How to Place a Rug Under a Bed (6 Steps)

You are alone and your bed is heavy to lift? How do you put a rug under a bed when the bed is too heavy and you’re alone? We will explain how you should go about it just right away.

Having a rug below the bed is a perfect way to create a focal point and set a higher standard for your bedroom décor.

I’ve seen many individuals deciding to place their rugs under or near the bed, which as you know is a great option because the bed is the most important thing in the bedroom.

So, how do you put a rug under the bed?

First, the goal is to make your rug look like the illustration below.

a rug placed under the bed

How To Place A Rug Under Bed

Step 1: Measure the sizes of your bed and rug

When planning to add a rug to your bedroom, you have proved that you’re ready to take your sleep area to the next level. Your floor gets cold and the best thing to do is to add a rug under the bed.

How to Place a Rug Under a Bed

Assuming that your rug is 8 feet by 10 feet, you want to start by subtracting the width of your bed.

Let’s use Full Bed as an example.

Its width is 4.5 feet.

Subtract 4.5 feet from 10 feet (length of rug), which leaves you with 5.5 feet extra length to overlap to share on either side of the bed.

Depending on which side of the bed you climb, let’s give it a larger portion of 3 feet while the opposite size to get 2.5 feet.

See illustration below.

For what rug size goes under what type of bed, check out this article detailing the measurements. 

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Step 2. Mark the rug based on measurements obtained

Get your rug and spread in on a flat floor. Mark your spot for placing the first leg.

rolling up underbed rug

Using our illustration above, you need to use something like a tape or a semi-permanent ink at 3 feet from one side of the carpet.

Definitely, interior design experts will tell you right away that there are a lot of things you need to consider when putting your rug under the bed, including accuracies and measurements.

Step 3. Roll up the rug and place it on one side of the bed

The next step is to roll up the rug starting from side B making sure to stop leaving 3 feet from side A.

Place the rolled up rug on the A side.

Why do you approach it from the side? Because you will only lift one leg then another leg rather than having to lift both two legs at the same time.

Lifting can be a problem when you have a huge bed or a very heavy one.

4. Lift one side of the bed

Using our case, you will lift the footboard leg and place it over the point you marked.

While still holding the leg up, kick the rolled up port below the bed with your foot.

5. Lift the other leg while keeping the first one intact

Spread the rug underneath the bed toward the next leg. Lift it up carefully ensuring that you keep the other leg at point X marked earlier.

6. Straighten any indented sections

You want your rug to be as smooth as possible below the bed. Make necessary adjustments by lifting the entire footboard side until it fits into your desired layout.

Once it fits correctly, you’re done.

It will look something like this.

Notice that the only lifting you will do using this procedure is for the two footboard legs.

If the rug is large than your bed or you want the entire bed over the rug, you might have to lift all the four legs.

What Should You Consider?

The most important factor when selecting the right size area rug in the bedroom is the size and placement of your bed.

  • Lay the rug under the bed, but keep it perpendicular to the bed frame.
  • Stop it about halfway under, leaving a few inches before bedside tables as shown in the picture below.

Alternatively, you can put a runner on either side of the bed if you don’t like having a rug under the bed.

benefits of bedroom rug

Why Do People Add Rugs to Their Bedrooms?

  • Bedroom floors get cold, especially in the morning
  • A soft rug give your foot a soft landing as you climb out of bed
  • Rugs also trap a lot of dust that could be flying in your room
  • They make your bedroom look and feel cozy

Therefore, you need to make sure that the rug is well-portioned for the bedroom and bed sizes.