Why Are Beds Are So Expensive? (9 Reasons)

The truth is that getting a quality bed and mattress cost a lot today. They cost so much that some people decide to buy smaller beds rather than larger ones such as king size beds.

Why Are Beds So Expensive?

Beds are so expensive because the demand is extremely high, furniture financing is problematic, the beds may have additional features such as drawers, and most families need more than one bed. Further, the bed you’re planning to buy could be of great quality and the location of buying could be far.

Aesthetical speaking, some beds such as Murphy beds can cost between $1,000 and $4,000 depending on the quality of wood used and other luxurious multifunctional features added to it. These prices may or may not include shipping and installation costs.

Even though some beds are extremely expensive, it does not mean that there are no cheaper alternatives. Some beds cost as low as $40.

Nonetheless, most decent beds are often quite expensive. So, why is this so? Here are some of the reasons why I think beds are so costly.

1. Scarcity of quality materials

There are few creative craftsmen who can built quality beds are a cheaper cost.

materials used to make beds are expensve

This problem is worsened by restrictions related to raw materials such as timber. So many countries have restricted the cutting down of indigenous trees and that makes beds made of quality timber very expensive.

The efforts to conserve the environment have made the selling of timber a challenging trade. Some countries have even banned logging. This has created room for illegal loggers who sell the best timber for quality beds at outrageous prices.

2. Cost of transportation

Prices of beds vary from one location to another. All these depend on tax polices on furniture products. In states with relaxed taxation on furniture, the price of beds could be cheaper.

Also, depending on terms of delivery, the price of a bed could go up or down. If you buy a bed from a store that does not offer free delivery, you might be forced to pay extra cash for transportation. That will definitely make a bed pricey.

3. Beds are an essential commodity

Have you asked yourself where all the seven billion of us sleep? Precisely, at least 6 billion people sleep somewhere at night. If it is not a couch, it is a bed, probably made of timber.

The problem gets worse for families that have larger families and need more beds. That is where bunk beds usually come into play.

children need separate beds

Basic economic principles apply here too. Even sleeping has its supply and demand aspects. Nearly everyone sleeps somewhere. Unfortunately, most of them do not like the feel of metallic beds. They are so dead.

Wooden beds feel lively, safer, and classy. Well, that is according to all my friends who all seem to have wooden beds.

Although many people have metallic beds, billions of people still prefer wooden ones.

That is not all. Wood is also needed for seats, construction, tables, paper making, and many other areas. We can figure out why the price of beds would be high if the demand for the fundamental component (timber) is so high.

Timber is a rare commodity. Its price might even continue to rise considering the rate at which humans are cutting down trees.

4. Furniture hoarding 

This is a problem I have only heard but not personally witnessed.

The furniture industry is complicated and buying a bed can be so complex. Some sellers make it even worse. If they buy too many beds and hoard them to hike prices, buyers have very little that they can do to change anything.

So, malicious businessmen in your area could be the reason why the prices of beds are above the roof. Perhaps you could scold them if you identify one cartel.

5. Challenging Financing

Not all companies that sell bed have flexible financing options.

However, I have heard of instances such as Nectar mattress that offer buyers financing options to purchase their items. One can pay a bit a time.

bed financing options are lacking

An bank almost never lend people money to buy a bed. Clearly, there are very few financing options for people who want to purchase quality furniture.

Let’s get it straight. A modest to excellent bed won’t cost a million dollars. A few hundreds are always enough for a top quality bed. The problem is that not so many people have enough money to make a purchase instantly. It requires several months of planning

I recommend that as soon as you start feeling that a bed is quite expensive, it is time to look at your bank account once again. Or better yet, consider finding another type of bed that costs a few bucks less but still suits your taste.

6. Quality of the bed makes it expensive

It would be unfair to claim that all beds are of the same quality. Some cannot carry a quarter of Brandon Banks. Other beds can comfortably deal with 5 or more Shaquille O’Neal’s. Why? It all comes down to quality.

Desiring a quality bed that will last several years should attract monetary investment of an equal measure. 

In my area, high-quality beds are more than thrice the cost of regular ones. You could be in an area where they only sell the best quality furniture. That could be the reason you haven’t found cheaper ones. Check around. 

7. Lifespan of a Bed

Beds can be used for many years without replacing.

When was the last time you bought a bed? It’s probably a long time ago. Are you planning to buy one today? Probably not. A quality bed lasts for a long time and that is probably the reason they cost an arm and leg. 

Since I was born, I noticed that my grandfather never changed his bed until his death. I was 6 years old when I started jumping onto his beddings. By the time he died, I was 14 years old and the bed was still there and in good shape.

Many people never throw away beds. They simply transfer them to relatives or their children.

8. Additional cool features

An item is as cheap as its features. This is true for almost all products. One with more useful and interesting features costs more. The same principle applies to beds. If you need so many features, prepare to folk our more cash.

why are beds so expensive
A luxurious European bed with golden features

Some come with shelves, cabinets, adjustable hinges, beddings, and much more. A prebuilt bed with an additional complex design attracts a higher price tag.  

9. Bedding also makes beds expensive

A bed would be incomplete without bedding. So, after buying the bed frame, you still need to purchase a mattress, a comforter, bedsheets, pillows, duvets, and many others.

All these, when combined can make the price of a single bed staggeringly expensive.