What is a Ghost Bed? 15 Things to Know Before Buying

A ghost bed is a high tech and comfortable bed manufactured by Nature’s Sleep and comes as a supportive, all-foam mattress ideal for both back and stomach sleepers. The ghost bed is 11” tall, so it’ll fit most existing frames or foundation. Scroll to point number 10 below to see what I am talking about. You can order either a split frame or a single frame.

Being a unique type of bed, was very difficult for me to find an accurate review of the ghost bed online. But today, we have good news here at BedroomIdeasLog.com.

If you’re looking for an honest review of the ghost bed from a consumer perspective who has actually used it for some amount of time, then this is the post for you.

I have had the ghost bed set up since January 2nd and as I am writing this article, it is February 20th.

I am going to break down all the details rather than cut into different sections to show you why this bed is amazing or horrible.

Why should you buy ghost bed?

GhostBed Review

1. Assembling GhostBed

GhostBed frames are very simple to assemble as the assembly involves just plugging in one screw for each leg and flip the bed over. Even opening up the mattress is pretty straight forward.

The Luxe ghostbed frames come in the form of split Kings. It is basically two beds. It is two twin XL beds combined together.

2. Operation

Elevating yourself using the remote control while you’re on the bed does not create any unnecessary strain.

GhostBed remote

The remote is fantastic because you can press a button to put on the lights underneath the frame so that you can see whatever is going on.

3. GhostBed Headboard

This is where you might find a little bit of trouble. Setting up the headboard is going to need two people with a little bit of trial and error.

While it took us just 15 minutes to assemble the entire GhostBed, we spent well over 3 hours just to get the headboard right.

The mistake we made is that we bought a different headboard from Amazon at about half the price Ghostbed Company was offering.

4. Remote Control

I checked online and noticed that ghost bed replacement remotes are a bit pricey. So, you might want to take care of the one that comes with the bed in the initial sale.

You can manually raise and lower the head and feet but we all love the luxury of remote.

Con: Getting off the bed especially when you want to sleep at night to adjust the position then climbing again to test it a couple of times before finding the right spot can be so unpleasant.

5. GhostBed and Health

One thing is for sure: GhostBed is great for people with acid reflux.

Timmerz on YouTube did a really great job explaining his experience with Ghostbed. It wins it all for people with acid reflux. Here is a passage from what he stated:

“If you have acid reflux and your spouse does not, and you sleep elevated and your spouse does not, there is a bit of disconnected feeling.”

In the initial stage of using a ghost bed, it will feel like two beds, especially for couples that like to snuggle.

Timmerz goes on to explain the following in a hilarious way:

“If your wife gets cold and you get cold, and you like to feel the warmth of each other, you will have that disconnect in the first couple of days using a Ghostbed. But after getting up for a few weeks without getting back aches and getting chocked with acid reflux, you quickly forget about the cuddling thing. Like, it is far much better to wake up with a burning feeling up your throat.”

Look, even couples start to cuddle and soon, you start to overheat and move apart. So, it will be fine with GhostBed. You could still touch feet.

For me, I used a wedge pillow for several months to help keep my upper body elevated above my feet. But my biggest problem is that I would slide down the wedge pillow.

With the Ghost bed, you can elevate it without needing the pillow.

You can adjust the feet too. You can do many cool things with it.  

For instance, after sleeping for a couple of hours, and you stomach is now empty meaning that acid reflux can no longer bother you, you can lower some of the sides. This is something you cannot achieve with a wedge pillow.

6. Adjustable Frame

Ghost bed’s adjustable frame is godsend for many people including me. My partner has found it to be really helpful because she can do the zero gravity position on her side of the bed.

If one person sleeping on the bed has acid reflux and the other does not, it is cool to always get the split.

7. GhostBed Mattress Wearing Out

Good news! If you happen to wear the mattresses out after 5 or so years, you can actually replace them with other brands of mattress on the ghost bed frame.

What I really hope is that the GhostBed mattress feels as good for several (>8) years before one can start thinking about replacing it.

8. GhostBed Policies

  • Free delivery
  • 101 nights for trial
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • 20 year warranty

First and probably most important thing for many people, ghost bed offers free delivery. It is completely free regardless of location. You buy the mattress online and it comes with free shipping.

The ghost bed is quite easy to set up and it was a fun process for me.

With ghost bed, the buyer gets 101 nights for trials with ghost bed. This is basically a whole three months and it’s a risk for the manufacturer.

All you need to do is try the bed at your house, make a decision if you want it or you don’t like it. This could happen for whatever reason.

You can then return it and be guaranteed of a 100% money back within that test window.

Another interesting part of it is that ghost bed offers a 20-year warranty.

The last time I tried to remember a company that offers even a 5-year warranty, I couldn’t find one.

For more information, read the company’s warranty which details what is covered, what is not and all other consumer information.

9. Weight and Size of GhostBed

A ghost bed delivery will come in some quite big shipments. The mattresses could come on a different day that the bed frame.

The mattresses are heavy but it is the normal weight that is quite easy to get into the bedroom.

The frames on the other hand are a completely different story.  It can be a pain to carry the frames upstairs and for anyone above 60 years, you might need a helping hand.

10. GhostBed Lineup (Options)

The ghost bed line up consists of four models:

Ghostbed Original



3-D model

Soft Feel

GhostBed has a familiar soft-feel feature that seems too good. If you pick 100 random people in the streets and make them lie on a ghost bed, they will tell you that the feel of the bed is familiar.

To me, it has a mixed foam feel. What does this even mean? Let me explain.

The mixed foam feel means that if you’re light weight, you will mostly feel ghost bed’s top layers. For those who are medium-sized like me, you will feel something like a blend between the top two layers. For heavier people like my friend Dana, you might feel a lot more of the support core.

The mattress has a dense foam at the bottom.

Then there is a memory foam as its transition layer. On top, it has a synthetic latex.

11. Test Experience

Let’s take someone who weighs 115 pounds. This sleeper is going to more likely feel the latex on top. So, GhostBed is going to feel a little more responsive and firmer when you sleep in it.

If you weigh over 120 pounds, you’ve going to feel a little bit of memory foam. The sleeper will sink in and get a little bit of the pressure off the shoulder and hips.

Anybody who is over 200 pounds will definitely feel more of the dense support foam. This creates a mixed foam feel where all the three layers of the ghost bed are pressed by body weight.

12. Who Can/Should Buy a GhostBed?

Who needs to thing about buying GhostBed?

Anyone who looking for a familiar comfort and feel, or any person just fitting a guest, or a student who has just come out of college, looking for a comfy foam bed can get a ghost bed.

It’s a bed ideal for a large group of people.

13. Price of GhostBed

Queen size ghost bed goes for about $1,000 dollars. With a little bit of discount, it could be purchased at about $800 dollars in the U.S. The discounts usually come frequently compared to other brands like OG Purple.

That price range looks really affordable for a brand new queen bed.

Ghost bed offers crazy discounts and at any one time, you will always find offers above 20% discount.

price of GhostBed

14. Pressure Relief

The guys at Tuck did a test on pressure relief. They had one of their testers lie on top of a sensory pad. Then they watched for signals of pressure build-up.

Pressure relief GhostBed

What emerged from the test is good news. Pressure was not a problem for most of the sleeper profiles.

Regardless of the sleeping position, if you’re an average weight sleeper, the ghost mattress will definably feel comfortable.

However, light sleepers will kind of find the mattress too much on the firm side and that could create a bit of high pressure point. Again, this is specific to side sleepers. A back or stomach sleeper would be totally fine.

15. What Other Customers say about GhostBed

Close to 30,000 customers have left their reviews on the company’s website. Here are a few samples of what they had to say after using the mattress for a while.

So far, it looks like the reviews are five stars and no one seem to mind the price they are paying for. It’s all positive about the bed.

Check out what makes GhostBed unique at GhostBed to head over to the company itself.

Overall Opinion

Ghost bed puts you to sleep very nicely. That is the bottom line. If you’re worried that the ghost bed is a little cheaper than some of the beds another company was trying to sell you, don’t worry about it.

The ghost bed is a comfortable bed. I’m hoping you will wake up feeling refreshed to take on the day after getting you ghost bed.