9 Reasons You Need a Bedroom Door Lock

While not everyone welcomes the idea of installing a bedroom door lock, using some barricade goes a long way in ensuring that the bedroom retains its privacy. Safety experts hate locking the bedroom door. Others claim that the habit is anti-social. For me, there are plenty of reasons to get a working door lock for the bedroom.

Reasons You Need a Bedroom Door Lock

You need a bedroom door because it could delay burglars, give you time away from a crazy wife or husband, and allow you to conduct uninterrupted web meetings or classes. With a proper door lock, you can enjoy your romantic moments and practice your dance moves in privacy.

We’ve all heard safety experts say that breaking a locked bedroom door in the event of fire is not an easy task as it may seem. The locks can have fatal consequences especially when the person sleeping in the blazing bedroom is incapacitated.

But let’s compare fire incidents and property crimes.

Statistics recently released by FBI in 2019 show that there were 6,925,677 property crimes in that year. The estimated losses due to those millions of property crimes were $15.8 billion.

On the contrary, fire outbreaks caused relatively little damage.

The CDC’s National Violent Death Reporting System indicated that there were 18,800 total homicides. Fires caused 3,655 deaths over the same period according to the NFPA data.

So, we can see that structure fires, although still causing many deaths, is not as dangerous as property crimes.

That means I would be more worried about someone breaking into my bedroom rather than a fire breaking out.

As long as I have kept all other safety protocols including having an extinguisher and an accessible window, locking the bedroom door should not be a negotiable safety issue.

Even though bedroom door locks that require a key are a bit hectic, having a functioning lock might be crucial in many circumstances.

1. You Have an Upcoming House Party.

As crazy as it might sound, house parties can go wild. After it eventually comes to an end, you might want to have a comfortable place to sleep the next day.

If you have an upcoming house party where alcohol will be available, you should start considering having a strong bedroom door lock.

Some of your guests might feel tired and rush to your bedroom and sleep there, puke, or smoke in there. You don’t want to end up cleaning the entire bedroom and changing your sheets because they are stuffy after the party, unless you don’t mind.

But for those who prefer serenity in their bedrooms, keeping drunk guests out of your sleeping place is a pretty understandable move. That can only happen if you have a working bedroom door lock.

2. Deterring Burglary.

Importance of bedroom door lock

I know you like to keep you money in the bedroom. I take all my money with me to the bedroom every night.

Seriously, who leaves cash in the kitchen or living room table? Well, if you live alone, you can do that.

Does that mean thieves can’t steal anything from my bedroom? No. So, do you really need a lock to the bedroom to prevent thieves from breaking in? Yes, you do.

Let’s consider this: Someone did break into your house. You would be glad if you had your bedroom door locked. Why? Because you need about 10-15 seconds to grab a handgun, flip safety off and point it towards the door.

Those critical seconds are only possible if there was a lock at the door. A pissed off crazy guy would catch you off-guard should the bedroom door be open.

Now you know what to do when you live in a place where there are over 10 apartment blocks and random guys with guns can just walk in at any time. Get a functioning bedroom door lock!

3. Safety from Crazy Husband or Wife.

We’ve got many crazies other than a burglar. Some wives or husbands do get wild. If not every day, then they go nuts once in a while.

As soon as your partner fumes with rage and starts speaking all the trash in this world endlessly, your bedroom might be a better place to seek peace, alone. You lock the crazy husband or wife out.

If you don’t want them near you, just lock yourself in and let the sleep on the couch. If the door lock is strong, the bedroom is all yours to enjoy.

4. Sneak-eating Favorite Meal.

Are you a food sneak? I bet everyone has some remnants of sneak eating in them. We know it can be very difficult to stick to diet plans.

Does anybody knows how difficult it is to stick to diet plans? Sometimes, getting a good answer is usually to eat more. And eat it alone, quietly away from the scornful eyes of those who know you started dieting.

That piece of cake you didn’t want to share, or the McDonald’s you’ve been craving for hours since you started dieting yesterday. The only private place to munch it peacefully is your bedroom. A locked bedroom.

I guess you’re already considering putting some extra locks to your bedroom door.

5. Practicing Dance Moves.

Dance moves are fantastic especially if you can do it better than anybody else. Some people practice their dance moves in their bedrooms.

If you’re one of these secrete dancers, you do not want to break a bone because someone walked in on you while trying out the Tik Tok choreography that has been trending for a while.

Perhaps, it is a great idea to find a functioning door lock to deter unnecessary guests. Bedroom is the only place you can show your horrible dance moves without worrying about boos.

Get a functioning door lock to ensure you experience no disturbances.

6. Webcasts or Web Meetings

During the pandemic, many people stayed and worked from home. Many bedrooms suddenly became upgraded to home offices.

If you’re a parent who holds many online meetings with fellow employees, a quite bedroom might be important.

A student taking online classes could also do well with a good bedroom door lock.

We have witnessed journalists and analysts being walked in on by their children who never understand what is going on.

To avoid such disruptions, it could be worth installing a good bedroom door lock.

7. Responsible Videos

This reason was suggested by one of my acquaintances. Look at your face, it tells it all! Don’t pretend like you don’t ever do it. You watch the videos, even if it is accidental.

You don’t want someone you respect like your mother catching you in the act of watching your favorite ‘disgusting’ channel. Have a functioning door lock.

This reason is not meant to disgust or embarrass anybody.

8. Private Romantic Moments with Partner

When it is time for love, you don’t want your 4 year old son running in and asking why you two are ‘fighting.’ It takes away the hype in those moments.

Adding a layer of security on your bedroom door will surely guarantee some privacy from those predictable moments.

9. Minimize Swinging Due to Air Flow.

Just think about it. Your door is facing the ocean or lake. Every afternoon, the breeze gets strong and blows onshore. It gets strong that it constantly swings your lose door open again and again.

Without a functioning door lock, such as swingy door could soon become irritating and the wind blowing into your room could give you an uncomfortable experience.

How to Secure a Bedroom Door Without Locks

You might have moved to a new room without locks. Installing one could mean that you interfere with the original shape of the door knob and other features.

To avoid the costs that come with a changed door lock, let’s look at some of the ways you can secure the bedroom without necessarily using complicated door locks.