Black Curtains: Why 99% of Interior Designers Say Yes

It’s true that black curtains are elegant and often make a statement – a bold statement. Many people have found incredible ways to liven them up. But that does not mean that everybody loves them. In fact, some people hate the color that they’d rather have their living areas without curtains on the windows.

If you’re looking for black curtain bedroom ideas, then this is the right place for you to get useful tips.

Hey there! I have compiled some sweet and concise FAQs at the bottom of the article. If you want to read some of them, go ahead and scroll to the bottom.

For now, whether we’re talking about an amazing party, an inevitable change of season, or just a simple change in mood, there is one way to add a fantastic backdrop of excitement – incorporating darker curtains.

1. Practicing a Cult


I have heard about this several times. My uncle visited me with his seven-year-old son and the little guy started asking if I belong to the church of Satan.

Apparently, he’d heard about stories of black demons and darkness. So, he thought my house was one of those. That was way too cute, hostile, and baffling at the same time. Because nobody wants to belong to the side of the devil even though we may sometimes not have any reason for it.

Shop Blackout Curtains

Do darker curtains suggest that one belongs to the devil? I don’t think it is a great assumption. Just because they don’t allow much light to pass through doesn’t mean one is associated with Satan.

And just because some people prefer slightly darker rooms does not mean they are evil.

Below is our recommended insulated blackout curtain suitable for the bedroom.

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2. Black curtains are protectors of privacy


Individuals who have extremely dark colors as their preferred design ideas are thought to be too secretive. I overheard people arguing over this. Some seem to be so convinced that going for blacker curtains is a sign of being secretive. 

There is a difference between being secretive and seeking privacy.

Those who have darker designs covering their windows understand why black dominates conversations about room privacy. The less light into a room, the better your sleep.

3. They make your room hotter


Basic science suggests that black items absorb light rather than reflect it. In that case, a room with dark curtains will become unbearably hot when the sun is up. But is that really true? I can say confidently that the answer is a big NO!

4. Regulating room temperature


Anybody who is experienced with curtains will tell you that during winter, they wish they had darker ones. Any little head within the house will be there to be retained and black fabrics are good at doing just that.

Does that mean all black curtains will prevent light? No, some of them allow light to pass through.

Here is another favorite thermal insulated black curtain suitable for regulating temperature in the bedroom.

You can buy it here.

Some light-weight varieties may possess light filtering properties while others may not. In many cases, after visiting a store, you will find black curtains being the favorite when it comes to creating a blacked-out room.

Dark blackout curtains will always reduce the amount of heat crossing between the window and the room. As much as 24% of heat loss is prevented by having such curtains. However, the process occurs in two ways.

First, heat loss can be from inside the house outward. You may not need too much heating when you have these curtains installed. Second, when it is hot outside, the dark curtains will prevent heat from entering your room.

  • Thermal insulated curtains – For those who would like to experience better heat transfer, selecting thermal insulated curtains is the best way to go. They minimize heat transfer significantly by providing insulation to the bedroom. 

5. Protecting items inside the Living Spaces from Fading


The other advantage I also figured out is how much it protects whatever is inside your room, for instance, seats, colored duvets, dressers, and many other items.

That is because black absorbs light.

What benefit do they have instead? Protection to surfaces inside the room. Some items are prone to fading when exposed to sunlight. What blackout curtains do is to prevent sun rays from entering to cause you unnecessary damages.

6. Those using black curtains are cheap


This is also one of the cruelest assumptions I have heard about people making about dark curtains. Let me tell you straight out that it is not true. This belief is wrong in so many ways.

For instance, the price of these curtains is not different from the other types. Any differences in prices could be due to fabric quality but not color.

It is also worth pointing out that some of these black ones are more expensive than white or grey curtains.

Good side: When your curtains are black, they mask your cheapness. That should be a good thing. Unlike other types of curtains that will show so many characteristics of being cheap, black ones will do quite well in hiding the price tag.

Anybody who enters your room won’t be able to tell easily that your black and tall curtains hanging up there cost less than thirty bucks. So, we can say that black is a savior and a friend to your pocket.

FYI, only a very few people and some interior décor specialists can ever tell the difference between a cheap curtain and an expensive one if the color is black.

7. People who use black curtains are less welcoming


One of the issues you’re likely to come across is your interaction with others. As soon as you hang curtains that revolve toward darkness, people will start whispering that you’re not a welcoming person. The reason for this thought is that if you’re welcoming, you will tend to stay in the light and keep your house more open.

8. Only dirty people love black curtains


I have to admit that curtain laundry is not a piece of cake for me. I can count several months in my fingers before washing. Right now, I can’t even remember the last time I cleaned my sheers.

Even non-black ones can take a long time to catch dirt. Curtains are just supposed to hang there and wait for some flying dust or crazy kid with spicy food to touch it. Otherwise, they’d probably remain clean forever.

But these ‘forever clean fabrics’ can also be a problem. Since only a few stains can stand out on black, it may be difficult to tell when it is time to hit the laundry.

Good side: less laundry – Going for black as your preferred color means that you will most likely go for an even longer time before the next laundry. Darker fabrics do not show dirt easily compared with light-colored ones. If you have a window in a high-traffic area, the best idea is to go with something that won’t show too much dirt easily. Hopefully, that will save you a few bucks that would otherwise be spent on washing them.

Honestly, curtains will never carry the worst germs on this planet. So, laundry doesn’t appear to be the biggest worry about them

9. Drama and mystery

Anything dark is mysterious. You never know what it hides or what it plans. But we’re clear on what it can do to interior décor.

Looking for contrast? Well, the master of contrast in interior design is black. Black and white? No problem.

You can go for black white walls, white bedding, white furniture, and a white ceiling and your room will look elegant.

beautiful black curtains

Here is also an example of a white room with black curtains.

black curtains with white walls in bedroom

Pick another color like red. You will still have a beautiful room like the one below.

do black curtains go with red color

As it appears, everything else is inviting as long as there is a black flavor in it. When used right, black can also go with navy, emerald green, dusty rose, light beige, and brown.

Every other piece of furniture and items in the bedroom will go with it.

an image of black curtains that go with other colors

#10 Bonus

Makes room look adult-ish


Black color tends to make anything look mature. Give your little son a black suit and suddenly, they are real men.

Teenagers who want their rooms to look classy and aged should consider going for dark-themed curtains. Your peers will just respect you for this boldness and out-of-the-norm ideas.

What room colors go with black curtains?

The top colors that go with black curtains are white, navy, yellow, brown, light beige, orange, and turquoise. These colors blend with black so well because they are saturated and give a bold sophistication when implementing interior décor. However, if you’re uncertain about the combinations, do not settle on black yet. Give other exciting colors a shot before finalizing on black. 

Those other shades are often spellbinding and you never know what might work best for you. 

Even pink makes a great combination like the image below. 

pink bedroom with black curtains
Are Black Curtains Okay?

Black curtains are okay because they provide great privacy and are good for room temperature regulation during both winter and summer. They do not show dirt easily and therefore, frequent laundry might not be necessary. The other advantage is that these darker curtains go with a wide range of colors including white, navy, yellow, brown, light beige, orange, and turquoise, among others.

Do Black Curtains Block Sound?

Dark, blackout curtains do not block noise. The fabrics used to make regular curtains are not usually soundproof. However, there are special varieties that are specifically designed to block sound. In many cases, blackout curtains will never block noise but due to their thickness, they are able to muffle just a little bit of outside noise giving them a limited soundproofing capacity.

Do Black Curtains Make Your Room Hotter?

Black curtains do not make your room hotter because they only reduce the amount of heat transferred between the outside and inside via building openings. This effect on heat transfer is thought to be significant and stands at about 24 percent. All this means that black curtains can keep heat out.
Therefore, they will keep the room warmer during winter and cause a little bit of cooling during summer as they possess the ability to regulate heat transfer between cold and hot boundaries. 

Do All Types of Black Curtains Block Light?

Not all blackout curtains are always effective in blocking light from the outside. The curtains will only be great in blocking light if they are thick and reflective enough to keep sun rays off. But dark curtains are poor at reflecting light. They tend to absorb more of it thereby making them not so effective in blocking light if the fabric is thin. That is where blackout curtains should come as the next alternative.

Extra Tips for Using Black Curtains

You should try to consider the following:

  • When you buy curtains that are of darker colors, they might overwhelm smaller rooms, especially those with small windows. Always use them for larger living areas or bedrooms.
  • Many people consider black a riskier design choice. I am not sure why but it is probably because they fear not getting the color right.
  • If you have to go for darker curtains, combine them with saturated colors since black is visually dominating and could ruin your room’s aesthetic.
  • Go for light walls such as warm white, smoky blue, cream, or green. Having a dark wall and a dark curtain comes out as too oppressive.
an image of black and white curtain
  • Still, confused about what to do? How about black and white curtains instead?

If you have smaller windows, then short black curtains will be your go-to choice.