6 Beautiful Futons Available on Walmart

Yes, Walmart sells futon beds. You can find our list of 6 best-selling futons the retail giant has in store for you.

Futon is a Japanese style bedding generally used for sleeping.

Futons often need to be placed out in the sun to ensure that they remain dry, a process referred to as futon-hoshi. In ancient Japanese, Futon was used to refer to a type of round mat filled with leaves and placed on the ground or on a tatami mat.

To simplify this, a futon is basically a mattress you can fold to form a new item that looks like a couch. Like mattresses, futons come in different sizes and thicknesses. Therefore, you can select the most appropriate one for your room.

How is a Futon different from Sofa Bed?

Many people confuse a sofa bed with a futon. Some sellers even use these names interchangeably.

However, there are major differences.

One, the mattress for a sofa bed disappears underneath the frame when it is being used as a couch. It also has separate cushions for the seat.

Sofa beds are specifically designed for dual purpose: sleeping and sitting.

On the contrary the mattress for a futon serves as both the sleep mattress and the seat cushion.

1. Mainstays Memory Foam Pillowtop Futon

This neatly-designed futon comes with cupholders and is made from Vanilla faux leather.

mainstays futon on Walmart.com

Price: $249

Seller: Walmart

The multifunctional furniture can be used in both the living room and bedroom.

Its design that keeps clean lines and take a mid-century modern appeal allows you to pair it with any décor.

Regarding durability, the frame of this futon is made of thick wood to ensure that it last minimum of five years.

Its recliner backrest can be lowered to a preferred sleeping position, giving you a comfortable sleep overnight.

The last and also quite an important feature is the fold-down tray. The tray can hold drinks and snacks as you enjoy a game on TV during the day.

So, you can sit back and relax without worrying about sleeping because the bed can hold up to 600 pounds.

This is a full-size futon and two average-sized adults can share it. 

Sleeping Dimensions: 71.5″L x 43.5″W x 16″H

Futon Dimensions: 71.5″L x 35.5″W x 32″H

2. Grey Mainstays Channel Cushion Futon

Walmart futon-grey cushion

Price tag: $200

Store: Walmart

This great-looking futon made by Dorel Home Products is a great option for small office spaces.

It comes in multiple colors:

  • Pink
  • Blue
  • Gray

So, it does matter whether you want your room to look feminine or masculine – your décor options are sorted.

Simple and sleek, this futon is ideal for tiny rooms. It’s not just small enough to fit smaller spaces, it’s also a highly functional piece of furniture.

For those who love upholstered, furniture, this futon is in luxurious microfiber and has a solid and durable wood frame that will handle extended sitting sessions, naps, and Netflix nights. The cushions are strengthened with a foam pad for additional comfort whether you’re sitting or sleeping. Its black, slim legs complement the channel design flawlessly.

The futon also comes with a split back that may be reclined independently to your desired level of comfort.

The maximum weight capacity is also 600 pounds.

What about the colors?

  • Grey
  • Pink

One thing that I don’t like about this is the prominent seams in the foam. They could hide a lot of dirt, especially during the day.

3. Alden Design Modern Reclining Futon with Pillows

Other than the faux leather and cupholders, this futon also comes with nice white pillows.

Reclining futon on Walmart

Price tag: $280

Store: Walmart

Check the price of this futon here.

Although no warranty information is available for this Topeakmart futon, it is made from durable artificial leather than will give your home a new look.

This futon is built from high-quality synthetic leather and iron frames. It is extremely stable and can last a couple of years. If you just remove the armrest and lower the back rest, this beautiful recliner futon may be changed into a superb guest bed for your visitors. The futon sofa bed was designed with fun in mind.

It includes a fold-down middle armrest coupled with two cupholders, allowing you and your company to relax while sipping something. The futon is ideal for small rooms and may be used as an extra guest bed, especially if you live in an apartment, college dome or studio.

Whether you place it in the bedroom on living room, it doesn’t matter. Its uniqueness will still be outstanding.

Its size is 66 x 32 x 28.7″ (LxWxH)

4. DHP Otis Upholstered Futon with Memory Foam

upholstered futon

Price: $244

Seller: Walmart

This memory foam futon is quite comfortable to sit on, thanks to the material, which offers a great deal of comfort.

If you want to choose versatility and relaxation then this DHP Otis

Upholstered Futon with Memory Foam should be your best bet. The manufacturer of this futon has built it from a sturdy wood frame and is covered in luxurious microfiber with memory foam completing the seat. It also has tufted detailing in the backrest and seat.

However, one thing that you might need to be mindful of is its black plastic legs.

Metallic legs would have been much better. The Otis also helps you to relax in style and luxury by allowing you to simply switch between three different positions: sitting, lounging, and sleeping.

Anybody who wants a hassle-free bedding to host overnight guest will enjoy having this futon.

It weighs 61 pounds and can carry a maximum of 600 pounds.

The manufacturer will ship it in easy-to-handle box.

5. Windsor Full Size Convertible Futon with Power & USB Ports

Here is another twin size futon available at Walmart online store.

full size futon with storage

This beautiful futon in a light grey fabric is a dream come true for people who want to give their rooms a stunning look.

For only $185, you can take your living room or bedroom décor to another level of comfort.

While you check it out on Walmart online, here are a few things to note.

  • It can seat 3
  • The convertible sofa has plush memory foam
  • It can transform into a twin-size bed
  • You get a power station with two USB ports
  • Two storage spaces beneath

Item Size: 69.3″l x 32.3″w x 30.3″h

Bed Size: 69.3″ l x 37.8″w x 16.5″h

Assembling this Serta futon is hassle-free. So, you’ll stay charged throughout without needing additional bedding.

6. Red DHP Kebo Futon

Red is always a vibrant color. It pops in a room and makes everything else look lively.

That is why you may want to consider this Red Kebo Futon available on Walmart here.

low-set futon

Price: $159

Here are the most important things about this full size futon.

This low-set Futon Sofa Bed is perfect for unwinding on a peaceful afternoon or catching up on nighttime sleep. It incorporates both design and functionality into your house design.

It converts from a sleek, attractive couch to a full-size bed fast and simply.

The microfiber cover ensures maximum comfort.

It is simple to put up and blends well with most modern home designs. It may be used in a living room or den, an entertainment area, a dorm room, and other places. It will update and renew any room while also offering additional seating and sleeping space for children or guests.