Ikea Twin Beds: 8 beautiful designs to upgrade your bedroom

IKEA has some of the best pieces of furniture for the bedroom and this includes twin beds. Their twin beds feature many positive aspects that make your sleep experience not only comfortable but also classy. None of the beds require box springs and will remain stylish for quite a long time.

We compiled a list of the most beautiful twin bed designs you can buy on IKEA online store. These items can also be found in physical stores.

IKEA Twin Beds   

1. Hauga Upholstered Twin Bed

IKEA twin bed Hauga series

Hauga Upholstered twin bed is among the most perfect twin beds you can find at IKEA.

You can find it via the HAUGA sales link.

The design is perfectly coordinated for rest and the fabric adds a touch of softness to the bedroom. Whenever you or your child wants to enjoy comfort, you should include the HAUGA series in the list of pieces of furniture in your bedroom.

Its timeless upholstery with gentle, soft curves on the headboard and footboard will ensure you get the best night time rest. The wood used to construct the headboard is strong enough to support even two individuals leaning on it to watch television in bed.

What other things are important to highlight?

Number one on the list is its missing underneath storage. With the missing drawers beneath, it means you can easily vacuum under the bed frame. That makes it a dust-free space that you can use for keeping a few items in a bag or box.

The second thing to note is that the nice wooden slats are included. You will need to buy your own mattress and bed linens.

In case you’re wondering about the back of the headboard, it is finished with a black non-woven fabric that is impossible to poke with a bare finger. It is the most suitable cover used in most pieces of furniture today.

2. Songesand Twin Bed with 2 Storage Drawers

IKEA twin bed with storage

The next IKEA twin bed is Songesand with Two Drawers.

If you need something need, sturdy, and durable, the Songesand twin bed sold at IKEA should make it into your list. The bed frame comes with soft and profile edges. Its classic shape will surely remain stylish for many years.

One of the drawers is larger than the other. This will allow you to store large items in the bigger drawer.

The ample storage beneath is ideal for storing your pillows, bed linen, quilts and much more.

3. Grimsbu White Twin Bed

Metal Twin Bed Frame in IKEA

Check the price of the twin bed at IKEA.

Price does matter a lot, especially today when many people are looking to save a few bucks here and there. If you’re looking for a super cheap twin bed, this IKEA’s twin bed makes a lot of sense.

I love its simplicity because it should be the easiest bed to maintain.

The steel bed frame will last for as long as you want it.

In addition to all those benefits of this twin bed, one cannot ignore the ease of transporting the bed when relocating. You will also assemble it much faster compared to wooden twin beds with drawers and designer headboards.

If you’re thinking about under-bed storage, it has enough space to accommodate most of your items.

4. Hemnes Twin bed at IKEA

Let’s start with its price which is about $300 at IKEA.

You’ll notice that the underneath storage does not extend across the entire bed frame. However, that does not take away the beauty of the bed. Those drawers remain practical and will store almost any type of item in the bedroom including comforters and bedspreads.

Besides, the bed is not built too high to make it difficult for children to climb. Parents can go for mattresses that aren’t too thick but still firm enough to support their weight.

5. Sagstua Black Twin Bed Frame

Cheap twin bed IKEA

IKEA also stocks this classic steel bed frame with a brass twist. The curved but simple headboard and brass-colored details soften the sturdy steel.

Find out more about it via this link.

Once you’ve dressed the bed with quality linens and added a nice mattress, it will become a statement piece to have in your bedroom.

Dressed with your favorite linens, it becomes a statement piece and your personal haven. Even when in doubt, there are large versions of this bed. By this, I am talking about full, queen, and king.

Why not go ahead and get some experience with it.

A notable concern that most people have is how thin the legs are and the metal used to build the headboard. You do not have to worry about that because the steel is quite strong and can support adult sleepers of approximately 250 pounds.

6. Slattum IKEA Twin Bed with Upholstery

This IKEA twin bed frame cannot be considered one of those fancy ones. However, the bed is quite comfy. It is upholstered in a soft woven fabric that brings an incredibly beautiful appeal to the bedroom.

See more about the bed online.

Its headboard is made up of a comfy backrest for late night reading. And what’s more, it all comes in 1 package. Isn’t that just quite convenient?

7. IKEA Twin Bed Tarva Series

This IKEA Twin bed Tarva series is the sister to the third bed frame in our list.

We understand that some people may not like the skeleton appearance of the wooden frame, but there are tricks to add value and aesthetics to it. All that’s needed is oiling and staining untreated solid wood surface to make it durable.

Never underestimate solid pine as it presents great color and texture to give your bedroom a unique look.

8. Malm IKEA Bed Frame

White IKEA twin bed frame

Last on the list of IKEA twin beds is Malm Bed Frame which is one of the most interesting and comfortable beds.

The high headboard makes the bed quite comfortable and all you need to do is to add a couple of pillows behind your back.

We love the space below the bed frame because it gives your bedroom a minimalist look.

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