How Big is a Twin Blanket (Inches, Feet, & cm)

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  • Twin size blanket dimensions.
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  • Mattress sizes for twin blankets.

Blanket sizes are not as fixed as bed frame dimensions. You’d expect a twin-size blanket to be the same size as a twin bed but that is not the case. Blankets are slightly larger even though they share names with bed frame sizes.

Twin Size Blanket Dimensions

The dimensions of a twin size in inches are approximately 60 inches wide by 90 inches wide. These measurements vary depending on customization and manufacturer standards. A standard twin blanket size will fall within this range of 60-90”. They are a few inches larger than twin mattresses.

To demonstrate that the dimensions are never fixed, we found some items online to present to our readers.

Here are some examples of twin blanket sizes.

  1. 60 X 80-inch twin blanket
  2. 90 X 90 twin blanket
  3. 66 X 90 cotton twin blanket
  4. 68 X 90 twin size blanket

Check out all of them. Each of the twin blankets listed above has different sizes.

However, you can see that there are two constant values that they fall within 60 and 90. Typically, when your blanket is 60-69 inches wide and 80-90 inches long, it is considered a twin.

It is designed to cover an entire twin mattress and keep the sleeper warm and comfortable.

Twin size blanket dimensions in inches and cm

On the lower side, small twin blankets will measure 60”x 84”. Larger twin bedding will be about 66”x 90.” Both twin and twin XL mattresses will be ideal for these types of bedding.

You need the extra inches for bedding to ensure that the blanket drapes over the side of the mattress.

The recommended overlap is a minimum of 15 inches both on top and bottom ends. Not all countries use the same measurements. Some people prefer inches, while others are familiar with feet, centimeters, or even yards.

Now that we’ve seen how big these blankets are, let’s convert the dimensions into other units.

Twin Size Blanket Dimensions in cm

Small twin blankets measure 152.4cm wide by 203.2cm long. The largest blankets in this category by centimeters are 228.6 by 228.6 with several variations in the middle.

The sizes are summarized below:

  • 152.4 by 203.2 cm
  • 228.6 by 228.6 cm
  • 172.7 by 228.6 cm
  • 167.6 by 228.6 cm

We can also convert these measurements into other units.

Dimensions of Twin Blanket in Feet

The dimensions of a twin blanket in feet range from 5 to 7.5 feet. These measurements can vary depending on customized bedding sizes and the manufacturer. Some individuals will choose large blankets in this category while others will go with the smaller types.

Here is a presentation of these dimensions from the smallest to the largest.

5 X 6.7 feet – small twin blanket

5.5 X 7.5 feet – medium size twin blanket

5.7 x 7.5 feet – large twin blanket

7.5 X 7.5 – extra-large twin blanket

How many yards is a twin-size blanket?

How many yards is a twin-size blanket? A twin size blanket is 2.5 yards wide by 2.5 yards long on the higher side. Smaller twin blankets can be 1.7 yards wide but over 2 yards long. As with other units, the typical variations in dimensions ranging from 1.7 to 2.5 yards.

Regardless of your preferred units of measurement, the sizes will be the same.

Some country-specific differences may come with variations but that is not a big deal as long as the bedding serves its purpose.

Using Twin Blankets in Larger Beds

Yes, you can use twin blankets in larger or smaller beds. The precaution necessary is to ensure that the blanket does not hang on the sides until it touches the floor. This is a common challenge when a large blanket is used on a small bed.

Twin bedding are wonderful for children sleeping in small bedrooms. Standard twin mattresses are about 13-15 inches smaller than twin blankets on top and bottom ends.

These small blankets are ideal for use on the couch where they will be large enough to cover the person sleeping while not being too big to cover the entire sofa. If you have a twin XL mattress, you need to consider slightly larger twin blankets. This will add some extra inches all around and make your sleep a comfortable experience.

How many people can use a twin size blanket?

A twin blanket is for one person to use. You cannot share it and get maximum comfort even when it might appear to be properly fitting. At the same time, a twin blanket will keep you warm like any other size blanket because the fabric quality does not go down with a size reduction.

Even small children should not share twin bedding because they will easily turn and shove it away.

If you’re looking for a sharable blanket size, consider full blanket and above.

Using a Twin Blanket on Full Mattress

First, we must state that adults can use twin blankets.

Currently, there are many couples using twin blankets (each has a separate one) but in a larger bed such as full, queen or king.

Twin bedding won’t fit a full-size mattress. The blanket will be too tiny and less fitting to give a decent spread across and along the bed. However, that does not mean you cannot cover yourself with a twin size comforter when you have a full bed.

No real problem will arise if you decide to upgrade the small blanket to a much larger bed.

You will only have an issue when you try to use a twin bed to cover the mattress.

A single person will find a twin blanket to be just the right size. We believe the small blanket may not be aesthetically pleasing if you use it on a larger bed.

Buying a twin blanket is okay if your goal is to save a few dollars. Other than those few limitations, you won’t realize any major difference.