How Tall is a Bunk Bed?

We’re about to find out how tall a bunk bed is and what height to choose.

One of the main reasons why bunk beds are extremely popular is that they save space, especially in a family with more than two children. They also come in different styles to fit various room types. People have specific tastes and preferences due to their bedroom sizes and the age of those sleeping on the bunk beds.

When purchasing a bunk bed, another question that frequently comes up is the right height to choose.

But just how tall is a bunk bed?

How Tall is a Bunk Bed?

A bunk bed is 50 – 72 inches tall and the standard height will vary depending on individual preferences. On average, a bunk bed height will be 66 inches or higher to allow enough space between the lower and upper bunk.

Taller bunk beds will prevent bumping the head on the top side rail.

Why should the height of a bunk bed matter to you?

Essentially, a bunk bed is one bed stacked on top of another, with the top one being accessible via a tiny ladder on the side. The beds are handy because they save space and add some aspect of privacy to those sleeping on top bunks.

A couple of things will determine the height of a bunk bed.

Bunk beds are used by different groups of people in unique settings. For instance,

  • Student hostels
  • Army barracks
  • Hotels
  • Youth accommodation
  • Regular bedrooms

A typical bunk bed, regardless of size, will be about 65 inches tall on average.

There are quite a lot of variations to the figure. Some can be as tall as 70+ inches. Others can be as short as 52 inches.

The figures explained here do not include the depth of mattresses. Instead, we’re only concerned with the topmost guard rail.

When measuring the height of a bunk bed, it is usually necessary to consider the uppermost part of the bunk because the mattress will often add a few extra inches.

Ceiling Height and Bunk Beds

Modern houses are built with 9-foot ceilings. This is equivalent to 108 inches. Picture a 72-inch bunk bed beneath and you will figure out the adequate space left for head movement.

Remember, this is not the same scenario as the attic bedroom.

If you do not want trouble when assembling the bunk bed, you need to be mindful of the ceiling height (the distance between the floor and the ceiling).

You will need at least 2-3 feet between the top bunk and the ceiling to prevent people from bumping their heads.

Bunk Beds Height for Children below 6 Years

For children below 6 years, the recommended bunk bed height is 62 inches.

Height of bunk bed for kids

Always remember that places such as attics or older basements tend to be lower in height.

Therefore, the shorter the ceiling height, the lower the height of your bunk bed. We recommend using these children’s bunk beds when:

  • Your bedroom ceiling height is less than standard.
  • You have only one child and the upper bunk is only meant for use during a sleepover.
  • You’re uncomfortable changing sheets or you worry about slipping and falling from the top bunk.

Bunk Bed Height for Children above 12 Years

How tall a bunk bed should be for adults

Just like adults, a bunk bed for children above 12 years old should be >70 inches. Although this could be a height range on the high side of the spectrum, it will be ideal for a standard 8-foot ceiling in most homes.

When should you go for tall bunk beds?

  • You prefer a lot of space beneath the top bunk where you can sit.
  • You’re considering a queen size bunk. The larger the bed, the safer the bunk bed when it is taller than 70 inches.
  • You have a ceiling height that’s over 8-feet high.

Height of triple bunk bed

The height of a triple bunk bed is a third more than that of a regular bunk bed. In other words, if a bunk bed is 60 inches tall, a triple bunk bed could be anywhere between 75 and 90 inches.

However, not most houses have high ceilings to accommodate triple bunk beds.

In that case, most triple bunk beds usually have the third platform attached on the side or even inside a drawer beneath the bed where it can be pulled out.

It is uncommon for two bunks on top of another to accommodate three people sleeping.

Height of twin, full, and queen size bunk beds

The height of the bunk bed will also be determined by the size of the bed. Queen size bunk beds will tend to be taller because they are frequently used by adults. On the other hand, twin bunk beds will be a couple of inches shorter because they are used by young children.

There are other instances when you have a twin over a queen while other times, people prefer similar-sized bunks.

Less common types are king and queen bunk beds, but these will always be above 65 inches tall.

Nonetheless, the tallest bunk beds are those triple types that may be used in rooms that have extremely high ceilings. Most standard homes can only accommodate bunk beds that are no more than 77 inches tall.

Let’s find out how tall bunk beds should be for children and adults.

Best Height of Bunk Beds for Children

Children’s bunk beds can be 65 – 70 inches tall.

The most common height configuration falls in this category, but it all comes down to individual preferences.

When deciding on the ideal bunk bed for your children, consider their age and your bedroom ceiling height. This is necessary for the safety of these kids.

With this specified height, you will enjoy the luxury to use a thicker mattress on the top bunk.

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