15 Things to Do With Old Blankets

One problem of owning bedding is that most of them eventually wear out. Some of them become useless and impossible to repurpose. Old blankets, however, offer plenty of opportunities for repurposing. We know one can recycle them but reusing them is a better and even environmentally sound option.

You can use old blankets to make reusable bags, make a DIY door snake, make nest for a pet bird, ripen fruits, use as an emergency kit, and create kids’ toys. Old blankets can also be used to make cleaning rags and heating/cooling pads.

Even for individuals who are not good with crafting, the following ideas can help you identify what to do with old blankets. So, what do you do with old blankets?

What to Do with Old Blankets

1. Reusable Bags

Old blankets are perfect bedding for making reusable bags. These bags can be used to store bulk items in the house. You only need to bring out the sewing needle, fold the blanket into half, and sew up the sides while putting drawstring at the top.

2. Make a nest for pet bird

Can I make a Nest for my Birds with Old Blankets? Yes. Probably, you have realized that your birds are stressed and searching for a place to lay eggs or brood. Why not help them out? Since they are just going to use them for some purpose that may mean a journey of no return, just select from your store, old blankets and cut them into pieces for every bird in need of it.

However, for those who keep many birds, it may be a bit difficult, though you can hire a specialist to have it done. This creativity is even ideal for some traditional bird keepers.

3. Craft a smock or apron

Old blankets can be fashioned into nice smocks to keep your clothing clean while engaging in activities such as cooking and painting. Although heavy-duty blankets may not be suitable for this, there are light-weight blankets one can use this way. One ca simply cut a home to put their head through or become much more imaginative and craft a better smock.

4. Ripen fruits

Will my Old Blankets Provide the Best Warmth to Ripen my Fruits? Indeed blankets can help speed up the ripening of bananas, mangoes and other fruits. Is your home full of fruit trees or have you bought unripe fruits and need to keep them for a while to get ready? Good news, we have a simple solution for you. If your house has some old blankets, they may serve you just better. You need warmth to ripen your fruits and this is a simple mission which you can achieve through the following tips:

  1. Fish some carton, box or bucket from around your house
  2. Get your old blanket from your storage and cut into pieces that can fit into your container
  3. Place a piece of the old blanket at the base of the container to prevent heat loss through the floor
  4. Place your unripe fruits in the container
  5. Cover the fruits with a piece of the old blanket, take it to your store and wait for them to ripen.

This procedure works well with fruits such as avocados, bananas and mangoes. You should have your fruits ready within just a few days, though a combination of the fruits may accelerate the journey.

5. Cleaning rags

This is almost pretty obvious. I use old cloths and bedding as rags almost all the time. Old blankets has the potential to be trimmed into numerous rags for cleaning floors, painting walls, and doing many things. Of course, when changing an old blanket into a rag, it does not matter how tattered it is.

6. Make a DIY door snake

A door snake is used to cover the space beneath the door. Nobody wants crawling bugs to enter their house at night when they’re not watching. Blankets roll so easily and can make perfect door snakes even without stuffing things inside.

Many doors do not cover that small space that usually remains between them and the door frame. Rather than ignoring it like any other person, why not block anything that is not welcome to your bosom?

You old blankets can best help with this. Because they are a bit thick and soft, the fabrics will tightly hold this space. You can do this mostly in the evenings which is ideal for having the rag by the door.

7. Offer it to your best friend

Is it Possible to Gift my Best Friend Old Blankets? Yes, you can gift your best friend an old blanket as long as it is not out of shape. Find that best friend you feel will not lose them and surprise them with the old but neatly kept blankets.

Rather than just finding out what the friend may need, this is an experience you are giving them. Furthermore, you have a clear conscience since these items are attached to your memory.

Certainly. Your granny might have placed some of her finest blankets in your hand as a gift and you don’t feel like throwing them away. Don’t worry, there is a better solution to that – offering it as a gift.

8. Make Pillows

Did you know that stuffs inside your pillow are just small pieces of clothing or materials put together? Honestly, some of us waste funds on purchasing new pillows when there are alternatives in our homes. When your pillows no longer give you the comfort you need, there is always an option, a better one.

Your old blankets are good for your new inner pillow stuffs. Just get out the softest and finest old blankets that you can easily cut into pieces and add to your inner pillow materials to reinforce it.  

9. Keep for Visitors

Finally, practice hospitality. If you still don’t know what to do with you old blankets, just keep them for your visitors. They will just do great.

10. Emergency kit

Blankets can make up part of safety kits in your home. When in the kitchen and a little fire breaks out, one of the fastest ways to stop it is to cover it with a wet blanket.

11. Give to long distance truck drivers

Most of the time we think that donating is just about taking items to the orphanages or the poor. Consider that driver who has to cover miles just to deliver goods in time amid exhaustion. If you want to be cherished, approach one of these drivers or send some old but clean blankets to them. This will do a great deal for the nights if they happen to be on a driving shift.

12. Animal beds

Animals also need a little bit of comfort. That is why it is possible to donate old pillows and blankets to animal shelters. Because animals are not as choosy as humans, they will always do quite well with old blankets even if they have holes on them.

13. Heating/cooling pads

One interesting way to use old blankets is to make heating and cooling pads. This involves cutting the blanket into pieces and sewing them into desired shapes and size appropriate for filling with white rice. Sew it permanently shut. To freeze the pad, stick it inside the freezer. To heat it, put it in a microwave. Only ensure that the fabric is resistant to high temperatures.

14. Make toys

Old blankets provide great material for crafting large toys for inventive games that kids would enjoy. This will save you a lot since your children do not always have to play with and damage newer blankets.

15. For Cuddling

Are you someone who is used to cuddling since childhood? Well, you may need to be keen on what you throw away as rugs. Old blankets act as the best items to cuddle. While most people may seek human company when they feel insecure or need a hug, the feeling that an old blanket gives you is way beyond doubt.

If you don’t have a partner. Having a partner may not be your thing or you are just need ready to have one yet.  This is where your old blanket comes in. To make an old blanket your partner, all you need to do is wrap your arms around that soft blanket while sleeping or sitting on either your bed or sofa.

To jump start the memory of your love. If you are looking to feel the comfort of your absent partner, your memories with him or her lies in that old blanket. Just visit your wardrobe or basement and get that old blanket that you feel will drive back the memory of someone you dearly love or loved and cuddle.

As comfort while relaxing. Before you consider buying more pillows to increase your comfort level, think of your idle old blankets. These Methuselahs can provide the comfort you need for your head, legs or chest, especially while watching. They are your best shot.

Final remarks

Imagine living in a house that is full of old stuffs from the days you began owning an apartment or house. Especially, if you were gifted some of these old stuffs or dug into your pocket to have them around your room or basement, you may run out of ideas on what best to do with them and eliminate the feeling that at least, you have not wasted your precious possessions or annoyed someone.

A blanket is a nicely knit soft piece of cloth that is of a good size and used to cover a person when it’s cold. As you sleep, it keeps you warm by forming a barrier between that cold outside it and the warmth between the sheets, they become rugs which can easily be considered for something else or disposed altogether.