Do Two Twins Make a Queen?

Twin beds are the most common bed sizes we have in homes today. However, these beds are usually meant for children and adolescents. If you have two twins lying around, you might decide to join them together to form a large bed.

But what would you have after joining two twin?

Do Two Twins Make a Queen?

No, two twins do not make a queen. This does not mean you cannot convert the twin bed into queen. Based on their widths and lengths, joining two twins will not make a queen. A twin size bed is 39″ X 75″ while a queen size bed is 60″ X 80″.

This is the same for a king size bed too. Two twins do not make a king. Read this article on why two twins are not equal to a king bed.

If you attach two twins together, the resulting combined width will be 78″ compared to a standard 60″ for queen bed.

Similarly, the new bed formed by putting the smaller beds together will retain the height of 75″, but a queen bed is 80″ long.

The illustration below shows the possible outcome if you trying turning two twins into a queen:

two twin beds compared to queen

Now let’s try doing the work and see what bed we end up with and compare it to the queen.

queen versus twin

You can already see that the bed you end up with after putting the two together is simply wider that the queen and still shorter.

Even two twin XL’s will not lead to the desired size.

What do two twin beds equal? Technically, nothing. There is no bed size measuring 78 inches wide and 75 inches long. No company makes a mattress of that size either.

Why You Shouldn’t Join Two Twin Beds to Form a Queen

If you need to build a queen from these two beds, there are two problems.

  1. The new bed will be wider than queen
  2. The new bed will be shorter than standard queen
  3. No mattress comes in the size of 78″ X 75″.

The first problem is easy to deal with because you can trim the material used for building the bed frame and attain a smaller width.

Unfortunately, the second problem is even more prominent because you will need to add an extra 15 inches of length.

Should you bother joining the two?

Don’t bother about it.

I don’t think it is worth it because even if you were to turn the new bed making the resulting new width (78″) as the new height, and retain 75″ as the new width, it still won’t be called a queen size bed.

What Alternative Options Do You Have?

  • Acquiring a new queen bed: One is to just buy a queen bed straight away. Although this may be costly, especially if you already own two twins, it is the easiest way out.
  • A carpenter’s help: Two, you can find a carpenter who has mastered woodwork and will properly join the two small beds for you.
  • DIY project to build queen bed: Three, and last option you have is to take it as a DIY project. You can dismantle the beds and build a queen size bed from scratch using the material.
  • Use twin mattresses on the floor: Instead of worrying about how to join two twin beds, you can get a comfortable sleep by putting two twin mattresses on the floor and sticking them together using a larger bedding.

When Can Two Twins Work?

Twin beds are usually small and cannot fit two adults.

However, some people still push the beds together hoping to end up with a larger one. This can be a practical idea if two people want to share that same bed but lack a single larger bed.

  • Makes it easy to share bedding – People who have only one large blanket can benefit from pushing two twins together as it brings them closer without squeezing each other in a tiny space.

Unfortunately, pushing them together will create an annoying joint between them making the process not worth it.

What size sheets fit 2 twin beds put together?

There are no exact size sheets that fit 2 twin beds put together. The closest thing you can consider is a king sized sheet, which could measure 76 inches wide by 80 inches long. If you notice by now, two twins are 78 inches wide by 75 inches long.
You might have to put up with other limitations that come with larger bedding sizes.

Can You Use King Size Bedding on Two Twins?

Yes, for comforters and bed sheets, you might be okay with king size, although they will be two inches narrower than the combined twin beds.

Your bedding will have extra length just like queen bedding. This might mean that your beddings will roll onto the foot of the bed.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that two twins neither make a queen or king size bed.

Final Say

In all, two twin beds will measure around 78 inches wide. This is significantly larger than your standard queen-sized mattress, which is only 60 inches across. A queen is indeed longer than a twin, so if you try to fit a queen-sized sheet onto two twin-sized mattresses, you will end up with sheets that are both too narrow and too long. They will not stretch all the way to the far ends of the beds, but will hang over the foot of the bed and even form heaps on the floor.