Where to Place Shelves in a Bedroom (Best Spots)

Decluttering is pretty important in the bedroom. That is why shelves are often necessary. But where do you place shelves in a bedroom?

We usually don’t have much space in the bedroom to place anything we want in it. That is why there are strategic spots that will conserve space in the bedroom to ensure that you sleep comfortably in an organized room. Without wasting much time, let’s jump straight into it.

Here, we will see 14 locations to put shelves to ensure that you bedroom décor does not feel out of touch with your bed size and bedding.

Where to Place Shelves in a Bedroom

  • Secured on bedroom walls
  • Put on either side of the bed
  • Placed at the corners of the bedroom
  • Hang beside the headboard
  • Stand-alone tree shelf
  • Floating Shelf on the right side of the Headboard
  • Next to the window
  • Leaning shelf beside the working table
  • Place it above the Closet
  • Shelf above the window
  • Ceiling hanging shelf
  • Shelf built on the workstation
  • Standalone portable cabinet shelf
  • Put the shelf between the nightstand and the bed

1. Secured on Bedroom Walls

Putting shelves on walls is the most common practice for many décor experts.

putting shelf on bedroom walls

If you’re one person who likes asymmetrical organization, this idea will be a stylish storage solution for you.

There are many reasons why walls are the most preferred place for this;

  • Walls are sturdier
  • Walls are not close enough to the bed to risk items falling on the sleeper
  • Properly installed shelves look much cooler on walls
  • You also conserve space in the bedroom because shelves on the walls will often store more items.

Regardless of the size of your bedroom, experts from Home Deport encourage people to use stud finders to locate the studs in walls.

Install shelves by screwing them to studs with screws. Ensure the screws are long enough to pass through the drywall. That means you need at least an inch of the screw into the studs. If anchoring the studs isn’t enough, add molly bolts to the wall that are large enough to support the weight of the shelves and anything on them.

You do not want the shelf to be falling from walls because you’ve placed slightly heavier items on it. That is why putting shelves in a corner of the bedroom is a good idea for sturdier storage.

2. Put on either Side of the Bed

The most useless or risky location in the bedroom to install shelves is right over the bed, where stuff might tumble when a cat jumps over items or an earthquake occurs.

place shelf on either side of the bed

Other vigorous bed activities such as when making love could also lead to items falling over.

What should you focus on instead?

The best practice is to consider placing your bedroom shelves on either side of the bed. Alternatively, find somewhere else in the room that will give it an aesthetic appeal while also providing adequate space for your essential storage. 

3. Place at the Corners of the Bedroom

One of my favorite locations to place a shelf in the bedroom is at the room corners.

putting shelf at corner of the bedroom

Whether you’re adding cubbies to the wall, a shelf that is well-wrapped with many levels, or separate shelves, be sure they’re firmly mounted.

At the corner, it will be difficult for anybody to bump onto your items.

4. Hang beside the Headboard

This bedroom shelving solution is ideal for tiny bedrooms with limited floor space.

bedroom shelf beside the headboard

The hanging shelves on the wall a few inches beside the headboard can serve as a basic bookshelf unit and bedside table. One more thing: before installing, paint each piece of material used in a gradient of colors to provide a pop of color freshness.

5. Stand-alone Tree Shelf

With a free-standing shelf, what matters is the safety and fall-proofing. Therefore, this storage idea can be moved around to any spot with space on any particular day.

bedroom shelf ideas

Make sure that your shelf is not too tall and should have a slightly heavier base.

6. Floating Shelf on the right side of the Headboard

Another awesome idea is to install a tiny nightstand/shelf just a few inches on the wall to the right side of the headboard.

Although it may not store many items, it is usually ideal for small bedroom spaces that require a minimalist décor.

put bedroom shelf next to the headboard

7. Next to the Window

Placing your shelf next to bedroom window is also recommended, especially when there is enough space to build one without blocking direct sunlight.

A shelf situated like this makes it easy for you to find items you’re looking for with a lot of ease.

The only precaution to needed is to avoid keeping extremely valuable items because burglars could break the windows.

in-built bedroom shelf next to window

8. Leaning Shelf beside the Working Table

Some people set their workstations in the bedroom.

put bedroom shelf next to working table

Having a leaning shelf closer to the table is a fantastic idea because it minimizes your movement within the bedroom once you sit at the workstation.

When you need something from the shelf, you only stretch an arm and you retrieve it.

9. Place it above the Closet

Some closets are not tall enough to reach the ceiling.

Others are intentionally designed to leave space above them. You can convert that space into a nice shelf.

The only limitation for such a storage area is ease of reach.

10. Shelf above the Window

If your bedroom is quite tiny but there is a massive space on the upper sections of the walls, installing shelves around it would be awesome.

You can make one long, continuous shelf that provides all the space you need.

There is nothing complex about the design.

However, this storage idea is in the bedroom will guarantee utilization of every useful inch of the room.

place bedroom shelf above the window

Sometimes, high shelves near the ceiling can work wonders.

Thisidea is great because it free up the bedside space. Storage doesn’t have to intrude into your sleeping area.

When it’s time to get your book from up there, just stand on top of the bed and it’s done.

11. Ceiling Hanging Shelf

The hanging shelf is a very flexible way to keep items close to the bed.

hang the shelf from the ceiling

If you want a unique look, find a small piece of driftwood rather than a regular board to make this hanging shelf nightstand.

Anyone considering a Scandinavian bedroom décor but also mindful of rustic bedroom can go for this shelving.

12. Shelf Built on the Workstation

You can get an office desk with shelves built in its frame.

With a nicely done metallic frame and a rustic table top, this work area supports a wonderful shelf design on its left frame.

You will have additional space on the top shelf that runs right above your face. This makes it easy to access every item without getting off the seat.

The table can also be a great DIY challenge for those who want to have appealing bedrooms.

13. Standalone Portable Cabinet Shelf

This is one creative shelving that will allow you to rearrange your bedroom space the way you want it.

A simple design with a pop of emerald color makes the shelf appeal to any enthusiast. The piece will make a statement regardless of what you store on it.

14. Near Beds or Freestanding

A wall with enough space between it and the bed provides an option for vertical storage.

For those who love reading, this middle area to store your favorite books, which may be sorted alphabetically by author, title, or color for an intriguing décor appearance. You need to make sure that heavy-weighted bookends are attached to the shelves with a dab of earthquake wax beneath primarily to protect books from falling off the shelf at a slight shaking.

There are additional options to put storage or a freestanding bookshelf unit in the room’s open corners.

A freestanding unit with shelves may be placed practically anywhere in the bedroom as long as there is enough space between it and the wall.

If the shelf is too tall, attach sturdy hooks to the back of the shelving material or bookshelf on either sides and thread a wire between the books to protect the shelf and books from tumbling over during when shaken.

Secure the wire to the wall using a screw fastened to the stud.

Hold-downs intended for homes in earthquake-prone areas can also be purchased to prevent furniture and other items such as shelves tipping over.

To guarantee that your shelf does not tip over in the case of an earthquake, QuakeHOLD specialists recommend using hook-and-loop closures.

15. Put the Shelf between the Bed and Nightstand

Most people do not put anything between the bed and the nightstand. However, it is not always the case when arranging the bedroom.

Using this hanging rod clothes organizer with storage shelves is also not a bad idea for establishing a unique arrangement.

Situating a shelf between the bed and the bedside table gives you plenty of room to move around while retrieving items in the bedroom.