Best Pillowcase for Black Hair (No. 1 Pick)

What is the best pillowcase for black hair? Let’s find out in this article the qualities that will make an ideal pillowcase for black people. When talking about black people’s hair, there is always a ton of unnecessary misunderstanding on care. Hair care for black people is an important topic of discussion because it is about uniqueness in terms of beauty and style.

That is why many black women will take all measures possible to protect their hair from damage. These steps usually include selecting the best pillowcases for black hair. 

Best Pillowcase for Black Hair

The best pillowcase for black hair is a natural silk pillowcase sold by a reliable store. Mulberry silk is one of the most popular fabrics for women of color who want to protect their hair from damage. Other than being 100% silk, the pillowcase is also soft and ideal for preventing hair dryness. 

But where can you find this awesome pillow for African American women? What is the best pillowcase for black hair that we recommend?

Several stores such as Zimasilk and Amazon stock these high-quality silk pillowcases. Our preferred type of pillowcases for black hair is the 600 thread Mulberry Natural Silk for Skin and Hair. Use the link to access the best product that will naturally regulate temperatures around your face and hair as you sleep.

Zimasilk is beneficial to black hair

The silk we’re recommending here is also ethically sourced from silkworms bred in captivity but without child labor. That is why it is fairly priced.

What to Consider when Buying Silk Pillowcase for Black Hair?

  • Purchase at least 2 silk pillowcases so that you can use one when the other is washed. This will prevent your pillowcase from getting old too fast.
  • Choose a color that does not look too dull and makes you not want to have the pillowcase in your bed.
  • Ensure that it is washable just like other fabrics.
  • Select silk pillowcases that are large enough for your pillow size and match your other bedding.
  • If you sweat a lot, silk pillowcase would be good for you as the fabric whisks away moisture from the skin surface to keep you cool. 
  • Look at the price too. When it is too cheap, the silk is probably fake or sourced from forced labor. If it is too expensive, the seller could also be ripping you off.
  • Most importantly, buy silk pillowcase that is affordable but of high quality. 

Why is Silk Pillowcase Good for Black Hair?

Silk pillowcase is good for black hair because it helps to minimize drying, breakage, frizz, and tangles. Black women’s hair needs a lot of care at night and the simplest way to keep hair hydrated until morning is by sleeping on a silk pillowcase. 

What about satin? Does it have the same benefits as silk pillowcases?

What pillowcase is good for black people's hair

Satin made from silk is equally good for black hair. However, if the satin pillowcase is made from artificial fabrics such as nylon, you need to keep them off your hair. 

You need to note that satin made from artificial fabrics will be cheaper than 100% silk pillowcases. If it is not made from natural fibers, it is not recommended for black hair because it will not maintain the natural oils in the hair and reduce friction that causes breakage as you sleep and turn at night. 

Is Cotton Pillowcase Good for Black Hair?

Although cotton pillowcases may be good for people because they have a great cooling effect, they won’t have many benefits for the hair. Besides, it does not have a smooth sensation on your skin that silk has. A cotton pillowcase will not prevent pull on your hair even though it is great for comfortable sleep. 

But if cotton does not offer any advantage for black hair, what should one go to as the second most appropriate fabric for a pillowcase?

We recommend going for bamboo pillowcase if you cannot find quality silk. As your second best option, bamboo pillowcases are not only durable but they are also naturally breathable than cotton. That means they will keep your hair in a perfectly cool state rather than dry them out. 

Bamboo pillowcases also have their disadvantages because they shrink a lot compared to cotton. You may need special care when laundering. Bamboo also wrinkles much more than silk pillowcases. 

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