You enter a bedroom, There are 34 people Riddle Answered

First, there is an endless stream of ambiguity in the riddle beginning with second sentence. “You enter a bedroom. There are 34 people.” Do we assume that there are 34 people in the bedroom you’ve just entered or are they somewhere else? Anyway, all that aside, let’s go with them being in the bedroom you’ve entered.

The correct answer for the riddle is 35. Standby for an explanation about how to arrive at that figure. Count 34 + 1 = 35 people. Assuming that the victims are ‘people’ regardless of whether they are dead or alive.

Better yet, skip three paragraphs down to find the concise solution and explanation.

Amidst the outbreak of the global pandemic of 2020, people have found new ways to stimulate their brains and have conversations.

It is nice to see that people were willing to put their critical thinking skills to work even during the worst moment in history. But at the same time, it was sad to see some people fail terribly at finding the answer to the riddle. That is why we consulted a philosopher to analyze the different possibilities the riddle brings to light.

Tit Tok challenges have taken over the internet and Zoom suddenly became the new boss in town. Others have taken their time to watch all the movies they have always wanted to enjoy on Netflix.

But one thing that broke out a fierce competition is a bedroom riddle. It is one of sources of entertainment that kept many people engaged on the internet. The riddle goes like this:

“You enter a bedroom. There are 34 people. You kill 30. How many are in the bedroom?”

So, what is the answer to this riddle?

If you’re still struggling to calculate it, the correct answer is 35.

Here is how the riddle works out

Let us begin by calculating the total number of people in the bedroom.

You enter a room and there are 34 people. That makes the total number of people to be:

34 + 1 = 35

So, there are 35 of you in the bedroom. Gee! That must be a huge bedroom by the way.

Here is the trick where the riddle hides the answer in plain sight… the question asks “how many people are in the bedroom?”

Remember, it does not specify “how many living people are in the room?”

Many people make the mistake of rushing and concluding that there are 4 or 5 people in the bedroom.

Why is 5 the wrong answer?

The initial number of people were 34. Add you and you get 35. Kill 30. You then move on to subtract 30 from 35.

35 – 30 = 5.

The assumption in this answer

  • 5 as the answer assumes that the people you’ve killed magically disappear out of the room.
  • You might have killed them and dragged them out of the bedroom.
  • However, nothing in the riddle specifically states that you killed 30 and removed them from the bedroom.

Why is 4 also wrong?

Picking 4 as the answer is wrong in even more ways than 5.

First, four also assumes that people you kill the thirty people and they all vanish.

On top of that, 4 does not include the fact that you are also in the bedroom. So, this response treats you as a ghost.

Here is the logic those who pick 4 use:

You enter a room of 34 people. That means there are 34 people. You kill 30.

The calculation now becomes:

34 – 30 = 34

Those who pick 4 as the response are probably ghosts. This riddle is probably a ghost test. So, if you want to know how many real people are around you in a room, use this riddle.

Most likely, 4 would make sense if you enter a room of 34 people, there is the probability that the room was full and any additional person would forcefully eject an extra person.

So, once you enter, one individual is ejected and there are now 34 people left.

This can only be true if the bedroom’s capacity is fixed such that there can be no more than 34 people.

However, based on how this riddle is phrased, it can be interpreted in several ways.

But what if you enter a room as a ghost? Does that make the total people in the room to be still 35? Probably.

Philosophically, as long as you can see it, it should be countable. But is a ghost visible? Yes. A ghost is an “apparition of a dead person which is believed to appear or become manifest to the living.”

So, humans can see ghosts and that makes them countable. Therefore, entering the room as a ghost and killing thirty people would lead us to a calculation similar to our first and correct answer – 5.

Related Riddle

There is another version of our riddle, except that it has a slight twist. It goes like this:

“You entered a room of 34 people. A shooter then enters killing 30. What is the probability of people that are left in the room?”

The response to this should use the same logic.

You enter a room of 34 people. That should make the total number of people in the room 35.

Scenario 1

Then enter the shooter. The total number now becomes 35 + 1 = 36.

The shooter kills 30.

So, 36 – 30 dead = 6

So, what is the probability of people that are left in the room?

Scenario 2

If the shooter fires at 30 people and then walks out, there are:

36 – 30 dead – 1 shooter = 5

The probability of people that are left in the room?

Two possible answers can work here.

First, in Scenario 1, the probability of people that are left in the room is 36 in 36.

This is based on the assumption that even the 30 people who are killed are still in the room.

Second, the probability of people left in the room could be 5 in 35 assuming that the shooting gun melts the victims into nothingness and then he walks out.

The riddle gets even more complex the more we think about it.

Remember we have not talked about people who are alive. In that case, our calculations would start over again but this time with the assumption that only survivors are left in the room.

Overall, regardless of whether the people in the room are dead or alive, the concern is their body. A dead person is still a person except that they are now dead.

What do you think is the correct answer to the “You enter a bedroom. There are 34 people. You kill 30. How many are in the bedroom?”

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