What is a Queen Bed, its Size, and Picture Examples?

Answer: A standard queen bed is a huge but not the biggest bed that is usually 60 inches by 80 inches and is suitable for couples. The queen size bed is not the biggest bed around. Rather, the king-size that can fit a couple and their two children measures about 75 inches by 80 inches. 

A light grey queen bed (source: Mocka)

As a toddler, I used to imagine that a queen bed is some golden piece of creation that is only meant for the queen.

That is how stupid I was until my aunt explained to me the true meaning of a queen bed. I found it difficult to grasp then, but now as an expert, it all makes sense.

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Dimensions of queen bed

Since a queen size bed measures 60’’ by 80’’, its total surface area is 4,800 square inches. 

A double bed is on the smaller sister of a queen bed. It usually has a relatively smaller surface area.  Specifically, a double bed is six inches smaller than a queen bed. However, the queen bed beats double beds in length – 5’ inches longer. So, a queen bed is great for taller people like me.

To provide additional support given its broad length, a queen bed usually has an extra center leg underneath its frame. 

There might be variations in the size of queen bed depending on regional differences. A California queen bed, for instance, deviates from the standard size I mentioned earlier, and measures 60’’ by 84’’. 

Is queen bed bigger than king bed?

No. Queen bed is smaller than king bed. While a queen bed measures 60 inches wide by 80 inches long, a king bed measures 75 by 80 inches. The two beds are, however, identical in length size at 80 inches. 

A King Bed

What size room fits a queen bed?

A queen size bed can fit in a bedroom 10 feet wide by 10 feet long. This space is enough to accommodate a queen size bed but leaves only tiny additional space for movement and other pieces of furniture. To ensure that you have enough space after assembling your bed, it is recommended that the bedroom be at least 10 X 10 feet of space. There is no limit to the size of room for a queen size bed. However,

Should you get a queen or king size bed?

While a queen bed easily accommodates two adults, a king bed can accommodate another extra person or even two smaller children. A couple that does prefer to sleep alone in their bed can always get a queen bed size. A third person like a newborn would change the preference to king size bed. 

Also, if you have a smaller bedroom whose size is less than 10 by 10 feet, it might be advisable to get a smaller bed rather than either queen or king bed. 

What size rug goes under a queen bed?

For a bedroom measuring 10 feet by 10 feet or smaller, the most suitable rug size to go under a queen bed is 6 feet wide by 9 feet long. In large bedrooms that measure 12 feet by 12 feet or larger, the best rug size to place under queen bed is 8 feet wide by 10 feet long. These rug sizes are recommended because they allow a few inches of rug exposed on both sides of the bed. This offers a soft landing when steeping in and out of the bed.

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