How Long Does Nectar Mattress Take to Expand?

So, you finally bought that new Nectar mattress, and surprise, surprise! You have to wait for it to expand before using it. How long does Nectar mattress take to expand? In this article, we also explain reasons behind Nectar mattresses not expanding, how to know Nectar mattress has fully expanded, and how to make Nectar mattress expand faster.

Everyone gets excited after purchasing a new item. Mattresses are quite expensive and replacing a new one will leave you curious to know how comfortable your night will be. Without wasting more time, let’s see how long does Nectar mattress take to expand?

How to tell if Nectar mattress is fully expanded

How Long Does Nectar Mattress Take to Expand?

Nectar mattress takes 24-72 hours to fully expand. This is according to Nectar Sleep, the company that manufactures and sells it. The rate of expansion varies due to several factors including humidity, mattress size, and usage within those first few hours.

But how long before you can sleep on Nectar Mattress?

The company recommends that you wait for at least 24 hours to sleep on Nectar mattress for the best comfort. However, it is safe to sleep on new Nectar memory foam mattress immediately after purchase. Waiting for 3 days will make your experience much more comfortable.  A day or two might seem like a long time but it should be worth the wait. How long does Nectar mattress take to expand? Having answered that question, let’s see why we should wait for all that long.

Why Wait for 72 Hours for Full Expansion?

Apart from getting the best experience, there are other basic reasons why people need to wait for 2-3 days before using the mattress. First, Nectar Sleep ships its mattresses in a compressed box. The compressing is done under high pressure so that the mattresses are shipped swiftly and easily.

After compressing, the mattress will need time to decompress. The company has done its own quality testing and noted that Nectar mattress will fully expand after 72 hours to guarantee utmost comfort. It is comparable to a human who has arrived from a long journey and needs time to rest.

More stuff like this is described below. Other common questions about Nectar mattress expanding are also answered. 

How do I know if my Nectar mattress is fully expanded?

You can know a fully expanded Nectar mattress by its depth, which reaches 11 inches. When 24-72 hours have elapsed, take a tape measure and check if it is 11 inches deep. If that is the case, you know it is good for sleeping. Pull out your sheets and pillows because it’s time to enjoy the most comfortable sleep.

Remember, it’s okay to remain patient within the first few hours of purchasing the mattress. 

For a complete experience with the new mattress, also include Nectar memory foam pillows in your list. The best way to tell if a new Nectar mattress is fully expanded is by using tape to measure its thickness. 

How to Tell a Fully Expanded Nectar Mattress

There are multiple ways to tell a fully expanded Nectar mattress. One of these is simply trying it out by sleeping on it to see the level of comfort.

  • Measure the thickness of the mattress. A fully expanded Nectar will be 11 inches deep.
  • When you sleep on it and it does not plunge and comfort is familiar, then it has expanded as desired. 
  • You can also tell the mattress is ready for sleep when it has a medium-firm feel, but this may be subjective depending on individual preferences.

Can You Sleep on Nectar Mattress When it has not Fully Expanded?

Yes, you can sleep on Nectar mattress when it has not fully expanded. However, the company recommends that you wait at least 24 hours before sleeping on it to get the best comfort. Do not be in a hurry to spend the night on it as a nighttime discomfort won’t be worth it.

Sleeping on a fully-expanded mattress will be great for your sleep experience and limit your risk of waking up with back or neck pain.

Sleeping on the mattress when it is not fully expanded will not damage it. 

Finally, Nectar mattress takes how long to expand? It will require at least 24 hours but the company suggests you remain patient for up to 72 hours.

Safety when Nectar mattress has not fully expanded

You can safely use Nectar mattress even when it has not fully expanded. Your sleep will also be comfortable because the memory foam mattress expands faster at the start and gains more depth gradually. It ships vacuum sealed. This allows them to be delivered faster.

Generally, many factors determine how fast your mattress will expand.  The number of hours it takes to expand can be determined by ventilation, humidity, air pressure, and the size of the mattress.

If you live in a humid region and your house is poorly ventilated, you should avoid sleeping on a Nectar mattress within the first 24 hours. 

Have a backup place to spend the night.

Nectar Mattress Not Expanding

If your Nectar mattress is not expanding, call the company via their number. Contacting Nectar support to receive guidelines on what next. Usually, they will initiate a return procedure based on their policy. 

Nectar mattress not expanding

So, you do not have to panic.

It is usually not a common thing for a Nectar mattress to fail to expand to the expected size. 

It is 99% unlikely that your Nectar mattress won’t expand to full size because the company has one of the highest quality controls in the country. This is not to deny that, one mattress could become slip the screening system and become defective.

However, if for some reason it doesn’t swell, their team will be glad to help. Nectar Sleep support works 7 days a week. Any questions and concerns will be addressed accordingly.

Also, you will certainly get a new mattress to replace the defective one. The new mattress is delivered at no extra cost to you. Nectar mattress will also extend your free trial to a whole year.

Alternatively, if the mattress is defective and doesn’t expand, you can decide to request a refund instead of a new mattress. The company issues a full refund within less than a week. 

How can I make my Nectar mattress expand faster?

There is not much you can do to speed up the rate of Nectar mattress expansion. However, you can place the mattress in a warm room and a well-ventilated area to make it expand faster. Most memory foam mattresses, including Nectar, respond quite well to warm temperatures.

Heat increases the malleability of the foam. Assuming you’ve purchased nectar during winter, put a heater in the room where you have the mattress.  This will help it expand a lot faster than leaving it in the cold room.

Another thing you can do is to avoid placing it directly on the floor if it’s tiled. Instead, put the mattress on support surfaces such as a bed frame.

Take note of the mattress’s characteristics before moving to sleep on it. We hope this article has covered all details about how long does nectar mattress take to expand.

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