8 x 10 Rug Under King Bed?

Does it make sense to put an 8 x 10 rug under king size bed? Our bedroom floors get cold and the best way to escape the cold when you wake up in the morning is by adding a rug beneath. It makes landing out of bed much more comfortable and motivating.

Even when you have wall-to-wall carpeting, having a cozy area rug under the bed will definitely add color and texture to the room.

You only need to get a rug that is proportioned for your bed size and room area. That is why it’s great to consider a few guidelines, including how to use an 8 x 10 rug for the bedroom.

The Right Rug for King Bed

Rugs size for king bed

All the four legs of your king bed should be fully over the rug. If the rug is too small, it won’t stretch past the legs and allow extra overlapping inches.

Ensure that you have at least 10’’ from the edge of your king bed to the edge of the rug. Having at least 10’’ from the edge of the rug to the base of the trim is acceptable and you can have more if you can.

The best rug size for the king bed should even cover the following:

  • The entire bed
  • Nightstands
  • A bench at the foot of the bed (if you have one)

The only challenge with taking this large-rug approach is that your bedroom needs to be quite spacious.

A rug measuring 8 x 10 may not necessarily accommodate all these items, but it is large enough.

What Rug Size Fits a King Size Bed?

The recommended rug size for a king bed is 9 feet by 12 feet. With such a large rug, you are free to turn the bed vertically and this usually gives the rug a nice border on either side of the bed frame for your feet to land on.

Let’s say you’ve bought an 8×10 rug. Does it become useless? It will fit but not as desired.

Put the 10-feet length across the bed. Proceed to add the 8-feet length from down the bed. The general recommendation is for you to use 9 feet by 12 feet rug for your king-size bed. With that size, your bedroom floor carpet will stick out at the bottom of the bed frame.

The reason for this size is because the rug’s extending about 1 foot is necessary to give your layout a great appeal.

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Does this mean an 8 x 10 rug is too small for a king bed?

The simple answer is, “No.” It is not too small, but I’m sure many people would agree that the rug is not the best possible size for a king bed.

Nonetheless, you can get away with an 8 x 10 if you’re okay with just the lower portion of your bed being rested on your rug.

Treat 9 x 12 feet as the minimum rug size for your king-size bed even if you have a small bedroom.

If you have a larger bedroom, you might want to consider a bigger rug.

I may need to repeat this once again in case you skimmed through the content and ended up down here. You will need a 9 x 12 rug. At the same time, the longer portion that extends out of the bed will be the surface for your bedroom chair or bench and some throw pillows.

A 10 feet x 12 feet Rug Size for King Bed

Yes, you can place a 10 x 12 rug under king bed. Any rug larger than 9’x12′ will still fit the bedroom and cover the correct floor space beneath your king-size bed.

A 9’x12′ rug such as the one below is ideal for king size bed in medium to large bedrooms.

10 x 12 feet rug for king bed

Since king-size beds measure 76″ wide and 80″ long, your rug needs to be a little bigger for overlap. So, if you add two feet to the width, you’ve got 8’4″ and one extra foot to the length, you’ve got 7’8″.

Therefore, an 8’x10′ rug is going to be cutting it pretty close dimension-wise.

You can begin to see that you need a slightly larger rug to get a decent appearance.

Is 8’x10′ Rug Big Enough for King Bed?

Yes, an 8′ x 10 rug is big enough for a king bed when spread horizontally under the bed. The rug will extend about a foot on either side of the king bed frame and out from the footboard approximately the same distance.

I feel that a rug measuring 8′ x 10 will be small for my bedroom unless I am using a twin bed.

One important consideration is to have the rug sit well in front of your sideboards so you have enough space when opening your drawers.

How to Choose the Right Rug for Under Your King Bed

How to choose a king bed rug

What should sit on your rug area? This is the most important question you should ask when choosing a rug for under the bed.

Having a rectangular or square rug under king bed is fine.

But on top of that, you might want to include two nightstands and even a bench over the carpet area. Some of the options for placing this rug could comprise of the following:

  • Having the entire bed frame sit on the area rug.
  • Ensuring only the lower two-thirds of your king bed plus an ottoman at the foot of the bed to sit entirely on the rug.
  • Going all in by placing all the two nightstands, bed frame, and the bench on the carpet area.

The second option that involves placing the rug two-thirds towards the footboard works best for small-size rugs 8 x 10 feet.

Area Rug Sizes for a Large Bedroom

Choosing a rug that’s too small at the time when you’ve got a large bedroom will throw the space off balance. If you do choose a large rug that fills up most of the room, ensure that you leave approximately eight inches of space between the edges of the rug and the walls.

A general rule of thumb suggests that an area rug should always extend at least 18 inches to 24- inches from the sides and the foot of a queen-size and a king-size bed.

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