plants.

So, yes, Purple mattress is an American-made Mattress.

The company is headquartered in Lehi, Utah, U.S. In Lehi, the company sits almost in the middle of nowhere because the small town is home to less than 10 thousand people. The size of its warehouse in this location is huge, estimated to be about 8 Walmarts.

When was Purple started? Purple Innovation, Inc. has a long history but is started manufacturing mattresses in 2015.

Initially, the company was making patented cushioning technology that would reduce bedsores for hospitals and individuals who sit for long in wheelchairs.

The founders then noticed a gap in the mattress industry and made a shift. By applying the same technology, they have capitalized on the trend and now is one of the leading manufacturers of mattresses.

The company focused on online marketing alongside other startups such as Leesa, Tuft and Needle, and Casper.

Where Does Purple Ship To?

Purple ships to all states across the U.S. Purple offers free shipping within the United States. The brand also offers delivery to Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada, although they charge a shipping fee. Shipping takes between six and ten business days, averaging about one week.

Expect your mattress to reach your home via FedEx, compressed and most certainly rolled in a nice box.

How Many Years Does a Purple Mattress Last?

Purple mattress lasts 10 years. The company offers a 10-year warranty covering workmanship and defects in materials that aren’t anticipated to wear out with typical use. For concerns that you believe could be covered by the company, contact Purple.

The Purple comprises of a grid evenly distributes body weight and extends the period of use for the bed. The Purple’s high-quality polyurethane foam, on the other hand, has a 10-year lifetime.

Replacing your mattress every 7-10 years is routine and recommended.

The company provide buyers with a 10-year warranty to assure them of many happy nights.

The durability of a mattress is typically based on its ability to provide long-term support. When a mattress is made of high-quality components that won’t soften or develop body indentations over time, it will be considerably durable. The grid comfort layer on the Purple mattress makes it more durable than most ordinary mattresses. The gel grid resists the changes that could soften.

This is unlike foams, which soften and develop unappealing impressions after a while. This means a customer can expect consistent support for the first five to 10 years you he or she buys Purple.

  • Most importantly, I have to mention that it’s easy to set up Purple mattress. You begin by removing it from the box and plastic packaging. You then unroll it over the bed frame. 
  • A majority of buyers realize that purple mattress is ready for sleeping the same day it arrives. For a few others, it could take a few days for the mattress to expand in entirety. 
  • Another thing to look at is that the mattress may smell immediately after unpacking it. Some buyers say the smell is not a problem to them while sleeping.  This smell, which is referred to as off-gassing, should go away very quickly, usually within 2 days to 1 week.

And here is a final tip for you. You need to consider selecting white glove delivery as you buy it online if you’d want someone else to handle the hard lifting for you.

Purple will gladly delegate the task to specialists by sending a team to deliver your purchase, set it up the proper way, and remove your old one for a small additional charge.

How is Purple Made?

In simple terms, the Purple mattress is a one-of-a-kind, mostly-foam mattress. The mattress comprises two paired base layers polyfoam. The top of the mattress is built of a hyper-elastic polymer compound to form a three-layer structure. The gel-like substance is arranged to form a grid pattern. The pattern collapses when in contact with heaviest body parts. It supports lighter area, resulting in an equal distribution of weight and a feeling of floating.

Layers of Purple Mattress and their Roles

Layer #1: Stretchy, Cooling Mattress Cover: The fabric from which Purple is made is a blend of polyester, viscose, and Lycra. These materials give it its stretchy, cooling feel.

The combination of these fabrics results in a stretchy material that complements the Purple Grid’s ability to be flexible. It also has a high level of breathability, which contributes to the airflow and temperature neutrality that already exist in the gridded comfort layer.

Layer #2: Proprietary Gel Grid (2″): This is the second layer. Purple’s one-of-a-kind top-most layer is designed from a hyper-elastic polymer gel substance, which makes it very flexible.

In response to the weight of the sleeper, the gel grid collapses in heavy regions to provide pressure relief while staying supportive in lighter parts. This material uniformly distributes the body’s weight, giving the impression of floating.

Aside from that, it bends instantly, so you won’t feel trapped, and it keeps the entire mattress’s sleeping surface pretty cool.

Layer #3: Soft Polyfoam Transition Layer (3.5″): This layer is composed of soft polyfoam. The Purple Grid is separated from the supporting foam underneath by a medium-firm foam layer, which serves as a cushioning barrier for heavier people.

Layer #4: High-Density Polyfoam (4″): The fourth layer is made of high-density polyurethane foam layer. This layer provides stability to the mattress and increases its overall lifespan.

Layer #5: Non-Slip Bottom: This is the bottom cover. It prevents Purple mattress from slipping, allowing you to avoid having to readjust it on its frame.

Do you need to flip the Purple Mattress?

No, you do not need to flip the Purple mattress because it defeats the purpose of the mattress. As the company explains, the Purple Grid is placed on just one side of the mattress. Even though flipping is not necessary, you can still do it if you want, but it won’t do anything good for your sleep or lifespan of the mattress.

Who’s Going to Love the Purple Mattress?

Hot sleeper: If you are a hot sleeper, the Purple Grid comfort layer is designed for hot sleepers. The mattress cover is also ultra-breathable, preventing excess body heat from accumulating near the mattress surface. Precisely,  Purple mattress sleeps far cooler than the most of foam mattresses that you find in the market.

Back sleeper: People who sleep on their backs or their sides will find that the Purple Grid compresses in sensitive regions such as the hips and shoulders, resulting in pressure relief in these areas.

The Purple is ideal for people suffering from back pain since it provides a floating sensation and equal weight distribution. These features help to maintain proper spinal alignment as one sleeps on side and back. See the image below to see how it aligns the spinal cord.

is purple mattress good for back sleepers

Light body weight: For sleepers who are light in body weight (less than 230 pounds), Purple mattress is the ideal solution. These individuals with less body weight may have less back ache as a result of their superior alignment.

Who Should Steer Clear of the Purple Mattress

  • Stomach sleepers: The Purple Grid tends to sink in at the hips, pulling the lower back out of alignment if you sleep on your stomach. Only stomach sleepers who weigh less than 130 pounds will remain well-supported on the Purple. 
  • Plus-size people: If you weigh over 230 pounds, you’re likely to sink through the thin top layer of the mattress. The result? Too much pressure near heavier body parts. 

Is the Purple Mattress Cooling?

Yes, Purple mattress is cooling and it is one of the best in the bedding industry. Because it does not have a layer of innerspring coils like many other mattresses, the Purple is considered a great cooling mattresses currently on the market.

The polymer gel grid comfort layer contains over 1,800 tiny channels that allow air passage. The air channels ensures more efficient circulation and the removal of excess body heat.

Purple claims that their mattresses are temperature neutral while you sleep, and most mattress testing teams have confirmed the truth in that claim. Even the mattress cover has been carefully designed to be extremely breathable in order to provide a refreshing and wonderful night’s rest.

What Other Products Does Purple Make?

Purple Company makes many products mattresses, seat cushions, back cushions, pillows, and many othes with unique designs and from a special material called “hyper-elastic polymer.” This polymer offers support while also dissipating heat and allowing for better airflow.

As the company states, they use an innovative and proven proprietary technology as well as incorporating special flame barrier fabric. The flame barrier is a stone fiber-based non-toxic firesock. It has a natural ability to slow flames. Purple’s flame barrier, adhesives, and foams have been certified by GREENGUARD Gold. This means that they meet health requirements for usage in educational and healthcare institutions.