Floating Bed Frames – Places to Buy Online

One thing designers agree on is that floating bed frames are elegant, mysterious, and stylish.

In this article:

  • What is a Floating Bed?
  • Floating Bed Buyers Guide
  • List of 7 Best Floating Bed Frames to Buy

When it comes to bedroom décor, it is always clear that we want to sleep in a comfortable place. You need the room to be in perfect design for maximum relaxation and quality sleep. Floating beds are considered some of the most comfortable beds for improving the quality of sleep.

Here is a list of 7 beautiful floating bed frames you can buy today online. These floating beds are reviewed in random order. The writer hasn’t arranged them in terms of priority.

However, our favorite floating bed is indicated.

If you’re torn between the regular bed frame and floating bed frames, you won’t be making a mistake choosing the latter.

What is a Floating Bed?

A floating bed frame is a low-profile bed designed to appear as if it has no legs and is suspended from above. A floating bed has legs but they are carefully balanced beneath it and hidden from plain sight.

Heavy individuals can still sleep on these types of beds just like the regular beds because the support systems of floating beds are built to support any kind of weight.

Floating Bed Frame Buyer’s Guide

There are a couple of things to consider before picking a floating bed frame. Here are a few of these considerations to make:

  • What size bedroom do you have?
  • Is the bed for adult or kid to use?
  • Do you have a mattress purchased already? How big is it?
  • Is there a health motive behind your buying of a floating bed?
  • What price range are you looking at?

The last factor here is included because a well-designed floating bed frame is not that cheap. Although there could be affordable types, their average prices are above the normal cost of a bed frame.

The larger it is, the costlier it will be.

An article by Designing Idea here discusses some of the pros and cons of floating beds in detail.

Floating Bed Frames

  1. Low Profile Bed by Orren Ellis
  2. Simple, Minimal Platform Bed on Etsy
  3. Floating Platform Bed by Temahome
  4. Queen Size Nexera Platform Bed
  5. South Shore Full/Queen Holland Floating Bed
  6. Floyd Platform Bed
  7. Nexera Nordik Queen Size Floating Bed

1. Low Profile Bed by Orren Ellis

Buy floating bed frame

The first bed on our list of elegant floating bed frames is this Eastern king size black bed.

  • It comes with a low-profile anchors that will make your bedroom sleek and contemporary.
  • Regarding how long it will last, it is made from solid wood. You can be certain it will be a while before you think about replacing it.

Where to Buy: Wayfair

The bed frame features a platform silhouette extending out from the mattress and is neatly supported by a plinth base.

This design gives you room to play with the headboard by trying different styles.

No box spring is necessary as the platform is already well-structured to support your mattress.

2. Simple, Minimal Platform Bed on Etsy

minimalist floating bed

The second floating bed on this list is Etsy’s rustic bed frame. There are many reasons to make this your pick.

Where to Find It: Etsy

Here are a few things would like to share:

  • It’s made of 1¾ – inch thick hardwood.
  • The slanted headboard is elegant.
  • Made of 1 ½ inch deep consoles. These will keep the bed clean but still maintaining that desired minimal look.
  • Easy and straightforward assembling process.
  • We can notice how the designer overbuilt the tenons and bed bolts. These are used at the mitered corners and the idea makes this bed rock solid.
  • All bed slats are only 3-inches apart; that’s great for all types of mattresses
  • Great for mattresses that are less than 14 inches thick.

3. Floating Platform Bed by Temahome

Tahoma floating platform bed

There are many reasons you need a bed frame like this. If you’re looking for even more minimalistic floating beds, here is another one for you.

Where to Purchase: Wayfair

The features of this elegant bed include the following:

  • Modern, minimalistic design
  • High weight capacity (can support 700 pounds and 900 pounds for queen and king size frames respectively).
  • Available in queen and king sizes.
  • Some of the components are made from recycled material.
  • A super-long warrant period of 2 years.

In this particular case, we’re talking about floating bed frame, which is a combination of the contemporary and minimalistic, and it presents a touch of nature-inspired design.

Based on how floating beds are prices, this Temahome floating bed is suitable for its pricing. Undoubtedly, its quality, sturdiness, and appearance put it among the best sellers.

For genuine satisfaction, consider going for this option.

4. Queen Size Nexera Platform Bed

floating bed frame queen size

Another elegant floating bed frame on the list is the black Nexera queen size bed.

Making your floor shinier will make the design appear even much cooler.

Where to Get It: Amazon

Some of the great features of this bed include:

  • Available in both metal and hardwood slats.
  • Easy assembly and handling.
  • Can be paired with DIY headboards.
  • Fits a queen size mattress – the most popular mattress size.
  • You also get melamine and laminate finish.

5. South Shore Full/Queen Holland Floating Bed

best floating bed frame

Where to Buy: Walmart Store

This is most likely the cheapest floating bed you’ll ever find in the market.

For only $232, below are some of the outstanding perks that come with it:

  • Style and simplicity. It doesn’t take away the ultra-modern feel of the bed.
  • Hidden drawers for storage. This makes the floating bed frame ideal for small bedrooms.
  • For value conscious buyers, the bed is definitely the economic pick.
  • Made from non-toxic particleboard.
  • The longest warranty we’ve ever seen for bed frames of 5 years.
  • Come with clear guidelines on assembly.

6. Floyd Platform Bed

The second last on the list but a very appealing bed in our category of beautiful floating beds is the Floyd platform bed.

Where to Buy: Floydhome.com

Perhaps you’re looking for high durability and dependability or something sturdier. Choose this Floyd platform bed made of high-grade walnut wood.

The wood is mechanically-designed to make the bed stronger but lightweight.

Key points to take note of regarding this product include:

•        Sufficient under-bed storage drawers

•        Lightweight and modular design.

•        Weight capacity of 600 lbs for king/queen sizes

•        Also available in twin size.

•        You also get to pick among black and white metal accents.

7. Nexera Nordik Queen Size Floating Bed

Twin size floating bed frame

We also found this elegant frame for people looking for bed frame illusions.

It is not only sleek but also comes with a laminate finish and an overall natural appearance all that credit to the color choices like natural maple, ebony, walnut, black, and white.

Where to Find It: Amazon

The necessary support you need from this bed is backed by metal and hardwood slats.

Even though it weighs only 100 pounds, it can carry up to 500 pounds.

Other nice features included here are:

  • A range of colors (black, white, and ebony).
  • Comes in twin, full and queen size.
  • Made from environmentally-friendly materials.
  • Free shipping available.

Are Floating Beds Stable?

Yes, floating beds are extremely stable, some being sturdier than regular bed frames. Floating bed frames may appear like they are hanging above the ground but they are supported by four strong legs. They are just not visible from the sides because the bed side rails hide them.

So, standard bed frames are not any stronger than floating beds.