How to Keep a Bonnet on at Night

Here are the best tips on how to keep a bonnet on all night.

There are a number of reasons your bonnet keeps coming off.

One of them is because there are different types that you can get out there.  The common bonnet can be found in any store such as Target or Walmart. It is usually one-layered and has a loose headband to go around your head.

The headband will begin to slack and the obvious problem of bonnet coming off as you sleep will persist.

How to Keep a Bonnet on at Night

  1. Add drawstrings
  2. Wrap a Scarf around the hairline
  3. Change your hairstyle
  4. Use silk pillowcases
  5. Consider a rubber band
  6. Adopt a larger bonnet
  7. Use a thicker bonnet
  8. Change sleeping position

1. Add drawstrings

The first method to keep your bonnet on at night is to add drawstrings to it. You can do this yourself assuming the bonnet you currently use has grown loose. However, a little bit of sewing skill may be needed.

Alternatively, you can get a new one with drawstrings already installed.

A bonnet like this one will allow you to tighten it until you get a nice grip that will take you through the night.

A bonnet with drawstring to prevent falling off

Learn more about where to find it here at GreatRemy’s Store on Amazon.

Such bonnets with drawstrings are good because once you have the bonnet on, you can wrap it around to the tightness of your liking.

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Bonnet falling off

If you want it a little tighter and can sleep comfortably with it, it is your choice.

2. Wrap a Scarf around the Hairline

Make your bonnet stay on by wrapping a scarf around the hairline. This will keep the bonnet from slipping, especially because your ears are pushing it.

Make sure the scarf is not too big forcing you to make several rounds around the head.

And yes, it’s okay to use a scarf in addition to the bonnet.

Fortunately, I’ve also seen people use a wide cloth/elastic headband to keep bonnets from coming off.

Others even use a Bobby pin on both sides of their head. This can be used on both sides of the head just above your temples to secure the bonnet.

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3. Change Your Hairstyle

Stop the bonnet from falling off by adopting a new hairstyle. Braids, cornrows, and twists all have their limitations. However, Twists tend to be a little hectic when you’re trying to fit them inside a bonnet.

Half braided afro could be so easy to fit on almost any type of bonnet.

Crochet braids would be among the most difficult hairstyles to fit a bonnet into. Consider the styles below.

Good hairstyle for bonnet

Keeping a bonnet on all night will be an issue of how large or small your hairstyle is and what level of damage sleeping without covering it does.

Even if you don’t have to change your hairstyle, consider tying your hair in a loose headscarf.

Don’t make it too loose as this could make your hair push against the bonnet. You don’t want the weight of your hair pushing off the bonnet.

4. Use Silk Pillowcase

A silk pillowcase is like a substitute when everything else doesn’t work.

One of the benefits of a large bonnet is that you won’t wake up with headaches. So many women wake up in the middle of the night with a headache because their bonnets were too tight. No, your head is not too big to put on one.

This is where a good pillowcase comes in.

The protective effect of silk a pillowcase is nearly as effective as a hair bonnet. With a large pillow on your bed, it is possible to maintain the quality of your hair at night without worrying about a bonnet that comes off after a few turning of the head.

Sleeping without either a silk pillowcase or a satin/silk bonnet would be so stupid.

Since silk does not make your hair dry, you can sleep on the pillowcase without having to put on any bonnet on your head.

5. Use a Rubber Band to Tighten the Bonnet

Mr. Pen sells some great hair rubber bands for both adult and baby girls.

Use rubber bands to keep bonnet on at night

If the bonnet’s elastic band has slacked over time, it will definitely come off with almost every turn on the bed. A good way to prevent this from happening is to tighten the bonnet using a rubber band.

So, what do you do with a rubber band like the ones above?

Prevent bonnet from falling off

Put on your bonnet as usual. Because it feels loose on your head, pinch two sections in the elastic edge. See the image above. Ensure you’re getting the right tightness sustainable throughout the night.

Go ahead and wrap your rubber band around it, doing this multiple times to secure it.

6. Adopt a Larger Bonnet

It is a simple solution that many people ignore. A large bonnet gives your hair room to move freely.

A tiny one means your hair will keep pushing against the bonnet making it easy to come off.

Many people take a one-size-fits-all approach. This is one of the common mistakes people who experience frequent bonnet removal at night.

With bonnets, one size doesn’t fit all.

Some stores will offer you small ones when you need a larger bonnet.

A larger bonnet does not mean a loose bonnet. It simply means your hair has room for movement as you sleep and turn your head.

The type of hair you have should determine the category of bonnet to choose. After all, even larger bonnets have elastic adjustable bands to confine your hair inside the fabric.

7. Use a thicker, double-layered bonnet

With two layers in your bonnet, the inner layer will hold the hair as it slides inside the outer layer.

As such, there will be minimum impact of your hair onto the outer layer of the bonnet. This will reduce the force that pulls your bonnet off as you turn during your sleep.

8. Change Your Sleeping Position

We understand that some people are wild sleepers. A comfortable sleeping position that will allow you to go for several hours without turning is a great start.

If you’re a back sleeper, make the bed ideal for that sleeping position. The same should apply to a stomach or side sleeper.

Keeping your arms off your head while sleeping is also a good starting point because they can easily shove the bonnet off your head.