Does a Queen Bed fit in a Cargo Van?

Did you know that a cargo van can transport a queen-sized mattress and box spring at once?

Does a queen bed fit in a cargo van?

No, a queen size bed doesn’t fit in a cargo van when intact. It may be impossible to fit it in a regular cargo van. However, will need to disassemble it before transporting the bed. Fortunately, most cargo vans have enough space to transport a queen size mattress and other household items from small apartments, studios, or dorm rooms while also protecting them from the elements.

A queen size mattress, box spring, and many boxes may all be loaded into a cargo van with proper planning. 

transporting queen bed in cargo van

How to load a mattress onto a cargo van requires the following steps:

  1. Put your queen-size mattress and box spring in a mattress bag to keep them in good condition during your move.
  2. Place the box spring against the driver’s side wall after loading it through the back doors of the van at a 45-degree angle.
  3. Next, place the mattress on top of the box spring to load it.
  4. Through the back doors, place boxes and other items between the mattress and the driver’s side wall. This will give delicate items extra protection by ensuring that they do not travel through the van during transportation.
  5. Load the rest of your belongings into the vehicle via the passenger side doors.

If no other items need to be moved, the queen size bed and box spring can be laid flat in the back of the van after they’ve been loaded through the back doors. Consider renting a moving truck if you have a king-size bed.

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Will a queen mattress fit in a Home Depot cargo van?

Will a queen mattress fit in a Home Depot cargo van, just to be sure? A queen-size mattress will fit in any moving truck, even these trucks. When you angle a queen size mattress, a pickup truck or cargo van will provide the ideal amount of space for moving it.

Can I fold a queen size mattress in half?

You can fold a queen size mattress.  Depending on the construction of your mattress, you may be able to fold or bend it. If your mattress has springs, such as an innerspring or a hybrid, folding it could damage the springs. Mattresses made of memory foam, latex, or AirFoam can be bent or folded for a short period of time.

Can a queen mattress fit in a car?

Most mattresses will not fit in the trunk or hatch of a car. However, some vehicles are designed to transport a twin, full, double, queen, or even king-sized mattress. Most mattresses of any size, for example, will fit into a standard pickup truck.

Can a queen size bed fit in a 9 foot cargo van?

In the most basic terms, a 9-foot cargo van should be large enough to comfortably fit a queen-size mattress and box spring. The length of a queen size mattress is only 6.67 feet. As a result, a 9-foot cargo van will fit perfectly.

How do you transport a queen size mattress?

Simply take the seats out or fold them down and slide the mattress in. A pickup truck is another great option for transporting a mattress. Most twin, double, and even queen-size mattresses will fit. Even though this option exposes your mattress, it should be fine as long as you wrap and secure it properly.

What models of cargo van fit a queen-sized mattress nicely?

Since 60″x 80″ is the size of a full-size Queen mattress, it will fit E2E (though there will be a very small gap on the side—about 12″). It won’t fit W2W. The 87 Ford Econoline measures 75 inches wide by 120 inches long to the back of the front seats. So, these are some of the models of cargo van that can fit queen size mattress.

Moving A Queen Size Bed: Dos and Don’ts

Because the bed is large, awkwardly shaped, bulky, and thus inconvenient to move, moving a queen size bed is one of the most difficult things to do during a move. It’s a real challenge! Because of their large box springs, queen-sized beds are difficult to move. Most king-sized beds, on the other hand, have two smaller box springs underneath. The majority of the time, box springs must be cut and then reassembled in order to be relocated. Many newer queens come with a split box spring set, but many older queens do not.

Carrying your bed standing up and unbent is the best way to move it (unless you are dealing with a Tempurpedic bed, in which case you should keep it completely flat). You’ll need to rent a trailer, a cargo van, or a moving truck for a long-distance move.

To move a queen-size bed by yourself, you’ll need the following items:

  • a mattress bag, which are available for $10-$20;
  • moving straps for lifting if the mattress, box spring, or headboard is too heavy;
  • ropes and packing tape to keep your mattress secure while you’re moving.

What is the best method for transporting a queen mattress and bed to a new location? Of course, if you’re making a long-distance relocation, you should either employ a professional or rent a long-distance car.

How Much Does It Cost To Move A Queen Size Bed?

It goes without saying that a cross-country move will cost more than a move within the same city. If you hire professional help for a local move, you’ll almost certainly be charged by the hour. Your mover will charge you based on the weight of the bed and the distance to your new home if you are moving to another state. For a fee of $100-$200, most moving companies will deliver the mattress, frame, and box spring. Before making this decision, get a price quote from a few local moving companies that specialize in single-piece moves.

How to move a queen size bed in a truck?

  1. Follow the instructions in the instruction manual to disassemble the queen size bed frame.
  2. Remove any drawers from your bed frame, empty and pack their contents separately, and wrap the drawers in bubble wrap or moving blankets.
  3. If the bed has already been dismantled into its constituent parts, you should have no trouble removing them from your bedroom and transporting them to the waiting moving vehicle.
  4. Wrap each bed frame component in a moving blanket (or old clothing) to protect it as well as your belongings.
  5. When turning the bed frame around tight corners or going down the stairs, be extra cautious.
  6. Don’t attempt to move the queen bed by yourself; enlist the assistance of at least two other people.
  7. Make sure you plan ahead of time and put on protective gear like work gloves and comfortable shoes with non-slip soles. Keep in mind that the most important thing is your safety and the safety of your fellow volunteers!
  8. Secure the frame parts of your queen size bed to the moving truck for a safe journey.
  9. Make sure to drive safely.

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